Anelia’s Cafe

Up to date Anelia’s Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Coffee & Tea.

Coffee and Tea Selections

served hot or cold
Daily Coffees $1.26 – $1.73 regular flavor or decaf
Espresso Neat $1.35 – $2.35
Latte $2.35 – $3.35 espresso with steamed milk
Breve $2.35 – $3.35 espresso with steamed half’n half
Cappuccino $2.35 – $3.35 espresso with steamed milk and topped with foam
Cuban Coffee $2.85 – $3.38 espresso steamed with half’n half
Rise Whine $1.85 – $2.25 regular coffee with a double shot of espresso to any of the above $.30 – see back panel for available flavors
Mocha Latte $2.55 – $3.75 espresso with ghirardelli dark or white chocolate or caramel and steamed milk
Macchiato $2.55 – $3.75 espresso with caramel, vaniila, and steamed milk
Vienna Latte $2.55 – $3.75 espresso with chocolate, vanilla, and steamed milk
Chestnut Truffle Latte $2.55 – $3.75 espresso with caramel and roasted chestnut flavoring and steamed milk
Turtle Latte $2.55 – $3.75 espresso with steamed milk, macadamia nut and caramel flavoring
Maple Spice Latte $2.55 – $3.75 espresso withsteamed milk and maple spice flavoring

Our Specialty Cold Coffee Drinks

Vienna Cooler $3.15 – $3.65 espresso with chocolate vanilla and milk served over ice
Toddy Cooler $3.15 – $3.65 our special toddy served over ice with half’n half and your choice of monin flavoring
Mocha Frost $3.60 – $4.05 toddy with milk and chocolate blended with ice and served with whipped cream
Ice Coffee Dream $4.09 – $5.09 toddy blended with vanilla ice cream
Special Blended Coffee $3.60 – $4.05 your choice of flavors vanilla, mocha, white chocolate peanut butter, or cookies and cream, also available in decaf and sugar free mocha and decaf and sugar free vanilla

Other Specialties

Chai Tea $2.35 – $3.35 served hot, blended or over ice in your choice of flavors green tea, spiced apple, raspberry, spiced chocolate, ginger bread, vanilla and sugar free vanilla
100% Fruit Smoothies $3.60 – $4.05

Old Meeting House All Natural Ice Cream

hand made in tampa
Ice Cream Cones and Dishes $2.29 – $4.29
Malts and Milk Shakes $3.99 – $4.99 vanilla bean, chocolate strawberry and banana, other flavors available
Ice Cream Sundaes $3.99 – $4.99 your choice of topping chocolate pineapple, strawberry, walnut and caramel


we also serve an assortment of sweet rolls, croissants, and danish pastries served all day
Egg and Cheese $1.99 on your choice of bread
Egg and Cheese with Ham $0.50 on your choice of bread
Egg and Cheese with Sausage $0.50 on your choice of bread
Egg and Cheese with Bacon $0.50 on your choice of bread
Cuban Toast $0.85
Cuban Toast with Cheese $0.30
Bagels $1.09 round or square
Bagels with Cream Cheese $0.30 round or square
Biscuit and Sausage Gravy $1.59
Biscuit and Sausage Gravy with Egg $0.50
Breakfast in a Bowl $2.49 – $2.99 cheese grits, eggs and your choice of meat


served all day
All Sandwiches $5.59 served with chips, pickle and soda

Our Sandwich Selection Includes

served with lettuce and tomato or cheese – hand made in our store
Roast Beef subs with your choice of three meats
Egg Salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Bread Choice round or square bagels, cuban bread, white whole wheat rye bread, groissants
Cheese Choices American cheddar swiss provolone
Home Style Chili and Soups $2.89 – $3.69
Salads fresh garden salad caesar salad
Salads with Chicken $1.50 chef salad
Salads with Tuna $1.50 chef salad

Available Monin Flavorings

we regularly stock the following monin flavorings – also available as sugar free
Pure Cane Sugar
Roasted Chestnut
White Chocolate
Macadamia Nut
Pumpkin Spice
Maple Spice

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