Anthi’s Greek Food

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Cuisine: Greek.


Spanakopita $5.00 phyllo pastry filled with spinach, dill and feta.
Tiropita $5.00 phyllo pastry filled with feta.
Zuchinni Pie $5.00 shredded zuchinni, rice and feta in phyllo pastry.
Tzatziki $5.00 yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip.
Hummus $5.00 chick peas, tahini, olive oil and fresh garlic dip.
Melizanosalata $5.00 roasted eggplant puree.
Babaganouj $5.00 roasted eggplant puree with tahini.
Taramosalata $5.00 caviar fish roe dip.
Baked Spinach Feta Dip $6.00 baked spinach with feta cheese, greek yogurt, lowfat mayonnaise and fresh scallions.
Gigante Beans $6.00 greek giant beans in a fresh tomato sauce.
Dolmadakia $6.00 grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices.


Greek Country Salad $5.00 tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, pitted kalamata olives and dolmades.
Lentil Salad $6.00 lentils, red onions, feta and tomatoes.
Mediterranean Corn Salad $5.00 israeli salad, pitted kalamata olives and fresh corn.
Vegetables Couscous $5.00 couscous, israeli salad and feta.
Chick Peas Salad $5.00 chick peas, dill and israeli salad.
Beet Salad $6.00 roasted beets with greek yogurt, fresh garlic and olive oil.

Wraps $7.95

Grilled Chicken Tzatziki Wrap grilled chicken, tzatziki, lettuce and tomatoes.
Chicken Spinach Feta Wrap chicken, sauteed spinach and feta cheese.
Hummus Wrap hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese and pitted kalamata olives.
Roasted Eggplant Vegan Wrap roasted eggplant dip, lettuce and tomatoes.

Main Entrees

Moussaka $7.00 our signature dish. layers of becamel, light meat sauce, roasted eggplant and potatoes.
Pastitso $7.00 greek style lasagna, with elbow macaroni, ground beef and bechamel sauce.
Roasted Vegetable Moussaka $7.00 vegetarian dish with becamel, giant beans tomato sauce, roasted eggplant and potatoes.
Stuffed Peppers $7.00 roasted peppers stuffed with ground meat, rice, dill and fresh tomato sauce.
Stuffed Eggplant $7.00 roasted eggplant stuffed with ground meat, onions, eggplant pulp and fresh tomato sauce.
Stuffed Tomatoes $7.00 roasted tomatoes with rice, fresh tomatoes, mint and spices.
Chicken Fillo Pie $5.00 greek pie with chicken breast and onions in a cream sauce.


Baklava $5.00 honey brushed phyllo stuffed with walnuts.
Karithopita $4.00 spiced walnut cake.
Bougatsa $4.00 custard pie with fillo.
Galato Boureko $4.00 orange custard baklava in phyllo dough.
Rice Pudding $4.00
Greek Yoghurt Of The Day $5.00

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