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Up to date Arkadash Caf’e prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Turkish.

Cold Appetizers

Yalanci Dolma $4.95 grape leaves with rice current pine nuts onion dill parsley and Turkish spices cooked in olive oil
Ezme Spicy $3.95 a combination of roasted bell and red peppers chopped with red onion tomatoes garlic and parsley with a roasted walnut sauce
Hummus $3.50 best in town ground chick peas with tahini lemon juices garlic and olive oil
Eggplant Salad $4.50 patlican salatasi char grilled eggplant with grilled green and red peppers tomato garlic lemon juice and olive oil
Imam Bayildi $4.95 Italian eggplant roasted stuffed with onion green peppers tomato garlic and pine nuts cooked in olive oil
Cacik $3.00 homemade yogurt with grated cucumbers mint dill olive oil and flavored with garlic
Tabuli $4.25 cracked wheat bulgur salad with parsley lettuce tomato and scallion all diced finely and flavored with olive oil and lemon juice
Grilled Eggplant $4.90 eggplant grilled and made into paste with diced tomato onion and garlic
Lebni $4.90 strained yogurt with walnuts garlic and dill
Lentil Fingers $3.75 pureed lentil with parsley with scallions
Turkish Feta $6.95 beyaz peynir and honey dew melon platter
A Sampler Just for You $10.50 four cold appetizers of your choice just to suite your taste buds
A Sampler Just For You $18.99 eight cold appetizers of your choice

Hot Appetizers

Pastrami Special $7.50 pan sauteed Turkish pastrami bastrima with fresh tomato and topped with mozzarella cheese
Portabella Mushrooms $5.95 grilled portabella mushrooms with homemade chef’s special tomato sauce garlic olive oil mozzarella cheese served with an herb sauce
Skewered Mussells $6.50 midye tava pan fried muscles on skewers served with tarator sauce bread crumbs garlic and olive oil
Chef Special $8.50 hummus with pastirma and sucuk sausage cooked in a special pan over an open flame and garnished with Turkish spices
Calamari $5.95 pan dried calamari served in a dish of lettuce with lemon wedges tarator sauce bread crumbs walnut garlic oil and hot sauce
Sigara Boregi $4.25 rolled fllo dough filled with Turkish feta and parsley deep fried
Arnavut Cigeri $5.25 pan fried liver served with onion salad and lemon
Mucver $3.75 zucchini pancakes with carrot dill Turkish feta egg and flour batter then fried
Falafil $3.75 ground chick pea garlic onion celery dill parsley lightly pan fried and served with tahini and cacik yogurt sauces
Hummus with Meat $6.95 choices of beef, chicken or pastrami sauteed and served over hummus

Veggie Specials

Zeytinyagli Pirasa Leak with Olive Oil $6.50 – $9.50 leak with carrot onion red bell pepper olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Bamya Fresh Turkish Okra $6.50 – $10.25 okra with tomato garlic red bell pepper fresh mint garbanzo beans olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Zeytinyagli Yesil Fasulye Fresh Green Beans $6.50 – $9.50 fresh green beans with tomato onion and olive oil
Stuffed Cabbage $6.50 – $10.25 cabbage leaves with rice current pine nuts onion dill parsley and turkish spices cooked in olive oil


Lentil Soup $2.90
Soup of the Day $3.00


Shepard Salad Coban Salata $3.95 – $6.95 all fresh diced tomatoes cucumbers red onion parsley and banana peppers with our house dressing lemon juice olive oil and vingarette
Green Salad Yesil Salata $3.75 – $6.75 chopped Romaine lettuce plum tomatoes scallions green bell peppers and cucumbers tossed in our house dressing lemon juice olive oil and little vinegar
Ezme Salata $6.50 combination of spicy green and red peppers roasted tomatoes red onion garlic and parsley diced finely and marinated in walnut vinaigrette

Kids Menu

served with French fries or rice pilaf and soda
Chicken Fingers $6.50
Lamb Shish Kebob $6.50


Baklava $3.25
Mans Dream $5.50
Kasefe $4.50 apricot walnuts topped with whipped cream
Flrinda Sutlac $3.50 oven baked rice pudding
Kazandibi $3.00 oven baked custered
Ice Cream
Turkish Tea $1.00 – $4.95
Turkish Coffee $1.95
Regular Coffee $1.50
Turkish Apple Tea $1.25


Soda $1.50
Ayran Buttermilk $1.75
Sour Cherry $2.00
Apricot and Peach Juices $2.00
Mineral Water $1.50
Bottled Water $1.50
Orange Juices $2.00
Grapefruit Juices $2.00
Cranberry Juices $2.00

From the Grill

Lamb Shish Kebob $11.95 special Turkish style lamb cubes marinated then char grilled with onion and green pepper served with rice of the day, homemade sauces and salad on the side
Skewer Kebob Cop Shish $12.95 individual skewers of char grilled bite size cubes of filled lamb marinated in olive oil onion paprika oregano with cherry tomatoes served with rice pilaf of the day with homemade sauces and salad on
Lamb Chops Pirzola $17.50 char grilled baby lamb chops served with grilled tomato and green pepper served over rice and fresh salad on the side
Adana Kebob $10.95 hand chopped ground lamb spices roasted red bell peppers fresh herbs and char grilled and served over rice pilaf with a side of fresh salad
Yogurt Kebob $11.95 a choice of char grilled and marinated juicy cubes of lamb chicken doner or adana kebobs served on thinly sliced and toasted pide bread topped with homemade yogurt
Mix Combo Platter $15.75 skewers of lamb kebob chicken kebob turkish gyro and kofte kebob ground lamb served with grilled tomato green pepper and rice of the day homemade yogurt and hot sauces served upon preference
Chicken Shish Kebob $11.50 cubes of tender chicken breast marinated in olive oil garlic paprika little milk oregano char grilled on skewers served with grilled vegetables over rice pilaf with a side of fresh salad
Kasarli Kofta $10.95 grounded lamb with our special recipe consisting of parsley and spices charred and served with melted cheese over a bed of rice pilaf
Doner Kebob $10.95 homemade gyro lamb and veal combination meat thinly sliced served with grilled tomato green peppers rice pilaf and homemade yogurt with our special blend of hot sauce
Iskender Kebob Highly Recommended $12.95 thinly sliced and lightly buttered pide bread topped with famous turkish gyro doner kebob garnished with our special tomato sauce and homemade plain yogurt in an authentic platter made for iskender
Beyti $10.95 hand chopped ground land spiced with roasted red bell peppers fresh herbs and a hint of garlic char grilled and served with rice pilaf of the day with a side of fresh salad on the side
Patlican Kebob $12.25 Italian eggplants with ground lamb onion tomatoes green peppers garnished with parsley olive oil and a hint of garlic on skewers served over rice beside onions and lettuce
Chicken Pirzola $10.50 filleted and char grilled drumsticks with tomatoes and grilled banana peppers served over rice
Chicken Adana $11.50 hand chopped ground chicken and spices with roasted bell peppers fresh herbs char grilled and served over rice with salad

Homemade Specials

Lamb Shank Kuzu Incik $12.95 lamb shank baked with onion garlic potato carrot dill tomato and lettuce served over rice
Pasha Special $17.75 baby lamb chops pan cooked with tomato sauce tomatoes green pepper onion and garlic served with rice of the day on a special plate called sahan
Chicken Topkapi $11.90 breast of chicken stuffed with mushroom pine nuts baby carrot asparagus spinach mozzarella cheese topped with tomato sauce easy cream served with rice of the day
Manti $11.25 Turkish tortellini stuffed with spiced ground lamb and topped with homemade yogurt and a tomato in a butter sauce

Vegeterian Entrees

Imam Firin $11.95 garlic pine nuts and onion oven cooked with melted mozzarella cheese and served with couscous
Sultan Vegetarian Queens Special Meal $11.75 grill vegetables sauteed with green herbs and special homemade tomato sauce served over char grilled eggplant puree with melted mozzarella cheese and couscous
Grill Veg $10.95 char grilled baby Italian eggplant red and green peppers zucchini squash carrot tomato mushroom asparagus marinated with green herbs garlic olive oil and served with couscous
Veggie Combination Cold Plate $15.95 stuffed grape leaves ezme tabuli eggplant salad falafel humus highly recommended

Seafood Entrees

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp $15.50 6 pieces of marinated black tiger jumbo shrimps marinated with lemon light garlic and olive oil char grilled and served with green salad tarator sauce and hot sauce on the side
Sword Fish Shish Kebob $14.95 sword fish marinated in olive oil garlic black peppers white wines lemon bay leaves and dill char grilled with mushrooms zucchini onion green pepper and served with salad over rice
Grilled Whole Red Snapper $17.95 your choice of pomegranates or tahini sauce and served with rice and house salad
Grilled Salmon $13.95 fresh salmon grilled with fresh herbs and olive oil served over rice with a side of fresh salad
Stewed Jumbo Shrimp $11.50 topped jumbo shrimp mushrooms onion tomato and garlic all stewed in a ceramic dish with melted mozzarella cheese

Oven Specials

Famous Turkish Lahmacun $9.75 3 homemade dough topped with ground lamb onion tomato parsley and Turkish spices


homemade dough topped with your choice of
Kiyamali Pide $8.50 ground lamb and beef with onion tomato parsley and Turkish spices
Fresh Vegetables $9.00 zucchini squash bell red and green pepper onion garlic and tomato
Sucuklu Pide $9.50 Turkish sucuk and Turkish mozzarella cheese
Pastirmali Pide $9.50 turkish pastrami and turkish mozzarella cheese
Kasarli Pide $9.50 turkish mozzarella cheese

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