Al Amir Flatbread

Up to date Al Amir Flatbread prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Hummus Platter $5.99
Foul Platter $6.99
Labne Platter $4.50
Vegetable Platter $3.99

Al Amir Meat

Kafta $4.99 Ground beef, parsley, onions and spices.
Sfeeha $4.50 Ground beef, tomatoes, onions, pjne nuts, sesame sauce, pomegranate sauce and jogurt spices.
Lahme and Cheese $6.99
Chicken Chipotle $7.50 Chipotle sauce, marinated chicken and spicy cheese.
Lahmelajeen $3.75 Ground beef, tomatoes and onion spices.
Sfeeha and Cheese $6.99
Soujouk $5.99 Ground beef, garlic and spices.
Soujouk and Cheese $6.99
Kafta Cheese $6.99

Al Amir Veggie

Cheese $3.99 Blend of fine kinds of cheese.
Zaatar $2.75
Zaatar and Cheese $3.99
Veggie Pizza $7.50
Muhammara $3.50 Chili paste, onion, black sesame and spices.
Labne $5.99
Egg and Cheese $5.99
Calzone $6.50 Spinach, mushroom and cheese.
Kishek $4.50


Apple Pie $2.99
Chocolate Pie $3.99
Cream and Honey $4.99

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