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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Appetizers – Beef & Pork

Gyoza Dumplings $6.00 five homemade dumplings filled with pork and vegetables. served either sauteed or steamed with spicy gyoza sauce.
Wasabi Shumai Dumplings $6.00 four steamed pork dumplings acented with wasabi. served with ponzu sauce.
Pork Ribs $8.00 five ribs seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled.
Spring Rolls $5.00 three pork and vegetable spring rolls. served with spicy mustard and shredded cabbage.
Negima Yaki $7.00 sliced beef loin wrapped around scallions, sauteed and served in teriyaki sauce.

Appetizers – Chicken

Yakitori $5.25 two skewers of chicken, grilled and served in teriyaki sauce.
Kara Age $4.95 chicken wings marinated in soy sauce and deep-fried.
Chicken Teriyaki $5.25 boneless pieces of chicken grilled and served in teriyaki sauce.
Tatsuta Age $5.25 boneless chicken mainated in soy sauce and deep-fried.
Teba Shio $5.25 grilled chicken wings seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Appetizers – Seafood

Ika Geso $6.25 squid arms prepared either tempura style or sauteed in butter.
Ika Maru $8.50 whole squid (no arms) grilled and served with teriyaki sauce or ground ginger.
Ika Shoga $8.50 squid sauteed in ginger, soy sauce and sake.
Salmon Teriyaki $5.50 one salmon fillet grilled and served with teriyaki sauce. also available shioyaki style. (no sauce, lightly salted).
Fried Oysters $5.95 oysters fried with japanese breadcrumbs. served with tonkatsu sauce.
Shrimp Shumai Dumpurings $5.50 three shrimp dumplings steamed and served with ponzu sauce.
Shrimp And Vegetable Tempura $6.00 two pieces of shrimp and assorted vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried. served with tempura sauce.
Shrimp Only Tempura $8.00 four pieces of shrimp dipped in batter and lightly fried. served with tempura sauce.
Chuka Ika $3.95 marinated squid salad.
Sauteed Scallops $8.50 sea scallops lightly floured, sauteed in butter and garnished with lemon.
Soft Shell Crab $9.50 (karage or tempura) one soft shell crab either tempura style (dipped in batter) a kara age style (lightly floured) served with ponzu sauce.
Fried Smelt $5.75 floured and fried smelt. served with ponzu sauce.
Spicy Crispy Shrimp $7.95 five head-on white shrimp fried and sauteed in hot pepper jalapenos, and snow peas.
Hamachi Kama $9.50 one yellowtail collar salted and grilled. served with grated daikon radish.
Grilled Salmon Head $6.50 one half-head of salmon. salted and grilled.
Unagi Kabayaki $8.95 barbequed eel served in a lacquered box.
Saba Shioyaki $5.50 fillet of mackerel, salted and grilled.
Sanma Shioyaki $5.95 one whole pacific saury (mackerel pike) salted and grilled.
Komochi Shishamo $6.25 large smelts filled with roe and grilled.
Sushi Appetizer $6.95 an assortment of four pieces of sushi (tuna, whitefish, salmon, and shrimp).
Sashimi Appetizer $7.95 slices of raw fish (two tuna, two yellowtail, and two ocyopus).
Sunomono Combination $7.95 a combination of various fresh seafood in light vinegar sauce.
Maguro Natto $7.45

Appetizers – Vegetables

Edamame $3.75 steamed soybeans with sea salt.
Vegetable Tempura $5.75 an assortment of vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried.
Shiitake Tempura $5.95 shiitake mushrooms dipped in batter and lightly fried.
Tofu Steak $5.75 fried tofu served with teriyaki sauce and garnished with scallions.
Age Tofu $5.75 fried tofu served in tempura sauce and topped with grated daiko.
Yu Tofu $5.75 tofu boiled with carrots, nappa, and scallions. served with ginger.
Hiya Yakko $3.95 tofu on ice with fresh cucumbers. served with a side of scallions
Ohi Tashi $4.95 blanched spinach served cold and topped with shaved bonito.
Vegetable Spring Roll $5.00 five vegetable spring rolls. served with spicy mustard and shred.
Hijiki $3.95 cooked black seaweed salad.
Wakame $3.95 green seaweed salad marinated in sesame oil.
Yaki Nasu $4.75 sauteed eggplant served in finger flavored tempura sauce.
Shige Nasu $5.75 deep-fried eggplant topped with meat sauce and scallions.
Vegetable Croquette $4.25 a potato and vegetable patty coated in japanese breadcrumbs.
Oshinko $4.50 an assortment of traditional japanese pickles.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

O’Doul’s $3.25

Coffee & Tea

Hot Coffee $2.00 (free refills).
Ucc Iced Coffee $3.00
Iced Tea $2.00 (free refills)
Iced Oolong Tea $3.00
Ten-Chi Cha $1.25 (caffeine-free herbal tea) caffeine-free herbal tea. a fusion of 12 japanese herbs.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks $2.00 coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale pink lemonade. (free refills).
IBC Root Beer Bottle $2.00
Orangina $2.50
Calpico $2.50
Apple Juice $2.00
Orange Juice $2.00
Milk $1.50

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