Angela’s Italian Kitchen

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Cuisine: Italian.


Chicken Tenders $7.00
Hot Wings $7.25
Ma’s Italian Sausage & Pepper Pie $5.50
Bruchetta $4.25
Garlic Cheese Bread $3.25
Garlic Bread $2.75

Soup and Salads

All dressings are homemade. Choose from: Ranch, balsomic vinaigrette, honey mustard, bleu cheese or thousand island
House Salad $4.75
Antipasto Salad $7.75
Chicken Breast Salad $8.75
Minestrone Soup $3.75


All dinners served with house salad or soup and garlic bread. Add to any dinner: Ma’s meatball $2.50, sausage $2.75, chicken $3.00, shrimp $3.50
Spaghetti or Linguini $9.50 Served with your choice of our family sauce, marinara or olive oil, fresh and romano, cheese
Spaghetti or Linguini (A la Carte) $6.75
Ravioli $12.75 Your choice of cheese, meat, or spinach. Served with our family sauce
Ravioli (Ala Carte) $8.00
Cheese Tortrllini $12.75 Served with our family sauce
Cheese Tortrllini (Ala Carte) $8.00
Rigatoni or Penne $13.75 Your choice of our family sauce, marinara or olive oil, fresh garlic and romano cheese. Served with one of ma’s meatballs
Rigatoni or Penne (Ala Carte) $8.50
Baked Mostaccioli $16.00 Baked in the oven with our family sauce, romano and ricotta cheese, topped with mozzarella
Rigatoni with Ricotta Cheese $14.50 Served with our family sauce
Gnocchi $11.50 Tender potato dumplings served with our family sauce
Eggplant Parmesan $16.00 Battered eggplant layered with our family sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese & served with a side of spaghetti
Angela’s Carbonara $16.00 Thin sliced ham, bacon, fresh garlic and italian seasonings sauteed with eggs and romano cheese served over penne pasta
Linguini with Shrimp $16.00 A delicious red sauce served with shrimp over linguini
Liguini with Clams $15.50 Served with your choice of white or red clam sauce sauteed with white wine, olive oil, fresh garlic, chopped clams and italian seasoning
Linguini Pescatore $18.50 Seafood medley of white fish, chopped clams, scallops and shrimp in a seafood marinara sauce


All sandwich rolls are toasted
Ma’s Meatballs $7.50
Italian Sausage & peppers $7.50
Peppers and Eggs $7.50 Sauteed bell peeers and scrambled eggs with romano cheese
Veggie $7.50 Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers & olives, sauteed in balsamic vinegrette, with mayo & mustard topped with mozzarella cheese
Italian Hero $7.50 Mortadella, capocollo, salami, provolone cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and italian dressing
Turkey Club $7.50 Turkey, bacon, mozzrella, lettice, tomato, mayo, mustard, italian dressing
Italian Beef $7.50 Shredded roast beef with bell peppers and onions topped with mozzarella
Pastrami Dip $7.50
Ham & Cheese $7.50

Famous Pizza

Toppings: Pepperoni, italian sausage, bacon, ham, ma’s meatballs, salami, onions, olives, bell peppers, pineapple, anchovies, fresh mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh garlic, pepperoncinis, jalapenos, artichoke hearts. 4 Slices 10", 6 slic
Cheese $6.75 – $16.50
One Topping $7.50 – $17.50
Two Toppings $8.25 – $19.00
Three Toppings $9.00 – $20.50

Angela’s Special

Toppings: Pepperoni, sausage, onions, bell peppers, olives and mushrooms
Angela’s Special $10.75 – $22.00


Ma’s Cannoli’s $4.50
Spumoni Ice Cream $3.75


Coke $2.50 – $5.50
Diet Coke $2.50 – $5.50
Sprite $2.50 – $5.50
Dr. Pepper $2.50 – $5.50
Pink Lemonade $2.50 – $5.50
Unsweetened Nestea $2.50 – $5.50
Rasberry Nestea $2.50 – $5.50

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