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House Made Sodas and Juice

House Made Sodas and Juice
Lemon-Rosemary Pop $4.00
Grapefruit Soda $4.00
Fresh Pressed Daily Juice $7.00 Please call the restaurant for daily selection.

Drinks We Like

Drinks We like
Mexican Coke $3.00
San Pellegrino Chinotto Soda $3.00
San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda $3.00
Abita Root Beer $3.00
Boxed Water $3.00


Pulled Bacon Sandwich $9.00 Torta style, tomato, lettuce, avocado, pickled jalapenos, red slaw, refried baked beans and chili mayo. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Beast Sandwich $10.00 Beef short rib, blade braised in red wine, aromatics and stone fruits with pickled onions, sour cherry jam and horseradish creme. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Pernil Romero Sandwich $9.00 Pork shoulder slow cooked in garlic, fennel and rosemary. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Chicken Sandwich $8.00 Braised in tomatoes, garlic, apples and chilies. Dressed with sliced pickles, cucumbers, fresh cilantro and cilantro aioli. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Mortadella Sandwich $9.00 Fried mortadella, fromage fort, peppadew peppers, lettuce and rosemary mayo. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Smoked Trout Sandwich $10.00 Hardwood bacon, green apple, pickled onions, tomato and frisee lettuce. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread.
Cauliflower Sandwich $10.00 Roasted cauliflower steak, walnut pate, pickled onion, frisee, cucumber, mint, cilantro and hot flower sauce. Served on Grandaisy Bakery bread. Vegan.


Valentina Cucumber $4.00 Valentina sauce and smoked salt.
Brussels Salad $6.00 Raw Brussels sprouts, green apples and lemon honey vinaigrette.
Red Cabbage Slaw $4.00
Fried Fingerling Potatoes $6.00

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