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Soda $1.85
Snapple $1.85
Gatorade $1.85
Stewart’s $1.85
Yoohoo Can $1.00
Poland Springs Water $1.00 – $2.25
Fresh Ground Coffee $1.50 – $2.00
Cocoa $1.50 – $2.00
Herbal Tea $1.50 – $2.00 Please contact restaurant for today’s tea selection.
Tropicana Orange Juice $1.85 – $2.00


2 Eggs on a Roll $1.75
Egg with Cheese $2.50
Egg with Meat $2.75
Egg with Meat and Cheese $3.25
Meat and Cheese $3.50
Pancake $3.99
French Toast $3.99
2 Eggs with Potatoes and Toast $3.99
Western Platter $4.95 Onions, peppers, ham, potato and toast.
Side of Potatoes $1.50
French Fries $2.50
Onion Rings $2.99
Mozzarella Sticks $4.25

Homemade Soups

Homemade Soups
Soup of the Day $2.95 – $3.50 Please call the restaurant for today’s selection.

Fresh Salads

Fresh Salads
1/4 lb. Classic Potato Salad $1.25
1/4 lb. Coleslaw $1.25
1/4 lb. Macaroni Salad $1.25
1/4 lb. Tortellini Salad $1.50 Cheese, tortellini, garden vegetables, herbs, spices and seasonings.
1/4 lb. Tessies Pasta Salad $1.50 Pasta with garlic, tomato, olive oil and grated broccoli.
1/4 lb. Jenny Pasta Salad $1.50 Pasta, chicken, red onion, tomato and fresh basil.
Tuna Salad Sandwich $5.25
1/4 lb. Tuna Salad $1.95
Chicken Salad Sandwich $5.95 All-white meat with apples.
1/4 lb. Chicken Salad $2.50 All-white meat with apples.
Seafood Salad Sandwich $5.75 Imported shrimp, surtei, celery, mayo and spices.
1/4 lb. Seafood Salad $2.15 Imported shrimp, surtei, celery, mayo and spices.
Egg Salad Sandwich $4.25
1/4 lb. Egg Salad $1.25
Deli Pickles $0.95


Bagel $1.00
1/2 Dozen Bagels $3.30 Please enter how many bagels of each flavor you would like in the special instructions box.
1 Dozen Bagels $11.00 Please enter how many bagels of each flavor you would like in the special instructions box.

Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts
Boiled Ham Sandwich $5.25
Virginia Ham Sandwich $5.25
Capicola Sandwich $5.25
Prosciuttini Sandwich (Pepper Ham) $5.25
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich $5.50
Smoked Turkey Sandwich $5.75
Honey Maple Turkey Sandwich $5.75
Roast Beef Sandwich $6.25
Genoa Salami Sandwich $5.25
Hard Salami Sandwich $5.25
Pepperoni Sandwich $5.25
Pastrami Sandwich $5.95
Corned Beef Sandwich $5.95
Prosciutto Sandwich $6.95
Liverwurst Sandwich $4.50
Bologna Sandwich $4.50
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Breast Sandwich $5.50
American Cheese Sandwich $4.50
Imported Swiss Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Provolone Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Muenster Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Monterey Jack Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich $5.25
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Brie Sandwich $5.25

Hot Sandwiches

Hot Sandwiches
Pastrami Sandwich $5.95
Corned Beef Sandwich $5.95
Reuben Sandwich $6.95
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with Fried Onion $5.25
Cheese Burger with Lettuce and Tomato $4.50
Bacon Cheddar Burger $5.95
Amboy Burger $5.25 Fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and pesto mayo.
BLT Sandwich $3.95

Town Crier Sandwiches

Town Crier Sandwiches
Amboy Sandwich $5.95 Sliced boneless chicken cutlet, pesto or mayo, sliced tomato and lettuce.
Atlantic City Sandwich $6.75 Sliced boneless chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, melted mozzarella and pesto mayo.
Burlington Sandwich $6.25 Roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil. Served hot or cold.
Clark Sandwich $5.75 Mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, sprouts and hummus in a honey wheat wrap.
Edison Sandwich $6.50 Oven-roasted turkey breast, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms, lettuce and tomato.
Fanwood Sandwich $5.75 Sliced boneless chicken cutlet and one whole wheat pita with cucumber dressing.
Fords Sandwich $6.50 Pastrami, melted cheddar cheese, creamy horseradish mayo, Bermuda onion, lettuce and tomato.
Hoboken City Sandwich $6.50 Capicola, prosciuttini, provolone, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce and basil dressing.
Irvington Sandwich $6.50 Baked Virginia ham, brie, pesto, mayo, lettuce and tomato.
Iselin Sandwich $6.95 Prosciutto di parma, provolone, roasted peppers, basil vinaigrette dressing, lettuce and tomato.
Metuchen Sandwich $6.25 Thin-sliced rare roast beef with lettuce, tomato, Bermuda onion and creamy horseradish mayo.
New Brunswick Sandwich $6.75 Honey maple turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.
Old Bridge Sandwich $5.50 Avocado, hummus, sprouts, lettuce and brie in a sun-dried tomato wrap.
Roselie Sandwich $6.75 Oven-roasted turkey breast, bacon, jack cheese, lettuce and tomato.
Springfield Sandwich $4.75 Freshly made garden salad in a wrap with artichoke hearts and your choice of dressing.
Summit Sandwich $5.95 Extra lean corned beef, pastrami, coleslaw and Russian dressing. Served hot or cold.
Trenton Sandwich $6.75 Smoked turkey breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno mayo.
Windsor Sandwich $6.50 Smoked turkey breast, hot corned beef, melted Swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing.
Woodbridge Sandwich $6.50 Genoa salami, boiled ham, provolone, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce and tomato.
Highland Park Sandwich $6.75 Boar’s head chicken breast, cheddar cheese, bacon, pesto mayo, lettuce and tomato.


Jumbo Muffin $2.25
Fresh Baked Cookie $0.50 – $1.25
1/4 lb. Italian Butter Cookies $1.50 Assorted.
Butter Croissant $2.25
Flavored Croissant $2.25
Turnover $2.25
Brownie with Nuts $2.25
Brownie with Chips $2.25
Blondie Brownie $2.25
Cinnamon Bun $2.25
Marble Specialty Loaf $1.50 – $12.00
Pound Cake Specialty Loaf $1.50 – $12.00
Carrot-Nut Specialty Loaf $1.50 – $12.00
Apple-Nut Specialty Loaf $1.50 – $12.00
Chocolate Banana Specialty Loaf $1.50 – $12.00
Raspberry Crumb Specialty Loaf $2.25
Apple Crumb Specialty Loaf $2.25

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