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Up to date Amy Ruth’s prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Soul Food.


Fresh Salmon Croquettes (4) $9.95
Fried Whiting (2) $7.95
Catfish (2) $8.95
Jumbo Chicken Wings (4) $10.95
Pork Chops (2) $12.95


The Judge George B. Daniels – Grilled Chicken w/ Mesclun Greens $11.95
The Judge George B. Daniels – Fried Jumbo Shrimp w/ Mesclun Greens $16.95
The Harold Doley, Sr. $6.95 Tossed mesclun greens
The Rev. Wenzell Jackson $12.95 Vegetable platter includes choice of 3 side orders
The Honorable David Patterson $10.95 Garden burger w/ tossed salad
The Joshua Bass $14.95 Vegetable lasagna w/ tossed salad


The President Barack Obama $14.95 Fried, smothered, baked or Bar-B-Q chicken
The Ludacris $15.95 Fried jumbo chicken wings (4)
The Reggie Harris $15.95 Southern honey-dipped fried chicken
The Gabrielle Union $16.95 Fried or smothered pork chops
The Nate Robinson $17.95 BBQ spare ribs
The Walter Berry $19.95 Bar-B-Q pork spare ribs & chicken combo $3.00 extra
The James Ford $18.95 Pan-seared jumbo shrimp
The Afrika Bambatta $15.95 Fried whiting
The Ruby Dee $17.95 Fried or baked catfish
The Al Roker $23.95 Short ribs of beef
The Kid Capri $15.95 Salmon croquetts
The Dr. Walter Delph $20.95 Fisherman?s platter fried shrimp, catfish & crab cake
The Etu Evans $23.95 Grilled new york strip steak
The Honorable Bill Perkins $19.95 Pan-seared salmon filet w/peach butter
The Rev. A.R. Bernard $13.95 Sauteed chicken livers
The Assemblyman Keith Wright $14.95 Smothered turkey wings
The Mamane Baque $15.95 Meatloaf, all entrees come with choice of 2 sides, white meat is $1.00 extra
The lbn EI Rasul $20.95 Bar-B-Q beef spare ribs


Amy ruth?s uses 100% pure maple syrup $1.00 additional for white meat
The Rev. Al Sharpton $12.95 Chicken & waffles fried or smothered
The Carl S. Redding $9.95 Amy ruth?s original waffles
The Tommy Tomita $13.95 Waffles with fried chicken wings
The Lloyd Williams $17.95 Waffles with boneless rib-eye steak
The Ret. Chief Joseph Leake $11.95 Waffles w/bacon or pork sausage beef sausage or ham add $1.00
The Monica Brown $14.95 Waffles with fried whiting
The Rev. Thomas Johnson $15.95 Waffles with fried catfish
The Jennifer Holiday $16.95 Waffles with fried shrimp
The Guy Woods & Shay Barnett $11.95 Waffles with cinnamon, fresh bananas & pecans
The Sister Jannette Robinson $10.95 Original waffles w/ fresh strawberries
The Bishop Charles Reed $10.95 Original waffles w/ fresh sauteed apples
The Gregory & Gloria Page $10.95 Original waffles w/blueberries
The City Councilwoman Inez Dickens $9.95 5 Grain waffles
The Natasha Anderson $14.95 Original waffle & pork chop


All sandwiches are served on kaiser rolls with lettuce, tomato and one side
8oz. 100% Beef Burger $11.95
Mac & Cheese Burger $14.95
Grilled Rib-Eye Steak $14.95
Fried Chicken Breast Fillet $11.95
Fried Whiting Fillet $12.95
Fried Catfish Fillet $12.95


Sausage $6.75 Pork, beef or turkey w/2 eggs, any style
Bacon $6.75 Pork, beef or turkey w/2 eggs, any style
Glazed Virginia Ham $6.75 W/2 eggs, any style
Chicken $9.50 Fried or smothered w/2 eggs, any style
Pork Chop $9.95 Fried or smothered w/2 eggs, any style
Sauteed Chicken Livers $8.50 W/2 eggs, any style
Fresh Jumbo Salmon Croquettes $11.95 W/2 eggs, any style
Fried Catfish $11.95 W/2 eggs, any style
Fried Whiting $10.95 W/2 eggs, any style
Corned Beef Hash $9.95 Freshly prepared corned beef. W/ 2 eggs, any style

Breakfast – A

All above items are served with choice of grits or homefries
French Toast $6.95
Pancakes $6.95
Pancakes with Bacon or Sausage $8.95
2 Eggs, Any Style $4.95 Served with grits or home fries
2 Egg Whites $6.95 Served with grits or home fries
Cheese Omelets $6.95 Served with grits or home fries
Veggie Omelets $6.95 Served with grits or home fries
Meat Omelets $6.95 Served with grits or home fries
Oatmeal (Bowl) $4.00
Oatmeal (Bowl) w/ Fruit $5.95


The Bert Padel $16.95 Herb roasted turkey w/fruit & nut stuffing, sunday
The Phillis Mccoy Jouber $16.95 Tender pepper steak, monday
The Atty. Marvin Pettus $15.95 Old-fashioned chicken & dumplings, tuesday
The Sister Karriemah Muhammad $17.95 Sweet beer-braised oxtail stew, wednesday
The Melita Smith $18.95 Jerked shrimp, thursday
The Rev. Willie & Kerry Dixon $19.95 Grilled seafood medley shrimp, scallops & tilapia
The Wendell Haskins $15.95 Real jamaican jerked chicken

Side Orders

String Beans $5.00
Mashed Potatoes $5.00
Baked Macaroni & Cheese $5.00
French Fries $5.00
Collard Greens $5.00
Buttered Corn $5.00
Cabbage $5.00
Red Beans & Rice $5.00
Cheesy Grits $5.00
Steamed White Rice $5.00
Okra (Fried or Steamed) $5.00
Candied Yams $5.00
Potato Salad $5.00
Cole Slaw $5.00
Black Eyed Peas $5.00


Neal Shoemaker?s $6.50 Peach cobbler
C. Virginia Fields $5.00 Carrot cake
Chrissena Coleman?s $5.00 Pineapple-coconut cake
Inez Bass? $5.00 Red velvet cake
Bessie Mae Bass? $6.00 Sweet potato pie
Antoinette Burrows $5.00 Double chocolate layer cake
Herb & Elza Boyd?s $6.00 Creamy banana pudding
Charmaine Cake Diva Jones $6.00 Rum de rum cake
C. Elaine Parker $6.00 Homemade hot apple pie


Fruit Juices $4.00 Orange, cranberry, fruit punch, peach
The Sunrise $5.00 Specially blended fruit juice
Sodas $3.00 Pepsi, diet pepsi, cherry pepsi, 7up, orange, ginger ale
Bottled Water $2.00
Sweet Iced Tea $3.50
Kool-Aid of the Day $3.00
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade $5.00
Half and Half $4.00 Lemonade and sweet tea
Milk $3.00
Iced Coffee $3.00
Hot Coffee or Hot Tea $2.00
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Hot Herbal Teas $3.00

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