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Cuisine: Filipino.


Fried Vegetable Lumpia (6Pcs).
Fried Shrimp Rolls (6Pcs).
Fried Pork Shanghai (15 Pcs).
Fried Fish Balls
Fried Tofu
Inihaw Na Baboy (Grilled pork).
Tokwa?t Lechon


Beef Nilaga (Beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, pepper corns).
Chicken Nilaga (Chicken, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, pepper corns).
Sinigang Pork (Tamarind based soup with pork & vegetables).
Sinigang Beef (Tamarind based soup with beef & vegetables).
Sinigang Bangus Belly (Tamarind based soup with milkfish &vegetables).
Sinigang Kanduli (Tamarind based soup with catfish & vegetables).
Sinigang Hipon (Tamarind based soup with prawns & vegetables).
Sotanghon Soup (Vermicelli noodle soup w/ pork & vegetables).
Monggo (Lintel soup with pork and shrimp).
Monggo Anghang (Llintel soup with pork, shrimp, and peppers).
Misua (Thin flour noodles with fish balls, lobster balls & eggs).
Lomi (Thick egg noodle soup with fish balls, lobster balls & eggs).


Pansit sauteed with pork and vegetables.
Bihon (Rice stick noodles).
Canton (Egg noodles).
Sotanghon (Clear vermicelli noodles).
Combo – Palabok (Shrimp, pork, & fish), combo of two noodles above.
Combo – Miki Bihon (Thick egg noodles w/ bihon).


(Per scoop).
Steamed Rice
Garlic Fried Rice

Specialty Rice

(Per order).
Bagoong Fried Rice
Binagoongan Fried Rice
Adobo Fried Rice


Fresh off our lava rock grille.
Talong (Chinese eggplant topped w/ tomatoes & onions, served with bagoong & vinegar) .
Chicken Bar-B-Que (Boneless & skinless chicken meat specially marinated).
Beef Tapa (Thin slices of beef, marinated with soy and lemon).
Pork Bar-B-Que (Specially marinated pork).
Inihaw Na Baboy (Thin slices of pork, seasoned and grilled).
Grilled Pork Chops (Seasoned skin on pork chops).
Sisig (Grilled pork, chopped up with onions and peppers).
Grilled Tilapia A La Pobre (Large whole fish topped with onions and tomatoes).
Grilled Calamari (Large squid, grilled and served with onions and tomatoes).
Grilled Bangus A La Pobre (Milkfish topped with onions and tomatoes).
Grilled Salmon Filet (Topped with onions and tomatoes, served w/rice, veggie & mac salad).
Grilled Mahi-Mahi Filet (Topped with onions and tomatoes, served w/rice, veggie & mac salad).


Crispy Chicken (1/2 Chicken).
Chicken wings
Crispy Pata (Pork hock).
Pork Chops (Skin on and breade.
Lechon Kawali (Pork belly).
Tilapia (Lightly breaded whole fish).
Daing (Marinated boneless whole milkfish).
Fried Catfish (One whole fish).
Beef Tapa (Thin slices of marinated beef).
Tocino (Sweet pork).
Longanisa (Sweet pork sausages, 4pcs).
Garlic Prawns (Pan fried head-on prawns).


Mechado (Beef stew).
Menudo (Pork stew).
Kare Kare (Oxtail & tripe peanut stew).
Paksiw Na Lechon (Pork in liver sauce).
Dinuguan (Pork blood stew).
Binagoongan (Shrimp paste and pork).
Adobo (Chicken, soy sauce & vinegar).
Bistik (Beef and onions in lemon and soy).


Cooked with pork & shrimp unless noted.
Pinakbet (Beans, squash, eggplant, pork).
Ginataan (Same as above w/ coconut milk).
Ginisang Gulay (No meat).
Ampalaya (Sauteed bittermellon).
Tofu & Greens (No meat in oyster sauce).
Eggplant A La pobre (Sliced, fried w/garlic).

Sauteed Seafood

Coco Tilapia (Coconut milk).
Sarsiado Tilapia (Tomato sauce & eggs).
Seafood Combo (Shrimp & mussels etc.)
Coco Mussels
Coco Prawns
Adobo Catfish Steak


Potato Torta
Torta Tagalog (Ground pork & veggies).
Torta Talong (Eggplant omelet).

GFB Combo Rice Plate

(Grillin, fryin & broilin) served with steamed rice, 2 veg lumpia, baked chicken quarter, mac salad & choice of:
Grilled Beef Tapa
Chicken Bar-B-Que
Pork Bar-B-Que
1/2 Grilled Bangus
Grilled Eggplant


Side Sinigang Broth (Bowl).
Side Nilaga Broth (Bowl).
Fried Eggs (2 Pcs).
French Fries
Pickeled Mango W/ Bagoong
Mac Salad


Halo Halo (W/ ice cream).
Saba Con Hielo
Mais Con Hielo (W/ ice cream).
Ginataan Mais
Ginataan Monggo
Leche Flan Slice
Ube Slice
Tropical Ice Cream (Ube or mango).
Banana A La Mode (Fried saba).
Root Beer Float


(Served with garlic rice & two fried eggs).
Tapsilog (Beef tapa).
Longsilog (Pork longanisa sausages).
Tocilog (Pork tocino).
Dasilog (1/4 Daing).
Pork Chop Silog (Pork chop).
Adobosilog (Chicken adobo).
Corned Beef Silog (Corned beef hash).
Spamsilog (Pan fried spam).

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