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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Edamame $3.00
Seaweed Salad $3.00
Octopus Salad $4.00
Spicy Tuna Poppers $5.00
Tuna Poke Salad $8.00
Shrimp Tempura $5.00
Crab Meat Roll $5.00
Sumo Avocado $5.00
Soft Shell Crab $5.00


Bentos are a Japanese style lunch box. All Bentos are served with your choice of listed entree, miso soup, four piece California roll, shrimp and other assortment of tempura, grilled vegetables, adamame and your choice of steamed rice or fried noodles.
Terikyaki Chicken Bento $10.00 Grilled chicken breast topped with our homemade sweet teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Salmon Bento $10.00 Sashimi grade, pan seared salmon with a sweet teriyaki glaze
Shrimp Tempura Bento $10.00 Six pieces of shrimp tempura and a variety of vegetable tempura
Bulgogi Beef Bento $10.00 Thinly sliced beef marinated in a sweet bulgogi sauce
Nigiri Bento $11.00 Four pieces of fresh nigiri (Chefs Choice)
Sashimi Bento $12.00 Six pieces of sashimi (thinly sliced pieces of fish) Chefs Choice
Sushi & Sashimi Bento $14.00 Four pieces of fresh nigiri and four pieces of fresh sashimi (Chefs Choice)
Chicken Teppanyaki Bento $10.00 Juicy pieces of chicken grilled to perfection in a butter and soy marinade
Filet Teppanyaki Bento $12.00 Tender chunks of filet mignon cooked to your liking in a butter and soy marinade
Shrimp Teppanyaki Bento $12.00 Fresh shrimp cooked in a soy and butter marinade
Chicken Katsu Bento $10.00 Panko breaded chicken, fried and served atop grilled vegetables
Pork Katsu Bento $10.00 Panko breaded pork loin, fried and served atop grilled vegetables
Vegetarian Bento $8.00 Grilled teppanyaki style veggies, four piece cucumber roll and veggie tempura


Udon – Thick flour noodles in warm mirin based soup.
Shrimp Tempura Udon $9.00
Vegetable Udon $8.00
Udon & Roll Combo $8.00 Lunch portion of Udon noodles with a combo roll of your choice.
Chicken Yakisoba $10.00 Lunch portion of chicken Yakisoba noodles with combo roll of your choice.
Vegetable Yakisoba $8.00
Vegetable Yakisoba & Roll Combo $8.00 Lunch portion of vegetable Yakisoba noodles with combo roll of your choice.

Lunch Combos

Sushi(Nigiri) Lunch $11.00 6 pieces of nigiri (Chef’s Choice)
Sushi(Sashimi) Lunch $11.00 6 pieces of sashimi (Chef’s Choice)
Sushi & Sashimi Lunch $14.00 4 pieces each of nigiri & sashimi (Chef’s Choice)

Don Bop

Don (Japanese) or Bop (Korean) meaning rice or rice dish consisting of fish or meat, accompanying the dish
Chicken Curry $8.00
Dolsot Bibimibop $10.00
Hae Dup Bop $12.00
Chicken Teriyaki Don $9.00
Chicken Teriyaki Don $9.00
Chicken Teppanyaki Don $9.00
Shrimp Teppanyaki Don $11.00

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