Arana Taqueria y Cantina

Up to date Arana Taqueria y Cantina prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Tostada $7.00 Bite size tortillas, pulled pork pibil, black bean puree, pickled slaw, cotija cheese, crema.
Yucatan Nachos $8.00 Mild yucatan chili, grilled onions, black beans, queso fresco, cotija cheese, cilantro crema. Add pibil $3.00, add chicken tinga $3.00.
Ceviche $11.00 Seasonal fish, red onion, cilantro, garlic and tomato
Queso Fundido $9.00 House made chorizo, grilled oaxaca cheese corn tortillas
Guacamole $8.00 Avocado, tomatoes, onion, served with chips
Chips and Salsa $3.00 – $7.00 Choice of salsa: Pico de gallo, chili de arbol, salsa mexicana, salsa verde.
Tamale of The Day $7.00 Masa, salsa
Elote Y Esquites $6.00 Corn, lime, mayo, chili sauce, cotija cheese, crema.

Sopa Y Ensaladas

Mexican Caesar $5.50 Wedge romaine heart, ancho dressing, cotija, red onion. Add steak $4.00, add shrimp $4.00.
Tortilla Soup $5.00 Tomato chicken soup, cotija, fried tortilla strips
Guacamole and Mango $7.00 Mango, guacamole, watercress, jicama, jalapeno lime vinaigrette.


Chicken En Mole $15.50 Smoked chicken, mole, rice and beans
Steak and Chilaquiles $17.00 Skirt steak, black beans, saute tortilla, epozote tomato chili salsa
Poc Chuc $15.00 Smoked pork loin, escabeche (pickled veggies), red cabbage, pork fried onion poblano sauce, served with corn tortilla.
Borrego En Mole Rojo $22.00 Braised lamb loin chops, red mole, warm chipotle tomatillo, red onions, rice
Fish of The Day $16.00 Grilled fish, warm tomatillo salsa, black beans, mexican rice
Chiles Rellenos De Picadillo $13.00 Crushed tortilla, fried poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, potatoes, carrots, olives, golden raisins, grilled oaxaca cheese and tomatillo sauce
Plato De Pato $16.00 Ancho braised duck, choriso and potato


Traditional $10.00 Your choice of meat, al pastor, chorizo, pibil, chicken tinga, steak on bolillo bread, black bean puree, lettuce, tomato, avocado, crema, cumin, pickled onion
Torta Ahogada $10.00 Slow roasted pork on bolillo bread, black bean puree, avocado, crema, cotija, cumin pickled onion, spicy chili dipping salsa
Torta Milanesa $10.00 Chicken fried steak, chipotle, black bean, queso oaxaca, avocado, lettuce
Torta Cubana $10.00 Cocinita pibil, smoked ham, oaxaca cheese, mustard, escabeche pickles.


Platos two tacos & two sides $11.00, three tacos & two sides $14.00.
Al Pastor $5.00 Shaved pork, grilled pineapple, cilantro and onion
Pibil $4.00 Achiote adobo pulled pork, cumin pickled onion
Chorizo $4.00 House made chorizo, poblano strips, radish
Baja Fish $5.00 Beer battered fish, creamy jalapeno sauce, pickled slaw
Grilled Fish $5.00 Jalapeno sauce, pickled slaw
Chipotle Shrimp $4.75 Sauteed shrimp and onions, chipotle adobo, cilantro.
Carne Asada $4.75 Marinated grilled beef, pico, radishes, crema
Lengua $4.50 Charred tomato broth, braised beef tongue, napoles
Chicken Tinga $4.00 Mild red chili sauce, braised chicken, fire roasted tomatoes, pickled onions
Pato $5.00 Ancho braised duck, pickled red onion, poblano
Esquites Y Nopales $4.50 Pan roasted corn, poblano, red onion, napoles, jalapeno sauce
Chicken En Mole $4.75 Smoked chicken, mole, crema, toasted pumpkin seeds
Fresco Shrimp $4.75 Sauteed shrimp and onions, tomatillo sauce, pico
El Gringo $4.00 Ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, queso fresco, served on flour tortilla


Add crema no charge, add guacamole $2.00.
Bean Burrito $8.00 Black bean, mexican rice, queso, charred tomato, cilantro, onions.
Bean Burrito with Tinga, Pibil, Choriso $10.00 Black bean, mexican rice, queso, charred tomato, cilantro, onions.
Bean Burrito with Pastor, Shrimp, Fish $12.00 Black bean, mexican rice, queso, charred tomato, cilantro, onions.
Vegetarian Burrito $8.00 Esquito y nopales, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, cilantro


Black Beans $3.00
Mexican Rice $3.00
Sauteed Mexican Veggies $3.00
Esquites $3.00 Corn
Escabeche $3.00 Pickled veggies

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Sprite $2.50
Coke $2.50
Diet Coke $2.50
Dr. Pepper $2.50
Barq’s Root Beer $2.50
Mexican Coke $3.00
Jarritos $4.00 Mexican bottled fruit soda in pineapple, orange or grapefruit
Ginger Beer $3.00
Brewed Ice Tea $2.50
Coffee $2.00 Regular or decaf
Jamaica Tea $3.00 Hibiscus tea drink
House Made Limonada $3.00
Horchata $4.00
Fresh Agua Fresca of The Day $4.00

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