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Cuisine: Thai.

Dinner Appetizers

Goong Gra Bog Whole shrimp wrapped in wonton skin served with plum sauce
Sea Food Roll Stuffed with imitation crab meat served with plum sauce
Sizzling Spinach Chicken, beef, pork, or tofu with peanut sauce sizzling over fresh spinach
Thai Chicken Wings Stuffed with ground chicken bean thread & vegetables
Thai Sate Chicken, pork, beef,or tofu on a skewer served with peanut sauce & cucumber salad
Crispy Squid Deep fried squid with plum sauce
Shrimp Tempura Deep fried shrimp and vegetables served w/plum sauce
Thai Dim Sum Wonton skin wrapped with ground pork and water chestnut
Fish Cake Fried fish cake served w/plum sauce
Egg Roll Thread stuffed with vegetables & beans
Fried Wonton Stuffed with ground pork
Fried Tofu Deep fried bean-curd with sweet sauce & ground penuts

Cool and Spicey Salads

Papaya Salad Shredded green papaya seasoned with lime juice, chili. dried shrimp, tomato & peanuts
Papaya Salad with Seafood
Thai Salad
Thai Spicy Beef Salad Grilled strip of beef mixed with lime juice, chili, red onion & ground roasted rice
Spicy Shrimp Salad Grilled shrimp with shallots, mint leaves, lime juice
Spicy Silver Noodles Salad Chicken & shrimp with chili & lime juice
Larb Ground chicken with chili powder, onion, lime juice, mint leaves
Spicy Squid Salad Squid marinated in spicy lime dressing w/lettuce, onions
Light Delight (Nam Sod) Delightful mixture of ground pork, ginger & peanuts w/ a touch of lime juice & chili
Spicy Duck Salad Boneless duck marinated in hot & spicy lime juice & chili paste w/ cucumber, onions & fresh lettuce
Bbq Chicken Salad
Larb Bbq Chicken Salad With chili powder, onion, lime juice, mint leaves


Tom Yum Goong Shrimp with mushrooms
Tom Yum Kai Chicken with mushrooms
Tom Ka Kai Spicy & sour chicken soup with coconut milk mushrooms & galanga
Tom Ka Goong Spicy & sour shrimp soup with coconut milk mushrooms & galanga
Wonton Soup Wonton stuffed with ground pork in b.b.q. pork, shrimp & veggies
Tofu Soup Bean curd with chicken and vegetable
Silver Noodles Soup Silver noodles with chicken & vegetables
Spicy Seafood Combination Assorted seafood in a hot & sour soup

Noodles Soup

Thai Boat Noodles Rice Noodles Beef balls in beef broth
B.B.Q. Pork Noodles
Chicken Noodles Tom Yum
Shrimp Noodles Tom Yum
Seafood Noodles Combination
Duck Noodles Soup

Peruvian Soups (Sopas)

Parihuela: Seafood Soup With fish, shrimp, squid, massels, & octopus
Sopa A La Criolla: Beef Or Chicken With onion, tomato and milk
Chupa De Camarons: Shrimp Chowder With rice, milk and vegetables
Sustancia De Carne O Pollo Beef or chicken noodle soup
Caldo De Choros Mussel noodle soup

Vegetarian Soups

Hot And Sour Vegetables Tofu Soup
Tom Ka Vegetables
Vegetable & Tofu Soup

Rice & Noodles

Teamed Rice
Fried Rice: Chicken, Beef, Or Pork Pan fried with white rice, egg, and veggies
Broccoli Fried Rice Chicken, Beef, Or Pork Pan fried with rice, egg, broccoli and veggies
BBQ Pork Fried Rice
The Chicken Rice Stir Fried Chicken With mush rooms, bamboo shoots & green onions served over rice
Sweet Pork Rice B.B.Q. pork in special sauce served over rice
The Spicy Fried Rice: Chicken, Beef Or Pork Fried with rice, chili & green onion
Crab Meat Fried Rice Pan fried rice with imitation crabmeat, egg and onion
Shrimp Fried Rice
Combo Fried Rice: Chicken, Beef, Pork, & Shrimp With rice, egg, green onion, peas & carrots
Thai B.B.Q. Chicken Fried Rice B.B.Q. chicken served with fried rice
Thai Style Roast Duck: Unboned Roast Duck With vegetables over rice topped with gravy
Pineapple Fried Rice

Delightfull Noodle Plates

Pad Thai Rice stick noodles stir-fried with chicken shrimp, egg bean sprouts & ground peanut
Rad Nah Rice noodles topped with broccoli and choice of beef, chicken or pork in gravy
Rad Nah Talay Rice noodles topped with broccoli, shrimp mussel, squid, & imitation crabmeat in gravy
Pad See Yew Chicken, beef or pork with pan fried flat noodles, broccoli and egg
Classic Chow Mein Choice of beef, chicken or pork with traditional mixed vegetables
Combination Chow Mein Beef, chicken, pork and shrimp with traditional mixed vegetables
Gai-Kuah Pan fried flat noodles with chicken, squid egg, onion, bean sprouts & ground peanut

Red, Green and Yellow Curry Dishes

Shrimp Curry Yellow curry with coconut milk, potatoes and onion
Yellow Curry Chicken Yellow curry with coconut milk, potatoes and onion
Beef Curry Green curry with coconut milk with green peas and squash
Chicken Curry Red curry with coconut milk and bamboo shoots
Pa-Nang Beef Or Chicken Dry curry with coconut milk and wild-lime leaves
Massaman Thai Stew Beef with curry, peanuts, potatoes and tomatoes
Pineapple Curry Shrimp sauteed in coconut curry sauce with pineapple
Shrimp With Red Bean Curry Red curry with green beans & red beans

A La Carte

Served with beef,chicken, pork or with succulent shrimp
Garlic and Pepper Any item above marinated with garlic & pepper
Pepper Delight Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms & green chili
Broccoli Delight
Spicy Mint Green chili, onions, fresh mint & bell peppers
Cashew Delight Cashew nuts, onion and roasted chili
A La Royal Baby corn, mushrooms, snow peas & onion
Ginger Delight Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers & a touch of ginger
Classic Sweet and Sour
Mixed Select Vegetables
Pad Prik King Special thai curry with green beans
Pad Woon Sen Stir fry with glass noodles

Our Delicious Vegetarian Plates

Thai Salad Green lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions hard cooked egg and fried tofu with peanut dressing
Egg Roll
Yum Tofu Tofu marinated in hot & sour special thai dressing served with lettuce cucumbers, tomatoes and onions
Mixed Vegetable with Tofu
Tempura Vegetable
Sweet and Sour Tofu
Broccoli Oyster Sauce
Sizziling Spinach Tofu marinated tofu in curry powder, served on sizziling plate of fresh spinach, topped with peanut sauce cucumber, cashew nut and red onion
Pepper Delight Tofu Tofu with beel peppers, onions mushrooms & chili sauce
Pad Thai Noodle Tofu
Pad See Yew Noodle Tofu
Chow Mein Tofu
Fried Rice Vegetable Tofu
Lard Nar Pan fried noodle topped with mixed vegetables and a special sauce

Special Recommendations

Snow Peas and Cauliflower with Shrimp
Siam Fish Fried pompano fish topped with spicy sauce
Sweet and Sour Fish
Chili Paste Combination Shrimp, crab, scallop, squid, fish & mussel green onions and bell peppers with our house special red chili paste
Spicy Seafood with Mint Leaves Stir fried combination of seafood mint leaves and chili
Garlic and Pepper Scallops Scallops marinated with garlic and pepper served on steamed broccoli
Spicy Mint Squid With green chili, bell pepper, fresh mint onions and fresh spinach served on sizziling platter
Honey Duck Boneless duck marinated in honey with homemade sauce and served with broccoli


Special Thai Ice Cream
Fried Bananas
Mazamorra Morada
Arroz Con Leche


Iced Tea
Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Coffee
Hot Tea Or Coffee
Inka Cola
Chicha Morada

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