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Cuisine: Indian.

Luncheon Specials

Served from Noon – 4pm – with chutney, boiled vegetables, papadom & basmati rice
Chicken Curry $4.95
Lamp Curry $4.95
Tandoori Chicken6.95
Tandoori Chicken $6.95
Lamb or Chicken Saag $5.95
Meat Malai Kofta $5.95
Shrimp Bhuna Curry $6.95
Shrimp Saag $6.95
Aloo Chole Curry $4.50
Baingen Bartha (eggplant) $4.50
Saag Paneer $4.50
Mater Paneer $4.50
Malai Kofta $4.50


Mulligatawny Soup $1.95 with fresh vegetables, lentils, tomatoes, dash of spices & herbs, with vegetable pakora
Coconut Soup $1.95 coconut, cream, pistachio
Chicken Soup $1.95 with spices, tomatoes & lentils, with vegetable pakora

South Indian Dishes

Masala Dosai $4.05 pancake rolled with potatoes, red onion, green pepper, ginger, red chili peppers, mustard
Sambar Vada $2.95 donut made from black beans
Dahi Vada $2.95 patties made from black beans with yogurt sauce

Indian Breads

Akbar’s Special Bread $2.95 chicken-nan stuffed with tandoori chicken, herbs & spices
Aloo Paratha $2.95 stuffed with mashed potatoes
Kulcha $1.50 soft white baked bread
Onion Kulcha $1.95 White baked bread stuffed with onion
Keema Paratha $2.95 stuffed with spiced ground lamb, cooked on griddle
Keema Nan $2.95
Chapar $1.50 whole wheat baked leavened bread
Nan $1.50 baked leavened bread
Paratha $1.50 Ajwain flavored multi-layered bread
Poori $1.95 2 pieces of light fluffy puffed bread
Tandoori Roti $1.50 crispy, crunchy baked bread

Vegetable Specialties

Aloo Chole $6.95 – $8.95 chick peas cooked with potatoes, tomatoes & spices
Baingen Bartha $6.95 – $9.95 smokedl, chopped eggplant with tomatoes, onions, green pepper & green peas
Dal Makhni $6.95 – $8.95 creamed lentils delicatelhy tempered
Mater Paneer $6.95 – $8.95 homemade cheese with fresh garden peas
Malai Kofta Lajawab $6.95 – $8.95 vegetable ball
Navratan Korma $7.95 – $9.95 garden fresh mixed vegetables
Saag Paneer $6.95 – $8.95 homemade cheese cooked with spinach
Aloo Mater $6.95 – $8.95 fresh garden peas & potatoes
Mixed Vegetable Curry $6.95 – $8.95

Tempting Appetizers

Aloo Bada $2.25 (2pcs) spiced mashed potatoes & peas with chick pea butter
Cheese Pakora $2.95 (6pcs) homemade spicy cheese, deep fried with chick pea butter
Chicken Pakora $3.95 (6 pcs) cubes of spicy chicken
Fish Pakora $3.95 (4pcs) boneless fish marinated in chick pea butter & deep fried lemon
Shami Kebab $2.50 (2 pcs) spiced ground lamb patties laced with ginger & mint
Samosa Meat $2.50 (2pcs) meat filled turnovers
Samosa Vegetable $2.50 (2pcs) vegetable turnovers
Vegetable Pakora $2.50 (6pcs) vegetable fritters, spinach, green pepper, cauliflower, onion, potatoes & spices
Papadam $0.70 (2 slices) crispy, spicy wafers
Vegetable Mix Platter $3.95 aloo bada, vegetable pakora
Meat Mix Platter $4.95 chicken pakora, fish pakora
Garden Salad $1.95 mixed lettuce and vegetables

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Curry $7.95 – $9.95 boneless chicken cooked with spices
Chicken Korma $8.95 – $10.95 boneless chicken curry cooked with cashews
Chicken Jalfrazi $8.95 – $10.95 boneless chicken curry cooked with green vegetables
Chicken Vindaloo Curry $8.95 – $10.95 chicken cooked with potatoes – very hot
Chicken Saag $8.95 – $10.95 boneless chicken cooked with spinach puree and cream
Chicken Tikka Masala $8.95 – $10.95 diced chicken tandoori cooked in rich, creamy tomato sauce
Chicken Makhni $8.95 – $10.95 barbequed chicken simmered in rich curry sauce
Chicken Bhuna $8.95 – $10.95 chicken curry cooked with onions, tomatoes & fresh coriander


Kheer $1.50 rice pudding flavored with cardamon
Mango Ice Cream $1.50
Kulfi $1.50 creamy Indian ice cream
Rasmalai $1.50 pudding made from homemade cheese
Gulab Jamun $1.50 light pastry ball made from milk, fried & soaked in thick syrup
Barki $1.50 milk fudge topped with almonds

Seafood Specialties

Fish Masala $8.95 – $10.95 boneless, skinless pieceds of haddock cooked in a light sauce
Fish Vindaloo Curry $8.95 – $10.95 haddock cooked with very hot curry sauce & potatoes
Shrimp Masala $9.95 – $11.95 shrimp smothered with Indian condiments, onions, tomatoes & green peppers
Shrimp Saag $9.95 – $11.95 shrimp cooked with fresh herbs, light cream & spinach puree
Shrimp Malai $9.95 – $11.95 shrimp cooked with mushrooms, coconut & light cream sauce

Rice Specialities

Shahjahni Biryani $8.95 – $10.95 chicken & lamb in Basmati rice
Vegetable Biryani mixed vegetables
Vegetable Biryani $6.95 – $8.95 mixed vegetables and Basmati rice
Shrimp Biryani $9.95 – $11.95 saffron flavored Basmati rice cooked with shrimp
Plain Basmati Rice $1.50 fragrant long grain rice from India

Tandoori (grilled) Specialties

Tandoori Chicken $8.95 – $10.95 spring chicken in a marinade of yogurt, garlic, ginger & roasted in Tandoori oven
Chicken Tikka $8.95 – $10.95 chicken pieces in marinade, roasted in Tandoori oven
Boti Kebab $8.95 – $10.95 pieces of spring choice lamb marinated in vinegar, garlic, ginger & chili paste, roasted in Tandoori oven
Rashmi Kebab $8.95 – $10.95 finely minced lamb with a combination of herbs & spices, roasted over charcoal
Tandoori Fish $8.95 – $10.95 boneless, skinless fish chunks marinated in Fenu Greek spiced yogurt & spices, grilled over charcoal
Tandoori Shrimp $9.95 – $11.95 jumbo shrimp dipped in marinade of yogurt & spices, grilled over charcoal
Tandoori Mixed Grill $12.95 – $14.95 Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Boti Kebab, Rahmi Kebab, Shrimp & Fish Tandoori

Condiments and Pickles

Condiments Tray $2.75 onion chutney, mixed pickles, mango chutney, mint chutney, raita
Mango Chutney $1.00 sweet mango relish
Mixed Pickles $1.00 hot and spicy Indian pickles
Hot Onion Chutney $0.75
Raita $0.75 cucumbers in yogurt and herbs
Mint Coriander Chutney $0.75 spiced mint and fresh coriander relish

House Dinners

Recommended for Two
1. Combination Dinner choice of 2 soups, Shrimp Tandoori, Chicken Tandoori, meat or vegetable Rashmi Kebab, Basmati Rice Curry, Nan or Chapati, Onion Salad
1. Combination Dinner $23.95 choice of 2 soups, Shrimp Tandoori, Chicken Tandoori, meat or vegetable Rashmi Kebab, Basmati Rice Curry, Nan or Chapati, Onion Salad
2. Seafood Special Dinner $23.95 choice of 2 soups, Fish Pakora, Shrimp Masala Curry, Fish Masala, Dal Makhini, Basmati Rice, Nan or Shapati, Onion Salad
3. Non-Vegetarian Dinner $23.95 choice of 2 soups, Chicken Tandoori, Lamb Saag, Chicken Curry, Basmati rice, Nan or Chapati, Onion Salad
4. Vegetarian Dinner $19.95 choice of 2 soups, Mater Paneer, Navratan Korma, Aloo Chole Dal, Makhini, Raita, Basmati rice, Paratha or Poori, 2 slices Papadam, Onion Salad

Akbar’s Special Combo Dinner for One

Vegetarian Thali $9.95 – $11.95 Traditional meal with a variety of vegetables, Mater Paneer, Aloo Chole, NavratanKorma, Raita, Rice, Poorior Paratha & Papadam, Dessert, Tea or Coffee
Non-Vegetarian Thali $10.95 – $12.95 Traditional meal with Chicken Masala, Lamb Curry, Lamb Saag, Raita, Rice, Poori or Paratha & Papadam, Dessert, Tea or Coffee

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