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Cuisine: Deli Food.

Appetizers & Soups

Chicken Tenders $8.50 With smokey barbeque sauce.
Chicken Quesadilla $9.95 Peppers, onions, jack & cheddar with salsa.
Fried Calamari $8.50 Fried golden brown with marinara.
Greek Bruschetta $7.95 Herb marinated feta, olives, roasted red peppers.
Stinger Wings $9.00 Celery & bleu cheese dressing.
Potato Skins $8.50 Stuffed with bacon, swiss & sour cream.
Ada’s Famous Chicken Soup $5.95 – $6.95 Matzo ball, kreplach, noodles or rice.
Mish Mash Combo $7.95
Soup Of The Day $4.50 – $5.25

Salads & Stuff

Our dressings: thousand island, ranch, greek, italian, bleu cheese & balsamic vinaigrette.
House Salad $7.95
House Salad $9.95 Topped with tuna or chicken salad.
Grecian Salad $8.95
Spinach Salad $8.50
Fresh Fruit Plate $8.95
Caesar Salad $8.95 Crisp romaine lettuce, grated parmesan, anchovies, & toasted croutons with our own special caesar dressing.
Caesar Salad $10.95 With chicken breast.
Cobb Salad $9.95 Crisp iceberg lettuce with bacon, turkey, tomato, avocado & blue cheese crumbles.
Two Scoops Of Your Salad Choice $10.95 Served on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce with tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper & radish.
Tuna Salad Shrimp salad, egg salad, chicken salad, red sockeye salmon salad.
Chicken Pesto Salad $8.95 Brownie pasta with breast of chicken strips in a pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes.

Hot Open Sandwiches

Served on white bread with mashed potatoes & gravy.
Hot Turkey $9.95
Hot Brisket $9.95
Hot Beef $9.95

Ada’s Famous Specialty Sandwiches

Sandwiches served with cole slaw, fried & pickle spear, add soup to any sandwich.
Skirt Steak Sandwich $10.95 Char-broiled plain or in our bbq or teriyaki on a french onion roll.
Reuben $9.75 Loads of thinly sliced corned beef pastrami or turkey with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, special sauce & grilled to perfection.
Chicken Breast $8.95 Blackened or barbecued served on a kaiser roll with cheese.
Classic Club $8.95 With turkey, bacon, ham, lettuce, tomato & choice of cheese served on choice of bread.
Ada’s Francheezie $8.25 One large hot dog filled with american cheese, wrapped in bacon on an onion roll.
Chicago Style Hot Dog $7.95 A jumbo hot dog boiled or grilled, served with sport peppers, onions, relish, and tomatoes.
Fresser Sandwich 1/2 lb of corned beef or pastrami served on rye bread.
Ada’s Favorite A junior house salad & bowl of soup.
Zayde’s Favorite Beef ‘n latkes. You haven’t lived until you try a generous serving of corned beef or pastrami made in a sandwich with two of our famous homemade potato pancakes in place of bread.
The Manhattan New york style reuben, sliced turkey breast layered over creamy cole slaw & topped with swiss cheese, served open face on grilled rye bread with thousand island dressing.

Deli Sandwiches

Regular served with cole slaw & pickle spear. deluxe served with choice of potato.
Hot Corned Beef $9.25
Pastrami $9.25
Roast Brisket Of Beef $8.95
Chicken Salad
Egg Salad
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Grilled Cheese

Belt Buster Burger

One-half pound hand formed fresh ground beef or turkey on a kaiser, onion roll or sesame seed burger. Served with cole slaw & pickle spear. Deluxe served with choice of soup or potato add $2.00.
Hamburger $8.95
Cheeseburger $9.95 American, swiss, cheddar mozzarella, or muenster.
Mushroom Burger $9.95 With bacon add $1.50.
Yuca Vegetable Burger $7.95
Bleu Cheese Burger $9.50
Turkey Burger $8.95 With mushrooms add 1.00.
Patty Melt $9.95 1/2 lb burger with cheese & grilled onions on rye bread.
Tuna Or Chicken Melt $8.95 On an english muffin with cheddar & tomato.

Quiche Of The Day

Our chef’s secret recipe made fresh daily.
Quich Of The Day $5.25 With fluffy eggs, cheese, heavy cream, mixed with different combinations daily.
Quiche & Small Side Salad Combo $7.75

Ada’s Famous Entrees

Available after 5pm. All our dinners are served with soup or salad. potato & vegetables.
Grilled Basil Chicken $16.95 With raspberry tomato relish.
Chicken Carbonara $14.95 Tossed with fettuccini in a bacon garlic alfredo sauce with peas.
Chopped Steak $14.95 Smothered with mushrooms & onions served with mashed & veg.
Marinated Skirt Steak Teriyaki style with mashed potatoes.
Fish & Chips
Chicken Almondine

From The Griddle

Buttermilk Pancakes – Short Stack $5.95
Buttermilk Pancakes $7.25 – $8.50 With sunny side egg on top.
Banana Pancakes $7.95
Fresh Blueberry Pancakes $7.95
Silver Dollar Pancakes $7.95
Homemade Potato Pancakes (3) $8.50 With applesauce and sour cream.
Old Fashioned French Toast $7.50
Belgian Waffle – Banana $9.00 Topped with bananas.
Belgian Waffle $8.50
Belgian Waffle – Strawberries $9.00 Topped with fresh strawberries.

Famous Features

Fried Egg Matzo $6.95 – $8.95 With onions, with egg & onions, with salami.
Falafel Sandwich $11.95
Steak & Eggs $14.95 Char-broiled to your taste & served with two fresh eggs any style. hash browns, toast & jelly.
Benedict Arnold $9.95 English muffin, topped with canadian bacon, poached eggs, melted cheddar cheese & served with hash browns.

Breakfast Starters & Sides

Orange Juice $3.50
Grapefruit Juice $3.50
Tomato Juice $3.50
Half Grapefruit $3.95
Melon In Season $5.95
Mixed Fruit Bowl $4.95
Strawberries $3.95
Sliced Banana $2.95
Canadian Bacon $3.95
Sausage Links $3.95
Selected Cold Cereals $4.50 – $5.95 With strawberries or bananas.
Hash Brown Potatoes $2.75
Blueberry Or Bran Muffin $2.95
Cream Cheese $2.25
Oatmeal $5.50 – $6.50 With strawberries or bananas.
Toast $2.95 (Butter & jelly) white, whole wheat, rye, bagel or english muffin.
Bagel $3.50 With whipped cream cheese.
Toast $3.50 With peanut butter.

Eggs & Omelets

Eggs are served with hash browns or sliced tomatoes & toast. Egg bearers or egg whites add $1.00.
One Egg Any Style $4.50 – $6.95 With bacon or sausage, with canadian bacon.
Two Eggs Any Style $5.95 – $8.50 With bacon or sausage, with canadian bacon or ham.
Corned Beef Hash & 2 Eggs $10.25
Jewelers Row $10.95 Two eggs any style with bacon or sausage and two buttermilk pancakes.
Omelet Plain $7.95 Add any or all of the following: mushroom, ham, any cheese, spinach or onion. Ea $1.95.
Denver $8.95 Peppers, onion & ham.
Spanish $8.95 With spanish creole sauce.
Bacon, Cheddar & Onion $8.95
Feta & Spinach $8.95
Smoked Salmon $12.95 With onion.

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