Up to date Aangan prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Aangan is available in 2 states.

Appetizers – Non-Vegetarian

Shrimp Balchao $10.95 medium shrimp marinated in goan balchao sauce
Fish Chilli $9.95 tilapia coated with corn flour & sauteed with bell peppers, onion & chilli sauce
Crab Pancakes $9.95 crab cakes marinated in spices served with mint & tamarind chutney
Murgh Malai Kebab $9.95 cheese flavored chicken kebab, cooked in a tandoor
Chicken Samosas $8.95 ground chicken turnovers with mint & tamarind chutney
Grilled Scallops $9.95 seasoned scallops, cooked on tawa, served on a bed of rosemary with tomato chutney
Seekh Kebab $9.95 skewered minced lamb with onions & masala, cooked in a tandoor
Aangan Platter $15.95 an exotic sampler consisting of: malai kebab, salmon, seekh kebab, mint chicken & chicken tikka

Appetizers – Vegetarian

Aloo Tikki $6.95 potato medallions topped with chick peas
Bhel In Phyllo Dough Cups $6.95 spiced crispy rice & lentil flour savories served in pastry cups
Dahi Kebab $7.95 hung yogurt curd roundels deep fried with onion, cilantro & chili filling
Masala Pao $7.95 mashed vegetables served on pao bread, a bombay favorite
Paneer Pakora $7.95 cottage cheese fritters served with mint & tamarind chutney
Paneer Tikka $8.95 marinated homemade cottage cheese, skewered & cooked in tandoor
Lahsooni Gobhi $8.95 crispy cauliflower tossed in tomato garlic sauce
Subji Mawa Seekh $8.95 mixed ground vegetables, cheese & dry fruits on a skewer, cooked in a tandoor
Vegetable Samosa $6.95 triangular turnovers filled with potatoes & green peas

Soups, Salads & Papadum

Mulligatawny Soup $5.95 classic lentil soup
Palak Ka Shorba $5.95 spinach soup
Tomato Soup $5.95 fresh tomato soup
Chicken Tikka Salad $6.95 chicken tikka with romaine lettuce tossed in honey mustard dressing
Organic Green Salad $5.95 assorted fresh greens with balsamic vinegar
Papadum $2.95 lentil flour crispy bread served with mint & tamarind chutney


Cooked In A Clay Oven.
Tandoori Shrimp $19.95 jumbo prawns marinated in soft creamy sauce served with mixed greens
Tandoori Salmon $19.95 fillet of salmon, tastefully marinated with yogurt, coriander, lemon juice, garlic ginger, cumin, paprika & turmeric
Tandoori Lobster $29.95 lobster tail with tandoori masala
Wild Sea Bass $23.95 chilean sea bass marinated with creamy coriander, served with sauteed vegetables
Tandoori Murgh $15.95 a chicken breast & leg marinated in lime, ginger & ground cumin, served with mint chutney
Chicken Tikka Harayali $15.95 cubes of mint flavored chicken
Tandoori Lamb Chops $19.95 juicy lamb chops marinated to perfection
Tandoori Vegetables & Cheese $14.95 homemade cottage cheese with assorted vegetables

Chicken $14.95

Murgh Tikka Masala boneless pieces of chicken simmered in tomato & fenugreek sauce
Murgh Aangan boneless pieces of chicken simmered in a tomato & yogurt sauce and served with lemon rice
Murgh Korma boneless pieces of chicken in rich cashew nut and almond cream sauce
Murgh Jalfrezi boneless pieces of chicken and fresh assorted vegetables in special sauce
Murgh Xacutti goan chicken curry cooked with coconut & aromatic spices, served with mint rice
Chicken Curry home style chicken curry
Murgh Kali Mirch boneless pieces of chicken served in cracked pepper gravy
Murgh Saagwala boneless pieces of chicken sauteed with fresh spinach & enhanced with spices

Lamb & Goat

Lamb Nilgiri $15.95 lamb cooked with mint & coconut sauce
Lamb Vindaloo $15.95 a signature dish from goa, pieces of lamb cooked with vinegar, hot chilies & spices
Lamb Saagwala $15.95 tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh spinach & spices
Lamb Rogan Josh $15.95 a signature dish from kashmir, consists of succulent pieces of lamb in cardamom, anise seed & paprika flavored sauce
Raan $24.95 braised lamb shanks with spices in a chef special sauce
Lamb Pakku $15.95 northeast favorite, tender pieces of lamb marinated with asafetida & nutmeg, served with flavored rice
Goat Rogan Josh $16.95 a signature dish from kashmir consisting of goat meat with bone in cardamom, anise seed & paprika sauce
Goat Bhuna $16.95 goat meat with bone cooked in tomato onion gravy with rich masala
Rezala Goat $16.95 slow cooked goat meat with bone cooked in onion, yogurt, saffron and cardamom


Saffron Shrimp $20.95 jumbo prawns simmered in a rich saffron korma sauce, served with white rice
Malai Shrimp $18.95 medium shrimp cooked with coconut flavored curry
Goan Fish Curry $22.95 sea bass cooked with sauteed onions, lime juice, spices & fresh coconut milk
Lobster Masala $27.95 lobster tail cooked in chef special sauce

Vegetarian $10.95

Basmati Rice
Dahi Kebab Or Samosa choice of one
Paneer Makhani Or Malai Kofta choice of one
Dal Makhani
Vegetable Of The Day
Gulab Jamun Or Rice Pudding choice of one
Naan pickle & papad or salad

Non-Vegetarian $11.95

Basmati Rice
Chicken Malai Kebab Or Lamb Seekh Kebab choice of one
Chicken Makhani Or Lamb Vindaloo spicy. choice of one
Dal Makhani
Vegetable Of The Day
Gulab Jamun Or Rice Pudding choice of one
Naan pickle & papad or salad

Seafood $12.95

Basmati Rice
Fish Koliwada Or Tandoori Shrimp choice of one
Goan Fish Curry On Malai Shrimp choice of one
Dal Makhani
Vegetable Of The Day
Gulab Jamun Or Rice Pudding choice of one
Naan pickle & papad or salad

Main Course

Aloo Gobhi $12.95 potato & cauliflower cooked with cumin seeds & spices
Bhindi Do Piaza $12.95 fresh cut okra with butter onions, spiced & pan fried
Baingan Bhartha $12.95 eggplant roasted on fire, cooked with onion tomato gravy & garnished with peas
Malai Kofta $12.95 vegetable dumpling in tomato & cream sauce
Kaju Gobhi $12.95 cauliflower cooked in cashew curry sauce
Navratan Korma $12.95 assorted vegetables in a special sauce with nuts & fruits
Paneer Makhani $13.95 cottage cheese cubes cooked with tomato makhani sauce


Saag Paneer $12.95 puree of spinach cooked with homemade cottage cheese
Saag Channa $12.95 sauteed spinach cooked with chickpeas
Diwan-E-Handi $13.95 assorted vegetables and cheese cooked in spinach curry sauce
Dal Makhani $12.95 black lentils cooked in butter & tomato gravy
Yellow Spinach Dal $12.95 yellow lentils & spinach slow roasted & finished with tempered herbs & spices
Amritsari Chole $12.95 chickpeas cooked in a tomato & onion gravy
Baingan Mirch Ka Salan $12.95 baby eggplant simmered in coconut, peanut, curry leaves flavored gravy


Naan $2.95
Roti $3.95
Parantha $4.95
Parantha Lachha $4.95 mint
Poori $3.95
Garlic Naan $3.95
Rosemary Naan $3.95
Peshawari Naan $4.95 naan stuffed with coconut, almond & dry fruits
Filled Kulcha $4.95 choose from onion, potato or paneer
Chicken Tikka & Cheddar Cheese Kulcha $5.95
Bread Basket $11.95 make your own basket, choose any three: garlic naan, keema naan, paneer naan, onion kulcha, lachha parantha, aloo parantha or mint parantha

Rice & Biryani

Basmati Rice $2.95
Aangan Rice $4.95 mint flavored
Lemon Rice $4.95 curry leaves & mustard seeds
Vegetable Biryani $13.95
Chicken Biryani $14.95
Lamb Biryani $15.95
Goat Biryani $16.95
Shrimp Biryani $17.95

Raita, Chutney & Pickle

Tomato Chutney $3.95
Eggplant & Garlic Chutney $3.95
Mango Chutney $2.95 lemon pickle
Combination Chutney Platter $5.95
Onion Tomato Raita $3.95
Boondi Raita $3.95
Cucumber Raita $3.95

Desserts $4.95

Cassatta Ice Cream 3 flavors of ice cream with soft bread corners
Malgova Pudding mango souffle with a touch of coconut
Rasmalai condensed milk patty, soaked in creamy syrup
Gulab Jamun cheese dumplings, deep fried & dipped in sugar syrup
Narangi Kheer orange flavored rice pudding
Chocolate Layer Cake
Gajar Halwa traditional indian carrot pudding
Rice Pudding

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