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Up to date About 5 prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Sandwiches, Kosher, Vegetarian.

About 5 Soups $5

Garden Vegetable Soup carrots, celery, turnips and onions simmered together to steamy perfection. the perfect healthy soup for a cold rainy day. perfectly satisfying. served with your choice of 2 oz. white rice or brown r
Tomato Barley Soup pure and fresh tomatoes, seasoned into a vegetable and barley medley. an incredible comfort food, known and loved around the world. served with your choice of 2 oz. white rice or brown rice on the si
Moroccan Lentil Soup an authentic soup made of robust fresh lentils, onions, carrot, garlic with moroccan spices. this soup is one big party for your taste buds. served with your choice of 2 oz. white rice or brown rice
Split Pea Soup
French Onion Soup the secret of making a good onion soup is hidden in the onion itself, like your love it can be spicy and make you cry, but when cooked to perfection it is sweet and unforgettable. served with your ch
Forest Mushroom Soup savory and a little spicy, this luscious mushroom soup captures all the best of its ingredients into a slow simmered wintertime treat. served with your choice of 2 oz. white rice or brown rice on the
Butternut Squash Soup a naturally sweet soup made with butternut squash, fresh harvest pumpkin and fresh herbs blended together into a smooth soup with a rich velvety flavor. served with your choice of 2 oz. white rice or

About 5 Salads $5

Caesar Salad container. with crisp lettuce, tomato, grated parmesan cheese and croutons.
Greek Salad container. with crisp lettuce, topped with feta cheese, tomato, onion and black olives.
Tuna Salad container. with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion topped with white tuna, green olives, celery and corn.
House Salad with crisp lettuce, tomato, hearts of palm, fresh peppers onions, baby carrots and stuffed grape leaves.
Garden Salad container. with crisp lettuce, tomato, chickpeas, onion, heart of palm, fresh mushrooms and craisins.
Make Your Own Salad container. we will put the lettuce and you will do the rest. just choose what you like.
Make Your Own Salad ingredients: baby tomato, corn, black olives, fresh pepper, chickpeas, baby carrots, green olives, fresh mushrooms, hearts of palm, croutons
Make Your Own Salad topping choice: tuna salad, grated parmesan, craisins, feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves
Make Your Own Salad dressing choice: thousand island dressing, house dressing, honey mustard dressing

About 5 Double Israeli Paninis $5

2 Israeli Paninis made with our special mix of cheeses, olives, onion, fresh peppers, tomato, graded israeli feta cheese and a touch of pizza sauce.
2 Italian Caprese Paninis made with mozzarella cheese, pesto, tomato and capers.
2 Sweet & Spicy Paninis made with our special mix of cheeses, sliced jalapeno, tomato, sweet and spicy sauce.
2 Tuna Melt Paninis with a mix of our special mix of cheeses, white tuna and a squeeze of lemon, tomato, corn and a touch of honey mustard sauce.
2 Vegetable Delight Paninis made with our special mix of cheeses, lettuce, fresh mushrooms, corn, tomato, fresh pepper and just a touch of butter.
2 Make Your Own Paninis bread choice: white bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread
2 Make Your Own Paninis panini cheese choice: cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, muenster & mozzarella cheese, muenster cheese, feta cheese
2 Make Your Own Paninis panini sauce choice: butter, cream cheese, honey mustard dressing, french dressing, ketchup, marinara sauce, thousand island dressing, sweet & spicy sauce, mayonnaise, pesto sauce
2 Make Your Own Paninis panini toppings selection: lettuce, green olives, black olives, corn, tomato, fresh mushroom, hot jalapeno, hot chopped pepper, onion

Kids Kitchen $5

Kid’s Pizza Panini marinara sauce and mozzarella, a classic combination.
Kid’s Greek Pizza Panini mozzarella, feta and olives with marinara sauce.
Kid’s Pizza Panini With The Works pizza panini with green peppers, tomato, onions, olives and almost anything else you can think to put on a pizza.
Kid’s Classic Grilled Cheese cheddar or muenster pressed to perfection with a little refreshing tomato in the middle.
Kid’s White Pizza Panini mozzarella or muenster with a touch of butter and grilled until golden.
Kid’s Classic Tuna Sandwich rich in protein and kid appeal, this classic sandwich can be made any way you want it.

About 5 Rice & Side Dishes $5

Basmati Rice classic aromatic rice.
Brown Rice a little heartier than its white counterpart, this rice is hot and satisfying wile being high in manganese, selenium and fiber.
Sweet Rice With Raisins & Cinnamon just sweet enough and perfectly spiced.
Israeli Couscous the original ben gurion rice. prepared with sauteed onions and a little salt and pepper.
Cliff’s Baked Potato fluffy and delicious.
Red Rice this delicious rice gets its rich color and exquisite color from a gentle balance of tomato and spices.
Rice & Vegetables simple and delicious basmati rice cooked with peas and carrots for a little extra flavor and a serving of all important vegetables.

Desserts $5

Belgian Waffle our belgian waffle includes powdered sugar and a choice of maple syrup, caramel, butterscotch or chocolate.
Fruit Salad a lovely mix of fresh fruit, a perfect snack or accompaniment to any meal.
Screme Gelato


Any 2 Drinks $5.00 beverage choice: hot chocolate, cappuccino, americano, tea, hot cider, latte, coffee, italian espresso

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