Acapulco Mexican Grill

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Cuisine: Mexican.

Antojitos De Batalla – Appetizers

Tacos Locos $6.50 beef, chicken and pork Mexican style, with chipollo sauce
Tacos Al Pastor $6.25 pork marinated in red sauce, cooked with pineapple
Tacos Orientales $8.25 combo tacos topped with melted cheese
Tacos De Cochinita $6.25 pork carnltos tacos
Tacos De Lengua De Res $7.50 beef tongo cooked Mexican style with a ranchero sauce and served in a soft tortilla
Tacos A La Gringa $7.25 pork marinated in red sauce with chinuanua cheese served in flour tortilla
Tacostumbras $6.25 soft chicken tacos acapulco style
Tacos Dorados De Pollo En Consome $7.00 crispy taquitos served in chicken broth
Choritacos $6.25 Mexican sausage served with soft tortilla
Tacos De Bisteck $6.25 soft steak tacos
Tacos Los 3 Machos $8.25
1 Taco Al Pastor $8.25 pork marinated taco
1 Taco De Chortzo $8.25 sausage taco
1 Taco De Bisteck $8.25 steak taco
Tostadas De Pollo, Chorizo O Bisteck $7.00 sausage cheese with sausage, steak or chicken
Questo Fundido De Chorizo, Bistech O Pollo $7.50 melted cheese with sausage, steak or chicken
Sopes O Picadas De Pollo, Bisteck O Chorizo $7.00 homemade baby tortillas topped with chicken or beef
Quesadillas De Pollo O Queso $6.25
Tamales De Rajas, Pollo En Mole O En Salsa Verde $1.75
Torta De Milaneza Res O Pollo $6.50 cubanas, cubanas jamon slachicha, puerco, cubanas, pepper fritas
Nachos A Toda Madre $9.95 choice of beef, pork or chicken, cooked with bell pepper, onions, jalapenos and melted oaxaca cheese
Comal Acapulqueno $11.95 combination of steak with pork, one taco, aguacats, mexican cheese and ceballitas cambray

Antojitos En La Playa – Appetizers

Tacos De Marisco Estilo Puerto Escondido $8.75 seafood tacos served with tomatoes, bell pepper, and onions, in a soft tortillas topped with fresh onions and cilantro
Tacos De Camaron Estilo Pie De La Cuesta $8.75 shrimp tacos melted mozzarella cheese and served with a fra diablo sauce
Tacos De Pescado A La Cancun $8.75 fish tacos served with pico de gallo and guacamole
Tostadas De Ceviche Estilo Barra Vieja $9.00 tostadas served with caviche
Tostadas De Camaron $8.50 shrimp tostados
Pescadillas Dona Licha $8.75 three cripsy quesadillas stuffed with fish, cooked dona licha style
Ceviche Natural $10.50 seafood mix with pico de gallo toasted with lime salt and pepper
Sopes De Camarones A La Puesta Del Sol $8.75 shrimp Mexican style served with a homemade baby tortilla, topped with romaine, tomatoes and fresh cheese with sour cream
Cocktail De Camaron $8.75 shrimp cocktail
Cocktail De Camaron Con Pulpo $10.00 shrimp and octopus cocktail
Levanta Muertos $11.00 seafood mix cocktail

Mariscos – Seafood

todo servicio viene acompanado de arroz, frlioles y ensalads all servings come with rice, beans and salad
Mojarra A La Vercruzana Camarones $13.00 fried fish in tomato sauce with shrimp
Filete De Pescado A La Pie De La Cuesta $12.95 fish filet topped with seafood mixed in a green sauce and melted cheese
Paella Acapulquena $13.00 seafood mixed with rice, ham, Mexican sausage, bell pepper, and tomatoes with acapulco seafood sauce style
Camarones A La Diabla $13.00 shrimp in a fra diablo sauce
Camarones Borrachos $11.95 shrimp served in tequlla sauce
Caldo 7 Mares $12.95 seafood soup
Caldo De Pescado Estilo Playa Honda $12.95 fish soup playa honda style
Camarones Puerto Vallarta $12.95 jumbo shrimp cooked in a green sauce or prabiablo sauce and with melted mozzarella cheese
Fielte De Pescado A La Acapulco $11.95 fish filet topped with octopus and shrimp in a chipotle sauce
Camarones Al Mojo De A Jo $11.50 jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce
Viagra Rompe Catre $11.50 seafood mix cooked in a green sauce and a special touch of machos sauce with mozzarella
Comal De Mariscos $13.50 combination shrimp, fish filet, octapus, calamari and masos grilled to perfection with a bed of vegetables and cheese, served hot plate
Mojarra Al Chingadazo $13.00 fried fish with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes in chipotla sauce
Enchiladas Del Mar $11.00 shrimp and scallops enchiladas in a green sauce, camaron y scallops
Pescado A La Talla El Pirata $13.50 fish served lika a butterfly seasonade with mayonnaise and chipotle saues cooked to perfection on the grill

Carnes – Meats

todo servicio viene acompanado de arroz, frljoles y ensaladas all services come with rice, beans and salad
Alambre 3 Machos $11.95 combination of shrimp, steak and pork mixed with bell, pepper, onions, jalapenos and melted oaxaca cheese
Godorniches A La Costa Chica $11.95 cornish hen grilled with salsa macho
Pechuga De Pollo A La Cancun $12.95 grilled chicken breast stuffed with shrimp with chilhuahua cheese and chipotle sauce
Combination Cielo, Mar Y Tierra $13.25 shrimp, cornish hen and grilled steak served on a bed of green sauce
Chuleta De Puerco Con Camarones A La Diabla $12.50 grilled pork chops with shrimp in a fra diablo sauce
Enchiladas De Pollo En Salsa Verdge O Mole Poblano $10.00 chicken enchiladas in molo or green sauce
Pechuga De Pollo A La Acapulco $11.00 grilled chicken breast with ham, Mexican sausage, bell pepper, tomatoes, jalapenos and our famous touch of our chef
Chilaquiles Rojos O Verdes Estilo Rancho Grande Con Pollo O Carne Asada $10.50 cookin tortilla in red or green sauce with beef or chicken el rancho grando stule
Combination Los 3 Machos $12.50 one pork chop, grilled steak and 3 jumbo shrimp, served on a bed of chipatle sauce
Fajitas En Comal De Pollo, Res, Puerco o Combo Fajitas $11.00 beef, chicken or park fajitas, combo fajitas 3 kinds of meats beef, chicken and pork
Burritos Machos $10.95 beef, chicken, pork oryogetable burrito
Chimichanga Acapulquena $10.95 deep fried chicken, beef or pork burritos topped with green sauce melted cheese
Mary Y Tierra $12.50 grilled jumbo shrimp and steak cooked with onions, bell pepper, jalaperios and tomstoes cebolitas combray
Pechuga De Pollo Rellena De Jamon Con Queso Estilo Puerto Angel $10.95 grilled chicken breast staffed with ham and cheese in a green sauce
Combo Campesino $11.75 grilled steak, 2 enchiladas and 2 crispy tacos
Comal Acapulqueno $11.95 combination of steak with pork, one taco, aguacats, mexican cheese and cebellites cambray
Carne Asada Encebollada O Ala Mexican $10.95 grilled steak with onions, jalaperros, bell pepper, tomatoes and baby onions

Side Orders

Pico De Gallo $3.50
French Fries $3.50
Guacamole $3.50
Orden De Cebollitas $3.00
Arroz Y Frijol $3.00
Extra Chips $2.75

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