A Taste Of Asia

Up to date A Taste Of Asia prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. A Taste Of Asia is available in 3 states.


Soft Drinks $1.35
Ice Tea $1.25
Hot Tea $1.00 (green tea or jasmine tea)
Arizona Ice Tea With Honey And Ginseng $1.50
French Coffee $2.00 (hot or cold)
French Coffee With Condensed Milk $2.00
Thai Tea Or Thai Coffee $1.95
Asian Yogurt Flavored Drink $2.25
Soy Bean Milk $1.95
Lemonade $2.00 (free refill)
Salted Plum Drink $2.25
Salted Plum Soda $2.25
Young Coconut Juice $2.25
Orange Juice $1.50
Pineapple Shake $3.25
Strawberry Shake $3.25
Banana Shake $3.25
Durian Shake $3.25


Domestic Beer $2.75
Imported Beer $3.25


Chablis, White Zinfandel, Rose Or Burgundy $2.95 – $10.95
Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Plum Wine $3.25 – $13.00
Kendall Jackson: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet $6.95 – $27.00
Sake $3.95 – $7.95


Lychee Nuts $2.25
Fried Banana $2.25
Custard & Sticky Rice $2.25
Fried Ice Cream $3.95
Thai Doughnut $2.25
Mango & Sticky Rice $3.95


Spring Roll $2.50
Vegetarian Spring Rolls $2.50
Fresh Spring Rolls $3.25
Vietnamese Spring Rolls $3.95
Satay $6.50
Steamed Or Pan Fried Dumplings $5.95
Dim Sum Platter $7.95
Crab Rangoon $5.95
Thai Style Buffalo Wings $5.95
Shrimp Tempura $7.50
Fried Squid $7.50
Fried Wonton $3.95
A Taste Of Asia Platter $8.95
Steamed Mussels $6.95
Fried Tofu $4.95
Kim Chee $3.95
Chicken Nugget $3.95 (kids only)
Hot Cha Cha Shrimp $7.95 7 large shrimp, deep fried, light and crispy on a bed of lettuce, with special spicy dressing.


Tom Yum Po Tak $3.25 – $9.95
Tom Yum Koong $3.25 – $9.95
Tom Ka Gai $3.25 – $9.95
Wonton Soup $2.25 – $4.50
Cream Of Corn And Crab Meat Soup $3.25
Hot And Sour Soup $3.25
Asparagus And Crab Meat Soup $3.25
Tofu Soup $3.25
Chicken Rice Or Chicken Noodle Soup $3.25
Beef Meatball In Broth $3.25
Fish Ball In Broth $3.25
Egg Drop $2.25


Thai Salad $3.95 – $2.95
Cucumber Salad $3.95
House Chicken Salad $7.50
Papaya Salad $4.25 – $7.25
Nam Sod $6.95
Laab $6.95
Yum Beef $6.95
Yum Shrimp Or Squid $7.95
Jelly Fish $5.95

Vietnamese Specialties PHO – Rice Noodles Beef Soup

served with bean sprouts, basil, leaves, lime and pepper slice
Pho Dat Biet $6.95
Pho Tai Chin Nam Bo Vien $5.95
Pho Tai Chin, Nam, Gan Hoac Sach $5.95
Pho Tai, Chin, Nam $5.95
Pho Tai Gan Hoac Sach Hoac Bo Vien $5.95
Pho Chin Gan Hoac Sach $5.95
Pho Tai $5.95
Pho Bo Vien $5.95
Pho Ga $5.95

Hu Tieu – Rice Noodles In Chicken Soup

Hu Tien Thap Cam Hoac Do Bien $6.95
Hu Tieu Dai $6.95
Hu Tieu Hoanh Thanh Thap Cam $6.95
Hu Tieu Hoanh Thanh Xa Xiu $5.95
Hu Tieu Xa Xiu $5.95
Hu Tieu Ga Ca Tom Hoac Tom $6.95
Hu Tieu Ga $5.95
Hu Tieu Bo Vien $5.95
Hu Tieu Ca Vien $5.95

Mi – Egg Noodles Soup

served with bean sprouts, basil leaves, lime bowl pepper slices
Mi Thap Cam Hoac Do Bien $6.95
Mi Hoanh Thanh Thap Cam Hoac Do Bien $6.95
Mi Hoanh Thanh Xa Xiu $5.95
Mi Xa Xiu $5.95
Mi Ga Ca Tom Hoac Tom $6.95
Mi Ga $5.95
Mi Bo Vien $5.95
Mi Ca Vien $5.95

Bun – Rice Vermicelli Noodles

Bun Tom Boc Bo Nuong $7.25
Bun Cha Gio $5.95
Bun Thit Nuong $5.95
Bun Tom Nuong $6.95
Bun Tom Thit Nuong $6.95
Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong $6.95
Bun Bo Hoac Ga Xao $5.95

Chao – Porridge (Rice Soup)

served with deep fried pastry
Chao Thap Cam $6.95
Chao Bo $5.95
Chao Boi $5.95
Chao Ga $5.95
Chao Do Bien $6.95

Vietnamese House Specials

Goi Ga $6.50
Banh Xeo $7.50
Banh Hoi Thap Cam $9.25
Banh Hoi Tom $10.25
Ca Kho To $9.95
Com Suon Nuong $9.50
Com Thit Nuong $6.50 – $8.95

Com Phan 2 – Dinner

Goi Ga $25.00 chicken salad
Pot Of Po Tak Soup $25.00
Ca Kho To $25.00
Bong Xanh Xao Bo $25.00 beef broccoli

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