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Up to date Alfie’s Inn prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Alfie?s homemade dressings: vinaigrette, ranch, creamy garlic. Other dressings: french, honey-mustard, caesar, 1,000 island bleu cheese, fat free ranch, lite italian
Grilled Chicken Salad $8.25 A lean and healthy choice of crisp greens, garnished with vegetables and completed with an eight ounce grilled chicken breast
Greek Salad $5.95 A bed of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumbers and kalamata olives served with authentic greek dressing
Greek Salad Served with Grilled Chicken $8.50 A bed of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumbers and kalamata olives served with authentic greek dressing
Grilled Salmon Steak Salad $11.50 An outstanding salad of romaine lettuce tossed with garden vegetables and finished with fresh grilled salmon steak
Alfie?s Main Course Salad $4.95 A generous bowl of romaine lettuce garnished with radicchio, carrots, cucumbers and a homemade vinaigrette dressing


Soup of the Day $2.75 Always fresh and hot. Ask your server for today?s selection
Homemade Chili $4.50 Our signature chili is made with black beans, kidney beans, fresh ground beef, ground pork and ground chorizo sausage

Great Burgers

For over 30 years we have ground our loinburger fresh everyday from the finest meats. This mouth-watering burger is mildly seasoned with our secret recipe. Burgers are served with choice of raw or grilled onion, pickle garnish and a pile of french fries o
Sir Alfie?s Loinburger $7.50
Sir Alfie?s Cheeseburger $8.00 We grind and season lean sirloin chuck each day for our half-pound burgers. Cooked to your order and smothered with a slice of american, swiss or cheddar cheese
The Classic Patty Melt $9.00 Our juicy burger topped with two slices of cheddar cheese, smothered with grilled onions. Served on marbled rye
Mushroom Swiss Burger $8.00 Mushrooms perfectly grilled and topped with melted swiss cheese
The Amigo Burger $7.50 Our delicious half-pound burger fired up with a mixture of sauteed jalapeno peppers and onions. Add your favorite cheese $8.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger $8.95 Alfie?s famous homemade burger topped with crisp bacon and melted cheddar cheese
Turkey Burger $8.00 Topped with lettuce and tomato
Bleu Cheese Burger $8.00 Our famous grilled beef patty with melted bleu cheese. May we suggest grilled onions
Avocado Bacon Tomato Burger $9.00 Our famous grilled beef patty topped with avocado, bacon & tomato

The Earl of Sandwich

What a great invention the earl made, a meal to eat ?in-hand. All our sandwiches are served with french fries or baked potato. Add lettuce and tomato garnish $0.25 additional
Sir Reuben on Rye $8.75 A hearty choice sure to please any appetite. Premium corned beef, roasted in house and sliced really thin. Stacked on marbled rye bread with sauerkraut and swiss cheese then grilled to delicious perf
Tuna Melt $7.75 Grilled marble rye makes this melt special. Loaded with freshly-made albacore tuna salad and cheddar cheese, grilled till ?melting?
Tuna Salad Sandwich $6.95 Fresh-made tuna salad on marble rye or white bread
Cod Fish Sandwich $7.25 A little over 5 ounces of mild whitefish, breaded and flash-fried. Caught on a bun with tartar sauce
Roast Beef Sandwich $7.25 Hot roast beef piled on a toasted bun with tangy barbecue sauce on the side
Corned Beef Sandwich $7.50 Baked in our own ovens, sliced thin and loaded on your choice of marble rye or white bread
Grilled Swiss or American Cheese $4.95 With three thick slices of cheese, add crispy bacon $5.95


Onion Ring Basket $5.25 – $3.50 An alfie?s favorite. We deep-fry ?em and serve ?em up hot in a basket. Half basket
Buffalo Wings $10.25 – $5.25 Twelve meaty buffalo style wings in a mild sauce. Served with celery sticks and bleu cheese. Half basket (6 wings)
Deep-Fried Mushrooms $5.25 – $3.50 A basket of large mushrooms lightly breaded and flash-fried crisp, served with our homemade garlic dressing. Half basket
Golden Zucchini Basket $5.25 – $3.50 Garden zucchini, breaded and perfectly fried. Served with our homemade garlic dressing. Half basket
Fried Calamari $9.25 Tender calamari lightly breaded and deep-fried. Served with cocktail dipping sauce
Basket of French Fries $1.50 Cooked hot and fresh upon your order
Potato Skins $6.50 – $3.75 Crisp baked potato skins piled high with bacon, melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers and sour cream. Half order

Signature Selections

All our signature selections are served with coleslaw and french fries or baked potato. Add lettuce and tomato garnish -$0.25 additional
Char-Broiled Chicken Breast $7.95 A light and lean choice of fresh chicken breast, lightly seasoned and char-grilled
Mediterranean Chicken Burger $8.95 Prepared with classic mediterranean ingredients: freshly ground all white meat chicken breast seasoned with feta cheese, spinach, roasted red peppers, onions, olive oil, herbs and spices
Down Under Chicken Sandwich $8.95 Chicken breast topped with two slices of bacon, swiss & cheddar cheeses
7-oz. Grilled Salmon Steak $14.25 Char-grilled and served with creamy dill sauce
Garlic French Dip $8.95 Thinly sliced roast beef seasoned with garlic and served with a cup of hot beef au jus for dipping


Fish & Chips $6.95 – $8.75 Breaded cod fish fillets served in a basket of chips with a pickle and tartar sauce
Chicken Fingers $7.75 Tender and juicy strips of chicken breast, breaded and deep-fried. Served with barbecue sauce or honey-mustard dressing

The Royal Course

All royal course items include coleslaw, choice of baked potato or french fries
Alfie?s Bone-In Pork Chop $9.95 An eight to ten ounce center cut pork chop, char-broiled to perfection. Served open-faced
Barbecue Baby Back Ribs $17.95 – $9.95 Our baby back ribs are prepared fresh daily. Slow roasted for that fall-off-the-bone goodness, slathered with our thick and tangy barbecue sauce. Full slab, half slab
T-Bone Steak $18.95 This classic 16 oz. cut of beef is really two steaks in one the filet and the new york strip, served on the bone for added flavor. It?s the best of both steaks full, rich flavor and tender steak good
Prime Butt Steak $11.95 Treat yourself to this premium seven ounce cut of lean and tender steak, char-broiled to your liking and served open-faced on toast
Choice New York Strip Steak $15.95 A 10-oz. portion of usda choice cut new york strip steak. Char-broiled to your specifications
Alfie?s Seafood Basket $10.75 A combination of the ocean?s finest. Four jumbo breaded shrimp and two battered cod fish fillets. Served with homemade cocktail and tartar sauce
Fried Shrimp $14.95 – $10.95 Jumbo butterflied shrimp lightly breaded in our kitchen. Served with alfie?s homemade cocktail sauce. 8 piece, 5 piece

Royal Combos

Choice Sirloin & Shrimp $18.75 The perfect combination of land and sea. A usda choice sirloin steak, prepared to your liking served with lightly breaded butterflied shrimp
Chicken & Shrimp $10.75 A boneless skinless chicken breast served with lightly breaded butterflied shrimp
Prime Butt Steak & Shrimp $15.75 Our prime butt steak teamed with lightly breaded butterflied shrimp

Friday Fish Fry

Friday Fish Fry $10.25 All you can eat. Join us for golden batter-dipped cod fillets. Served with french fries and coleslaw

Low-Carb Alley

Aussie Chicken $8.50 An 8-oz. Chicken breast topped with bacon, swiss and cheddar cheeses. Served atop a bed of romaine lettuce
Low-Carb Bacon Cheddar Burger $8.50 Our 8-oz. burger topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. Served with grilled mushrooms and romaine lettuce
Tuna Salad Delight $6.95 A mayo based tuna salad served on top of romaine lettuce and cucumbers. Served with lemon and choice of dressing
Chili Combo Our delicious homemade chili with your choice of the following
Chicken Breast and Grilled Mushrooms $8.95
Salmon Steak and Grilled Mushrooms $14.95
Pork Chop and Grilled Mushrooms $10.25
Butt Steak and Grilled Mushrooms $12.95

Along Side

Small Garden Salad $2.25
Coleslaw $0.95
Baked Potato $1.50


Soft Drinks, (20-oz.) $2.10
Iced Tea $2.05
Hot Tea $2.10
Coffee, Regular or Decaf $2.10
White or Chocolate Milk $2.10

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