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Cuisine: Barbecue.

Sandwiches and Plates

All sandwiches come with 2 slices of bread, and plates include two side dishes.
Rib Dinner Plate $15.00 Rib dinner plates come with (4) bones and your choice of two side dishes.
Rib Sandwich $9.00 Rib Sandwiches come with (3) bones and two slices of bread.
BBQ Chicken Dinner Plate $13.00 Three pieces of bbq chicken with your choice of two side dishes.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $7.00 BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with tender morsels of chicken chopped up with sauce with bread.
Brisket Dinner Plate $16.00 1lb of Brisket sliced up with or without sauce served with two side dishes.
Brisket Sandwich $9.00 1/2 lb of Brisket sliced with bread.
Catfish Dinner Plate $16.00 Enjoy two nice filets seasoned and fried with your choice of two side dishes.
Catfish Sandwich $9.00 Delicious Catfish fried to perfection served with homemade tarter sauce on bread.
Hotlink and Peppers Dinner Plate $14.00 Hotlinks and peppers sauteed up with your choice of two delicious side dishes.
Hotlink & Peppers Sandwich $8.00 Hotlinks sliced and sauteed with onions and peppers on bread.
Pork Chop Dinner Plate $15.00 2 seasoned pork chops fried to perfection along with your choice of two side dishes.
Pork Chop Sandwich $9.00 Seasoned fried pork chop nestled on bread.
BBQ Shrimp Dinner Plate $15.00 Get these tender shrimp sauteed in lemon pepper sauce with barbecue sauce along with two side dishes

Just Ribs

A full rack, half rack, or just 4 bones for a simple meal.
Whole Rack $28.00
1/2 Rack $17.00
4 Bones $11.00

Fried Basket

6 Wingettes & Fries $9.00 Try 6 tasty party wings on a bed of fries
Catfish & Fries $9.00 Get 4 strips of catfish on a bed of fries
Shrimp & Fries $9.00 Get 8-10 golden fried shrimp on a bed of fries
3 Whole Wings & Fries $9.00 3 Seasoned whole wings on a bed of fries

BBQ Chicken

Whole Chicken Meal $28.00 This great family deal includes a whole BBQ chicken, large garden salad, a large side and a 2 liter soda
1/2 Chicken $12.00
1/4 Breast & Wing $7.50
1/4 Leg & Thigh $6.00
Drumstick $3.00


3 Whole Wings $7.00
6 Wingettes $7.00
6 Whole Wings $13.00
12 Wingettes $13.00
9 Whole Wings $19.00
18 Wingettes $19.00
50 Wingettes $48.00
100 Wingettes $80.00


All Meat Trio $12.00 2 Ribs, 2 pieces of chicken and a hotlink.
Cornbread $2.00
1 BBQ Chicken Drumstick 1 BBQ Chicken Drumstick $3.00
A Hotlink $3.00 Single hotlink with bread

Daily Specials

Big Daddy Sampler $60.00 1/2 Rack ribs, 1/2 chicken, 1/2 lb. brisket, 12 wings (your choice of hot, fried, bbq, honey bbq or honey fried ), 4 small side dishes, bread or corn bread.
Daily Lunch Special $6.95
Lil Mama Sampler $28.00 Easy lunch or dinner for two. This sampler comes with 4 ribs, 2 drumsticks, a large garden salad, 6 wings, your choice, and 2 of our home made sides.
Lunch Bag Special $13.50 Served all day. includes any sandwich, any (3) wings, snack potato salad, and a soda.
3 Whole Wings with Red Beans & Rice or French Fries $8.00 Served on monday. Grab these hot whole wings with a warm bowl of louisianna style red beans and rice.
Large Seafood Gumbo with Rice $19.00 Served on tuesday. Seafood gumbo loaded down with crab, sausage, chicken in a rich and thick roux over a bed of rice.
Small Seafood Gumbo with Rice $9.00 Served on tuesday. A perfect portion for one of this mix of crab, shrimp, chicken and sausage over a bed of rice.
Southern Style Smothered Chicken $13.00 Served on wednesday. Three pieces of tender chicken braised in gravy, served with two side dishes.
Smothered Pork Chop Dinner $14.00 Served on thursday. A smothered southern style pork chop with lots of gravy on top. This delicious dinner comes with your choice of 2 side dishes
Po’ Boy Sandwich withFrench Fries or Small Salad $9.00 Served on friday. Taste this cajun favorite. Your choice of catfish or shrimp nestled in french bread ready for you to eat with a side a french fries or small garden salad.
Oxtail Dinner with 2 Sides $20.00 Served on saturday. Everyone loves oxtails where the meat just falls off the bone in a savory gravy. We serve this awesome dinner on a bed of rice with your choice of 2 side dishes.

Side Dishes

BBQ Baked Beans $16.00 – $3.50
Garden Salad $5.00 – $3.50 Only the freshest garden salad filled with tender lettuce, crisp cucumber and sweet tomato.
French Fries $3.00 – $3.50
Potato Salad $6.00 – $3.50
Greens $5.00 – $3.50
Mac and Cheese $16.00 – $3.50
Red Beans and Rice $16.00 – $3.50
Candied Yams $16.00 – $3.50


Coconut White Cake Slice $6.00 This southern classic is a sweet treat. All white, 2 layer cake with a pineapple filling, covered in sweet, fluffy coconut.
Coconut White Cake Whole $18.00 All white, 2 layer cake with a pineapple filling, covered in sweet, fluffy coconut.
Ms T’s Pud’n Cup $6.00 Light and sweet strawberry or banana pudding with Nilla wafers in it
Sweet Potato Pie Slice $6.00 A nice large slice of sweet potato pie. Smooth and creamy sweet potato matched with a light, flakey crust.
Sweet Potato Pie Whole $18.00 Order early for your delicious whole sweet potato pie to go, ready when you are.
Seattle’s Best Peach Cobbler $6.00 This self proclaimed piece of decadence is a treat of pure sweetness, juicy peaches and a super flaky crust


Bottled Water $1.50
Can Soda $1.50
2 Liter Soda $3.50

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