Ahjoomah’s Apron

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Cuisine: Korean.


A1-A5 Served W/ Soy Based House Sauce On Side.
A1. Korean Seafood Pancake $9.95
A2. Korean Kimchi Pancake $8.95
A3. Dumplings $6.95 filled w/ veg, served fried.
A4. Mul-Mandu $6.95 stuffed dumplings boiled in water
A5. Kim-Malee $5.95 sweet potato noodles rolled up in korean seaweed, deep fried.
A6. Battered Dipped Chicken Wings $8.95 * (plain or sweet & spicy) (15 mins cooking time)
A7. Korean Rice Cake $7.95 * fish cake & vegetables stir-fried in sweet and tangy sauce
A8. Dduk Kochi $4.95 * korean rice cake, deep fried. served w/ sweet & spicy house sauce.


D1. Kimchi Chigae $10.95 * kimchi & tofu pork stew.
D2. Yookgae Jang $11.95 * broiled beef, vegetable & onion.
D3. Seol-Long Tang $11.95 beef bone soup, beef shank & tripe w/ clear potato noodles.
D4. Doenjang Chigae $10.95 soy bean paste stew w/ tofu & vegetables.
D5. Hamool Soontofu Chigae $11.95 seafood w/ silken tofu, topped w/ egg vegetables & onions stew.
D6. Korean Rice Cake W/ Dumplings $10.95 onions & egg dropped
D7. Fresh Cod Fish $11.95 * w/ vegetables & tofu.

Noodle Specials

F1A. Mul Nang Myun $11.95 buckweat noodles, beef shank, korean pear and vegetables served in cold broth.
F1B. Bibim Nang Myun $11.95 * buckwheat noodles, beef shank, vegetables, mixed in house special hot sauce served cold.
F2. Kalguksu $10.95 anchovy stock w/ knife-cut noodles
F3. Heamul Kalguksu $11.95 seafood soup w/ knife-cut noodles.
F4. Jjamppong. $13.95 * korean/chinese style seafood, spicy noodle soup.
F5. Tempura Udon Noodles $10.95
F6. Jajangmyun $11.95 vegetarian. black-bean-sauce noodles w/ pork and potatoes & onions
F7. Jjolmyun $10.95 korean chewy bouncy noodles served cold w/ vegetables in chili paste.
F8. Jopchae $11.95 korean vermicelli potato noodles stir fried w/ beef and vegetables.

Chef?s Special

C1. Stir Fried Squid & Pork $14.95 * squid & pork stir fried w/ vegetables in sweet & spicy sauce
C2. Stir Fried Squid $14.95 * squid stir fried in sweet and spicy sauce w/ vegetables.
C3. La Bokki $13.95 * korean rice cake, fish cake, ramyun noodle, boiled egg, and vegetables stir fried in sweet and tangy sauce.
C4. Jjukumi-Bokum $14.95 * .stir-fry webfoot octopus w/ vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce
C5. Haejangguk $11.95 * hang over soup. beef rib meat, napa, bean sprouts, radish, and ox blood in spicy broth.
C6. Pan Broiled Salted Mackerel $11.95
C7. Ramen Soon Tofu $9.95 * * korean noodles with seafood, and silken tofu
C8A. Stir Fried Pork Belly & Kimchi $10.95 *
C8B. Stir Fried Pork Belly, Kimchi $12.95 w/ tofu
C9. Dolsot Bibim Bop $11.95 dine-in only. ice in stone pot coated w/ sesame oil, topped w/ assorted vegetables, egg, and bulgogi beef w/ sweet chili pepper paste
C10. Bibim Bop $10.95 rice in bowl, topped w/ assorted vegetables, sunny side up egg, sesame oil, house sweet chili paste on side. choose between vegetables, tofu, beef or shrimp. served w/ miso soup.
C11. Kalbi Dolsot Bibimbop $15.95 dine-in only. rice in stone pot coated with sesame oil, kalbi, topped w/ assorted vegetables, and sunny side up egg.
C12. Kalbi-Tang $15.95 boiled beef short ribs w/ vegetables in beef broth soup.
C13. Ssamgae-Tang $16.95 cornish hen, ginseng, jujube, sweet rice, dates, garlic, chicken broth.


E1. Kalbi $24.95 korean short ribs marinated in house sauce (15 mins cooking time). served with miso or ox bone soup.
E2. Bulgogi $13.95 slices of tender beef marinated in house sauce.
E3. Doeji Bulgogi $12.95 * marinated tender pork sweet & spicy pan grilled
E4. Chicken Bulgogi $12.95 * marinated tender chicken sweet & spicy pan grilled
E5. Deep Fried Breaded Pork $11.95 pork breaded & deep fried served on a bed of vegetable w/ house special sauce on side.
E6. Deep Fried Tender Chicken Breast $11.95 tender chicken breast breaded & deep fried served on a bed of vegetable w/ house special sauce on the side.


(For 2).
B1. Haemool Jun-Gol $24.95 * crab, squid, mussel, shrimps, and tofu w/ vegetables in hot spicy soup.
B2. Pork Bone Potatoes Soup $21.95 * pork bone, potatoes & other variety of vegetables w/ potato noodles in hot spicy soup.
B3. Boodae Jun-Gol $21.95 * bacon, spam, sausage, w/ kimchi, tofu, and onions in hot and spicy soup.
B4. Mushroom Soup $17.95 * shitake mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, wood ear, vegetables & tofu, topped w/ enoki mushrooms in hot and spicy soup.
B5. Mandoo Jun-Gol $21.95 korean vegetable dumplings w/ beef in beef broth, onions and egg dropped.
B6. Spicy Chicken Stew $26.95 * chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions in hot and spicy stew.
B7. Fresh Cod Fish Stew $24.95 * fresh cod fish, bean sprouts, and other vegetables.


Tofu $1.00
Rice $1.00
Ramyun Noodles $1.00
Potato Noodles $2.00
Chicken $2.00
Beef $3.00
Shrimp $3.00


Ice Cream $2.00
Sujunggwa $2.00
Mochi $3.00 red bean, green tea, mango, or strawberry
Korean Red Bean Porridge $5.00
Korean Pumpkin Porridge $5.00


* Hot And Spicy.
Coca Cola $1.50
Diet Coke $1.50
Sprite $1.50
Korean Juice $1.50
Ginger Lemon Tea $2.50

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