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Up to date Andy’s Old Port Pub prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Pub Salads & Wraps

Add grilled or fried chicken to any salad for $3.00; Crab cake $4.00, maine shrimp $6.50, fried oysters $7.00, or maine lobster $8.50
Caesar Salad or Wrap $8.75 Crisp romaine lettuce is tossed with a caesar dressing, topped with anchovy and home made croutons, then garnished with parmesan cheese
Greek Salad or Wrap $8.75 Salad greens, green pepper, tomato, red onion, sliced kalamata olives and feta cheese topped with a greek dressing and garnished with pepperoncini
Buffalo Chicken Salad $11.50 Breaded chicken tenders, buffalo sauce, and crumbled blue cheese and on a fresh garden salad
BLT Salad or Wrap $8.75 Bacon, lettuce, tomato, croutons
Crab Cake Mini Salad $8.50 Our pan seared crab cake is made with a touch of spinach, parmesan and panko breading. Served over mixed greens and sliced red onion with a light vinaigrette and a drizzle of chipotle sauce
Garden Salad or Wrap $8.00 Romaine, spinach, tomato, radish, red onion, green pepper, carrot & celery sticks

Hearty Pub Sandwiches

Unless specified, sandwiches are served with slaw, chips, kettle chips, baked beans, or fries. Pickle on request. Sweet fries $1.00, side salad $1.50, rings $2.00
Steak & Cheese $10.00 Lean shaved steak is grilled with green peppers, onion and mushroom, or change it up with spicy sausage or chicken
Grilled All Beef Hot dog $5.00 Scored and grilled in butter. Add an additional dog $2.00
Turkey Bliss $9.50 Sliced turkey, tomato, cheddar and our house made garlic and onion marmalade on grilled whole wheat bread
Andy?s Premium Angus Burger $10.50 8 ounces of premium angus beef. Tell us what you d like in it or on it and we ll do the best we can to make your dreams come true
Plane Guy?s Patty Melt $11.00 An 8 ounce angus or garden burger surrounded with swiss cheese, caramelized onion and russian dressing on grilled rye
The Reuben $11.00 Lean corned beef layered onto a grilled marble rye with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island
French Dip $14.50 Thinly sliced lean roast beef served au jus on a lightly toasted french style roll
Garden Burger $8.50 With lettuce, tomato and a slice of red onion. Let us know if you are vegetarian and we ll prepare it off the grill
Pulled Pork $10.00 Tangy barbequed pulled pork on a grilled roll or cornbread with slaw

Grilled Fish Sandwiches

Add a cup of chowder $0.99
Capt Kai?s Favorite $10.50 Why deep fry a beautiful piece of fish. We take the freshest fish we can find, lightly bread it grill it til golden brown and serve it on our signature bun with lettuce and tomato
The BLTC $11.50 Add bacon & cheese to our captain kai
The Rachel $11.50 Take the lettuce and tomato off our captain kai and top it with slaw, swiss & thousand island dressing

Stone Oven Pizza

10? Pie $8.50
10? Gluten Free Pie $1.50
16? Pie $14.50
Build your own Sauces tomato, pesto $0.50, $1.00, garlic oil, salsa, barbecue. Veggies: Onion, kalamata olives, green peppers, garlic, artichoke avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, red onion, jalapeno, spinach, mexi vegg

House Suggestions

Sophie?s Dream $12.50 – $19.50 Barbeque sauce with either pulled pork or breast of chicken, bacon, caramelized onion, provolone & mozzarella
Steak & Cheese $12.50 – $19.50 A layer of american cheese, garlic, shaved steak, peppers, onions and mushrooms with a light dusting of mozzarella cheese
Mediterranean $10.50 – $18.50 A light basil & pine nut pesto, sliced tomatos, feta, and chopped kalamata olives. Add chicken $13.50, $22.50
The Tselikis Supreme $10.50 – $18.50 Pesto sauce, sauteed artichoke hearts, garlic, diced tomatoes, feta and a light sprinkle of mozzarella
The Tselikis Supreme $13.50 – $22.50 Great with chicken
Three n one $11.50 – $18.50 Any three veggie or meat & extra toppings. One flat price
Andy?s Meal deal $5.00 A french bread pizza and a draft or fountain drink. Add toppings $0.50

By The Bowl

Lobster Bisque $4.75 – $9.50 A decadent treat. The secret?s in the sherry
Chili Con Carne $3.50 – $6.50 On the spicy side, with tortilla chips or grilled corn bread
Clam Chowder $3.50 – $6.50 Our traditional homemade new england style chowder
Lobster Stew A down home maine favorite. ours is basic. lobster, butter and cream that?s been gently spiced kissed with a hint of sherry
French Onion Soup $7.50 Ours is made with a tasty vegetable stock and red wine. Croutons are added and it?s baked until the gruyere bubbles

Pub Meals

Blackened Haddock $12.00 Blackened fish is served over sweet potato fries or cornbread with a tangy black bean relish and a side of fresh slaw
Design Your Own Quesadilla $9.50 Tell us if you d like it spicy or not. We ll add black beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers, corn, avocado, and cheese and garnish it with sour cream and salsa. Add chicken $3.00, sausage $3.00, haddock
Grilled Meatloaf $12.00 We call it a farmer?s market loaf because of all the chopping that goes into it. Served with mashed and peas or corn. American pub fare at its? best
Macaroni & Cheese $10.00 Don?t expect anything out of a package. Our rich recipe is made with plenty of sharp cheddar and served with a tossed salad. Add a couple of dogs or a slice of meatloaf $3.00

Light Bites

Maine Poppin Shrimp $10.00 Sweet maine shrimp are the healthiest shrimp in the world. Lightly breaded and fried with a few sliced jalapenos, served with cocktail, cucumber wasabi or tartar sauce
Lobster Bruchetta $13.50 Our bruchetta is topped with sauteed Maine lobster, garlic onion, and diced tomato drizzled with olive oil and topped with parmesan
Chicken Tenders $8.50 Breast of chicken is lightly breaded and fried. Order them buffaloed if you like them spicy. Served with crudites and a rich lumpy, bleu cheese dressing
The Maine Potato Pizetta $9.50 If you love mashed potatoes you?ll love this more. A handtossed pizetta crust is topped with creamy mashed potato, cheddar cheese and bacon. A meal for one, but as an hors d?oeurve, it?s a party
Mini Garden Salad $5.50 Torn romaine, mixed greens, sliced radish, onion, diced tomato, carrot and celery sticks, croutons and the dressing of your choice
Mini Mac & Cheese $6.00 Andy?s mac & cheese isn t from the box. Loaded with cheddar a side is a satisfying light meal and goes great with a glass of red wine
Lobster Mac & Cheese $14.00 We add a little extra cream and just a touch of sherry to this seasonal indulgence. Served with peas
The Lobster Quesadilla $15.50 Maine lobster is layered onto a flour tortilla with avocado, diced green peppers, onion, a touch of jalpeno, beans and corn topped with cheddar and broiled til crisp. Garnished with salsa and sour cr
Crab Cake & Side $9.00 Our mild flavored crab cake contains spinach, a touch of parmesan cheese, jalpeno pepper and a crisp panco breading. Served with a spicy chipotle sauce side salad, kettle chips, or slaw
Hummus Plate $7.50 A kicky mixture of beans and spices served with grilled and raw veggies and crostini. Varies daily
Skee?s Favorite Clam Cakes $7.50 Two harmon cakes with tartar sauce and homemade slaw
Nachos $10.00 Crisp corn chips topped with cheddar jack, onion, green pepper, jalapenos, corn, black beans, shredded lettuce, salsa and sour cream. Add chili $1.50, garlic chicken $3.50 or spicy sausage $3.00 or a

Selections From The Sea

Fried Appetizer or Platters $12.50 – $15.00 All platters are served with fries and homemade slaw. Maine Shrimp
Fried Appetizer or Platters $12.50 – $15.00 All platters are served with fries and homemade slaw. Native clams
Fried Appetizer or Platters $13.50 – $16.50 All platters are served with fries and homemade slaw. Oysters
Oyster Shrimp or Po Boy $14.50 – $13.50 Maine oysters or shrimp when available are breaded in a light corn meal batter and flash fried then tucked into a soft french style roll with our spicy red pepper aioli sauce, shredded lettuce and/or
Fried Clam Roll $11.50 Fresh native clams are lightly breaded, fried and served in a traditional grilled roll with slaw
Lobster Roll $13.50 We serve it with butter or mayo on the traditional butter grilled new england style roll. Served with chips or slaw
Fish & Chips $11.50 When you re in portland, maine, you have a right to expect the very best. And, we deliver. Never deep fried. gluten free. We ll skip the breading. Served with homemade slaw. Add a cup of chowder$0.99
Lobster Club $14.50 Maine lobster, right out of the bay, with the bread of your choice, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo. Served with chips or slaw

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