White castle

What kind of restaurant it is

Although it’s mainly known as the first fast-food chain of restaurants in the country, White Castle is also widely popular for their hamburgers. Unlike other stores making hamburgers, the White Castle has a distinctive shape which is square. This is one one the features that have set them apart from other competitors who make round burgers. White Castle’s hamburgers are also smaller and relatively cheaper than their counterparts. Adopting a castle-like structure with most of their buildings, this chain of restaurants has remained familiar with most customers in different areas, even rising to become the best in some.

What kind of food it serves in general

Apart from their unique burgers which are popularly known as sliders, White Castle menu prices are also a source of attraction. Most people have also reported to like the onion chips and chicken wings from the restaurant. They haven’t set apart a menu for children but this restaurant is ideal for all age groups.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

Their menu is one of the most diverse containing different items at different prices and quantities. They are categorized in different sections such as “my size menu” which includes sliders and different types of chicken together with your choice of drink and side meal. Other categories are castle combos, castle packs, breakfast combos, and desserts.

Popular drinks

Beverages like iced tea, coffee, smoothies, and hot chocolate are also available as well as soft drinks.

New items in the menu

If you want grilled chicken, this restaurant will cater to your needs with their various flavors. The menu has many other items including sides and other breakfast items that you can select from.

New kids menu

The White castle menu has great dishes for kids as well. They are safe and healthy for the whole family.. Kids will definitely enjoy them .

The history of the restaurant

This chain of restaurants was officially founded in 1921 through a partnership between two individuals, one of whom was already in a similar business. One of the founders had already been supplying food through food stands for five years when he met his business partner who was in the insurance and real estate sector. They decided to collaborate in a new venture which led to White Castle. They had a challenge of convincing customers that their food was clean and healthy and put in measures which included having small buildings with stainless steel interior as well as stainless uniforms for staff members. This gave them instant success which allowed them to follow up with a second restaurant the following year.

Five years later, they opened another outlet which had a different exterior, that resembling a castle. Their success continued and by 1936, they already had 8 stores.

How their menu changed over time

White castle menu prices have also gone through an improvement process to be able to accommodate the numerous items they have now. The restaurant has grown to hundreds of outlets in different regions showing how large their customer base is. One of the founders has since sold his shares to the other partner making the restaurant a family owned entity.

Overall verdict about the menu

During their success, many imitators came forward and tried to operate the same way but they all failed. Despite all the changes they have undergone since they started, White Castle menu prices remain to be one of the main attractions for customers who rely on them to choose the best meals at the best prices. They still serve the best food and have remained one of the cleanest restaurant making them the ideal place to head to when you want some takeaway food.