Arepa Xpress Cafe

Up to date Arepa Xpress Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Jugos de Frutas $3.00 Fruit juices.
Papelon $2.50 Limonada.
Frescolita $2.25
Malta Polar $1.95+
Manzana Postobon $2.25 Colombiana.
Pony Malta $2.50
Sodas $2.25 Bottled drinks.
Agua $1.50 Water.
Chicha $3.50

Cafe Bar

Cafe Espresso $1.99 Espresso.
Cafe Negro $1.99 Regular coffee.
Cafe con Leche $2.99 Coffee latte.
Cafe Capuchino $2.99 Cappuccino.
Cafe Marron $2.99 Machiatto.


Carne Mechada Patacon $6.99 Shredded beef.
Pollo Patacon $6.99 Chicken.
Carne Asada Patacon $6.99 Beef fajita.
Pernil Patacon $6.99 Roast pork.
Queso de Mano Patacon $6.99 Venezuelan cheese.


Arepa Sola $1.50 Plain.
Queso Mozzarella Arepa $3.99 Mozzarella cheese.
Domino Arepa $4.25 Black beans and mozzarella cheese.
Perico Arepa $4.25 Ham and scrambled eggs.
Huevo con Tocino Arepa $4.25 Egg and bacon.
Aguacate y Queso Arepa $4.25 Avocado and mozzarella cheese.
Jamon y Queso Amarillo Arepa $4.25 Ham and cheddar cheese.
Pollo Arepa $4.25 Chicken.
Pollo Chipotle Arepa $4.50 Chipotle chicken.
Carne Mechada Arepa $4.50 Shredded beef.
Carne Asada Arepa $4.50 Beef fajita.
Pernil Arepa $4.50 Roast pork.
Queso de Mano Arepa $4.75 Venezuelan cheese.
Queso Guayanes Arepa $4.75 Venezuelan cheese.
La Pelua Arepa $4.99 Shredded beef and cheddar cheese.
La Catira Arepa $4.99 Chicken and cheddar cheese.
La Rumbera Arepa $4.99 Roast pork and cheddar cheese.
Reina Pepiada Arepa $4.99 Avocado and chicken salad.
La Sifrina Arepa $4.99 Chicken salad and cheddar cheese.
Pabellon Arepa $4.99 Shredded beef, cheese, plantain and black beans.
Arepa Xpress Arepa $4.99 Shredded beef and avocado.
Tu Arepa Arepa $5.25 Build your own arepa.
Combo Arepa $5.75 Chicken, beef or mozzarella cheese.


Jamon Cachito $3.10 Ham.
Queso Cachito $3.10 White cheese.
Jamon y Queso Cachito $3.10 Ham and cheese.


Queso Mozzarella Empanada $2.25 Mozzarella cheese.
Carne Mechada Empanada $2.50 Shredded beef.
Carne Molida Empanada $2.50 Ground beef.
Domino Empanada $2.50 Black beans and white cheese.
Jamon y Queso Empanada $2.50 Ham and cheese.
Pabellon Empanada $3.50 Black beans, cheese, plantain and beef.
Pollo Empanada $2.50 Chicken.
Combo Empanada $4.50


Queso de Mano Cachapa $7.25 Venezuelan cheese.
Jamon y Queso de Mano Cachapa $7.25 Ham and cheese.
Queso Mozzarella Cachapa $5.99 Mozzarella cheese.
Jamon y Queso Mozzarella Cachapa $6.50 Ham and mozzarella cheese.
Cochino Frito Cachapa $9.65 Fried pork and Venezuelan cheese.
Mechada y Queso Cachapa $9.65 Shredded beef and Venezuelan cheese.


Carne Pastele $4.85+ Beef.
Pollo Pastele $4.75+ Chicken.
Queso Pastele $4.50+ Cheese.


3 Pieces Tequeno $2.95 Venezuelan cheese sticks.
6 Pieces Tequeno $5.89 Venezuelan cheese sticks.
9 Pieces Tequeno $8.80 Venezuelan cheese sticks.
12 Pieces Tequeno $11.75 Venezuelan cheese sticks.
18 Pieces Tequeno $17.50 Venezuelan cheese sticks.
24 Pieces Tequeno $23.50 Venezuelan cheese sticks.

Arepa Xpress Sampler

Arepa Xpress Sampler $8.50 2 mini cachapas, 2 tequenos, 2 mini arepas fritas o asadas and 2 mini empanadas.


Pabellon Criollo Almurzo $10.55
Pernil Horneado Almurzo $11.55
Lomo Negro Almurzo $11.55
Pollo a la Chipotle Almurzo $10.55
Pollo a la Plancha Almurzo $10.55


Papas Fritas $1.99 French fries.
Tajadas $2.99 Fried sweet plantain.
Ensalada de Gallina $4.50 Chicken salad.
Arepa con Mantequilla $1.50 Arepa with butter.
Cachapa Sola $3.50 Sweet corn cake.
Arroz Blanco $2.50 White rice.
Queso Mozzarella $0.50 Mozzarella cheese.
Queso de Mano $2.55
Huevos $1.50 Eggs.
Carotas $2.50 Black beans.
Jamon $0.85 Ham.
Yuca Frita $3.50


Quesillo $2.75 Venezuelan flan.
Tres Leches $3.95 Three milks cake.
Arroz con Leche $2.50 Rice pudding.

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