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Brunch Insalate

Insalata di Casare Brunch $9.00 Romaine lettuce, croutons and Parmesan cheese.
Insalata di Farro Brunch $9.00 Cherry tomato, arugula with pecorino.
Insalata Mediterranea Brunch $10.00 Mixed greens, tomato, olives, cucumber, onion, feta cheese.
Insalata di Tonno Brunch $10.00 Nicoise style tuna, hard eggs, string beans, potato and extra virgin olive oil.

Brunch Pasta

Spaghetti Carbonara Brunch $12.00 Bacon, eggs and Parmesan.
Rigatoni alla Norma Brunch $14.00 Eggplant ragu and ricotta salata.
Penne Strascicate Brunch $15.00 Bolognese with green peas in a creamy sauce.

Brunch Eggs

Omelette Italiana Brunch $13.00 Prosciutto di parma and mozzarella cheese.
Omelette Boscaiola Brunch $13.00 Mushroom, bacon taleggio cheese and truffle oil.
Frittata Campagnola Brunch $13.00 Mixed vegetable omelette Italian style.
Salmon Benedectine Brunch $13.00 Smoked salmon, sauteed spinach and Hollandaise sauce.
Mortazza Benedectine Brunch $13.00 Mortadella with Hollandaise sauce.
Steak and Eggs Brunch $16.00 Skirt steak and eggs any style.

Brunch Panini

Pollo Grigliato Panini Brunch $11.00 Grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and fontina cheese. Toasted ciabatta bread with mixed salad and fried potatoes.
Baretto Panini Brunch $13.00 Parma prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and arugula. Toasted ciabatta bread with mixed salad and fried potatoes.
Vegetariano Panini Brunch $10.00 Roasted bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant with pesto sauce. Toasted ciabatta bread with mixed salad and fried potatoes.
Tramezzino Classico Panini Brunch $10.00 Eggs, tomato with a creamy tonnato (tuna) sauce. Toasted ciabatta bread with mixed salad and fried potatoes.
Heght’s Burger Panini Brunch $14.00 Brioche bread beef burger, beef tomatoes, onions and Buffalo mozzarella. Toasted ciabatta bread with mixed salad and fried potatoes.

Brunch Sweets

Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Brunch $6.00 Yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.
Waffle and Fresh Fruit Brunch $10.00 Served with whipped cream.
French Toast Brunch $10.00 With fresh mixed fruits.
Waffle and Bacon Brunch $9.00 Bacon and syrup.
Bacon French Toast Brunch $9.00 French toast topped with bacon.


Frittura Mista $13.00 Fried calamari, apple and zucchini.
Arancini $10.00 Rice balls, peas and mozzarella.
Polpo Grigliato $16.00 Grilled octopus, tomato, caperberry, potatoes and mushrooms.
Cozze al Vino Bianco $13.00 Steamed mussels in white wine.
Crab Cake $16.00 Over mixed greens and mushrooms.
Polpette al Pomodoro $11.00 Veal meatballs in tomato sauce.
Poppy Seed Tuna $14.00 Sauteed zucchini, quinoa and roasted bell peppers.
Carpaccio di Manzo $15.00 Thin-sliced raw filet mignon, arugula and Parmesan.
Spiedino di Gamberi $13.00 Grilled shrimp skewers with cannellini beans.
Formaggi Misti $19.00 Taste of 4 cheeses chef’s choice, honey and onion jam.
Affettati Misti $17.00 Taste of cured meats. Chef’s choice.


Soup of the Day $9.00 Please contact the restaurant for daily selection.


Insalata di Spinaci $10.00 Baby spinach, walnuts and Gorgonzola.
Insalata di Pera $10.00 Pear, arugula and taleggio cheese.
Insalata di Farro $10.00 Cherry tomato, arugula, and pecorino cheese.
Insalata Barbabietola $11.00 Beet salad asparagus and fried goat cheese.
Insalata Mediterranea $10.00 Mixed greens, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onions and feta cheese.


Galletto alla Diavola $17.00 Spicy grilled Cornish hen with roasted potatoes.
Coniglio Tartufato $19.00 Rabbit stew over polenta.
Brasato d’ Agnello $22.00 Braised lamb shank over mashed potatoes.
Veal Milanese $21.00 Breaded veal with arugula salad and cherry tomatoes.
Tagliata di Manzo $26.00 Sliced rib-eye steak with arugula and Parmesan cheese.
Salmone Pepe Rosa $19.00 Sauteed salmon in a pink peppercorn sauce with broccoli.
Pan Seared Branzino $21.00 Branzino filet sauteed in white wine with cherry tomatoes, spinach and almonds.


Al Funghi e Tartufo $9.00 Wild mushrooms, fontina cheese with truffle oil. Served over toasted Tuscan bread.
Salsiccia e Taleggio $9.00 Sausage and taleggio cheese. Served over toasted Tuscan bread.
Bruschetta Toscana $9.00 House chicken liver pate. Served over toasted Tuscan bread.
Rugola e Gamberi $11.00 Arugula, shrimp and pink sauce. Served over toasted Tuscan bread.


Ravioli di Zucca $15.00 Butternut squash ravioli butter, sage and Parmesan sauce.
Gnocchi Caprese $15.00 Tomato sauce and mozzarella.
Cavatelli alla Salsiccia $16.00 Hot sausage ragu and bell peppers.
Penne Gorgonzola $16.00 Penne, Gorgonzola, walnuts and arugula.
Paccheri Pescatora $19.00 Large tube pasta with mixed seafood.
Spaghetti Vongole $17.00 Clams, white wine, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.
Trofie al Pesto $17.00 Pesto sauce, shrimp and potatoes.


Tiramisu $8.00
Chocolate souffle $8.00
Creme Caramel $8.00
Panna Cotta $8.00
Apple Cake $8.00

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