Acropolis Greek Taverna

Up to date Acropolis Greek Taverna prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Calamari $7.00 Squid lightly breaded and fried with roasted red peppers.
Saganaki $7.00 Flaming Kefalograviera Cheese, OPA!
Appetizer Platter $12.00 Tirosalata, Taramosalata, Hummus, Melitzanosalata, and Dolmades served with pita bread.
Hummus $6.00 Fresh chick-pea spread made with tahini and served with pita bread.
Skordalia $6.00 Fresh potato, lemon, and garlic spread served with pita bread.
Dolmades $7.00 Grapevine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs.
Octopus $8.00 Octopus marinated in vinegar and olive oil.
Shrimp Saganaki $9.00 Shrimp in a tomato feta sauce, flambe.
Spanakopita $8.00 Spanakopita served with olives and peppercinis.
Tzatziki $6.00 Yogurt with freshly grated cucumbers, garlic, and Greek herbs served with pita bread.
Tirosalata $6.00 Fresh whipped feta spread served with pita bread.
Taramosalata $6.00 Fresh roe spread served with pita bread.
Melitzanosalata $6.00 Fresh eggplant spread served with pita bread.
Athens Platter $8.00 Feta cheese, olives, peppercinis, and dolmades served with pita bread.


Greek Salad $8.00 Original Greek salad with potato salad.
Horiatiki $9.00 Traditional village salad.
Grape Salad $9.00 Spinach, grapes, walnuts, celery, topped with Gorgonzola cheese. add chicken $2.00
Artichoke Salad $11.00 Artichokes and Mediterranean vegetables on top of spring greens.
Roasted Vegetable Salad $8.00 Mediterranean vegetables roasted in olive oil and herbs on top of spring greens.
Athenian Chicken Salad $11.00 Chicken lightly breaded with Greek herbs on top of a bed of greens.
Aegean Shrimp Salad $11.00 Fresh grilled jumbo shrimp over spring greens with roasted peppers and seasoned walnuts.
Tomato Salad $9.00 Fresh vine ripe tomatoes seasoned with goat cheese, onions, and fresh basil.
Acropolis Salad $11.00 Our original Greek salad topped with gyro meat, served with pita bread and tzatziki.
Karpathos Chicken Salad $11.00 Grilled chicken, pine nuts, and fresh vegetables over spring greens with goat cheese.
Salmon Salad $13.00 Grilled salmon with carmelized onions on top of spring greens and fresh vegetables.


Salad & Cup of Soup $7.00
Avgolemono Soup $3.50 – $4.50
Soup of the Day $3.50 – $4.50


Gyro Platter $11.00 Open gyro with Greek fries and salad.
Souvlaki Platter $12.00 Choice of marinated pork or chicken chargrilled on a skewer with Greek fries and salad.
Spanakopita Platter $10.00 Light and flaky Filo pastry dough stuffed with spinach and cheese, also served with a Greek salad.


All sandwiches are served with Greek French fries
Gyros $7.00 Tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki.
Chicken Gyros $7.00 Tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki.
Kalamata $7.00 Fresh sliced tomatoes, feta, and black olive caviar.
Patra $7.00 Fresh smoked turkey, cured tomatoes, red onions, arugula, and aioli or black caviar.
Olympia $7.00 Roast beef, cured tomatoes, kasseri cheese, red onion, and aioli.
Thessaloniki $7.00 Roasted vegetables topped with crumbled feta.
America $7.00 Seasoned chargrilled burger served with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. add cheese $.50
Crete Burger $8.00 Seasoned chargrilled burger topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and feta cheese.
Korfu Chicken $9.00 Grilled chicken, garlic aioli, roasted red peppers, and Kefalograviera cheese.
Athenian Chicken $8.00 Lightly breaded chicken, aioli, arugula, red onion, and tomato wrapped in pita bread.
Fisherman?s Sandwich $9.00 Fresh fish served with arugula, red onion, tomato, and aioli.


All entrees are served with a Greek salad.
Mousaka $11.00 Potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and ground beef baked with a creamy bechamel sauce.
Pastitsio $10.00 A Greek favorite! Ground beef and pastitsio pasta baked with a creamy bechamel sauce.
Dolmades $10.00 Stuffed grapevine leaves.
Greek Style Lamb Chops $22.00 Charbroiled lamb chops seasoned with fresh Greek herbs.
Athenian Grouper $13.00 Filet of grouper lightly breaded, seasoned with Greek herbs, and pan fried.
Grouper Plaki $13.00 Broiled filet of grouper topped with sauteed tomatoes, onions, Greek herbs, and feta cheese.
Shrimp Cyprus $15.00 Spicy shrimp chargrilled on a skewer. OPA
Greek Meatballs $11.00 Greek style meatballs seasoned with Greek herbs in our own red sauce.
Makedoniko $14.00 Chicken, shrimp, and spicy sausage sauteed in red sauce over rice.
Drunken Quail $16.00 Grilled quail topped with a Greek wine sauce.
Shrimp Mykonos $14.00 Greek style shrimp scampi served over penne pasta.
Chicken Santorini $14.00 Chicken sauteed in lemon wine sauce and served over penne pasta.
Chicken Rhodes $14.00 Marinated chicken breast topped with spinach, artichokes, onions, peppers, sundried tomatoes, and feta cheese.
Shish Kabob $16.00 Steak skewered with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers.
Chicken Kabob $14.00 Chicken skewered with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers.
Lamb Kabob $16.00 Tender lamb skewers with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers.
Mixed Grill $28.00 Lamb, Kefte, quail, chicken, and pork souvlaki grilled to perfection served over pita bread with Greek French fries.
Greek Style Steak $19.00 A Ribeye steak with Greek seasoning charbroiled to perfection.

Children?s Menu

Chicken Sandwich with French Fries $6.00
Chicken Fingers with French Fries $6.00
Pasta with Marinara Sauce $6.00
Chicken Skewers with Rice $6.00

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