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Cuisine: Cajun & Creole.


St. Martin $13.00 Beefeater Gin, Averna and Aperol
French 75 $13.75 Courvoisier VS, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Moet and Chandon Champagne
Sazerac $7.25 Rye Whiskey, Sugar, Bitters
Ellipses & Dash $9.50 Mount Gay and El Dorado Rums, Allspice Dram, Falernum, Orange and Lime Juices and Angostura Bitters
El Guapo Fashioned $8.75 Jim Beam, Meletti Amaro, Herbed Demerara
Lillet Cobbler $9.75 Lillet, Creme de Mure, Lime Juice
The Contessa $9.50 Boodles Gin, Aperol, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Cordial, Orange Bitters
Bishop $9.95 Courvoisier, Pisco, Cabernet Syrup, Pear Agave, Lime Juice
Caipa De Gallos $12.00 Novo-Fogo Cachaca, Sriracha Shrubb, Strawberry-Cucumber Syrup, Lime
Curari $9.25 Rye Whiskey, Amaro Cora, Ruby Port and Orange Bitters

Bar Menu

Served from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. nightly
Boudin Wontons $5.75 Boudin stuffed wontons, deep fried and served with pepper jelly mustard
Souffle Potatoes $8.95
Chef’s Selection of Cheese $16.50 Served with water biscuits and seasonal fruit gelee
Shrimp Spring Rolls $9.75 Fresh Louisiana shrimp rolled in rice paper with rice stick noodles, cilantro, and iceberg lettuce. Served with peanut sauce
Salty Snacks $8.25 House-made Gaufrette potato chips, caper berries and spiced assorted nuts
Brie and Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp $8.50 Jumbo Gulf shrimp stuffed with brie and jalapeno peppers
Oysters en Brochette $12.25 Gulf oysters wrapped with bacon and deep fried. Served with Marchand de Vin Sauce
Gougeres $4.75 Gruyere cheese puffs
Shrimp and Andouille Calas $5.25 Creole rice fritters served with tartar sauce


Creole Cream Cheese Evangeline A traditional Creole breakfast starter. Sugared Creole cream cheese with seasonal fresh fruit
Shrimp Arnaud Our Signature dish. Gulf Shrimp marinated in our famous tangy Creole Remoulade Sauce
Belgian Waffle Topped with strawberry and blueberry compotes and served with sugar cane syrup
Shrimp Bisque
Turtle Soup
Seafood Gumbo
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo
Chilled Fruit Cocktail Seasonal fresh fruit sweetened with sugar and drizzled with Cointreau
Oysters on the Half Shell Chilled, select, fresh Louisiana oysters with Mignonette or Cocktail Sauce
Shrimp Arnaud $11.25 Our Signature dish. Gulf Shrimp marinated in our famous tangy Creole Remoulade Sauce
Crabmeat Prentiss $14.95 Succulent Louisiana crabmeat, baked in a delicate cheese sauce
Escargots en Casserole $10.95 Burgundy snails baked individually in ceramic pots with garlic-herb butter and a dash of Pernod. Capped with flaky pastry
Smoked Pompano Bourgeois $14.95 House hickory-smoked fresh Gulf pompano, accompanied by sour cream, capers and onions
Crab Claws Provencale $14.95 Peeled Louisiana Crab Claws simmered in Provence’s unique blend of butter, fresh garlic and parsley with a dash of Pernod
Alligator Sausage $8.95 Tantalizingly seasoned. Served with smoked onion and apple relish and Arnaud’s own Creole Mustard
Mushrooms Veronique $10.95 Baked fresh mushroom caps stuffed with grapes and Boursin cheese encrusted in fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano


Eggs Fauteaux $33.50 Poached eggs, house-smoked fresh Gulf pompano on English Muffins with dill-infused Hollandaise Sauce
Eggs Benedict $32.50 The classic. Poached eggs and Canadian bacon on English Muffins with Hollandaise Sauce
Arnaud’s Crab Cakes $39.95 Made with Jumbo Lump Louisiana crabmeat. Served with a White Remoulade Sauce
Petit Filet Mignon Bourgeois $44.95 Topped with Blue Cheese Cream Sauce and roasted pecans. Served with crispy fries
Grillades & Grits $38.00 A local favorite. Flash-seared baby veal scaloppine braised in a rich Vegetable Sauce. Served with cheese grits
Red Bean Omelette $33.00 Red Beans stuffed in a fluffy omelette. Topped with Sharp Cheddar cheese and served with Alligator sausage
Arnaud’s Boudin Cakes $32.50 Made with Louisiana Boudin. Pan seared and served with Sunny Side Up eggs and haricots verts
Eggs Sardou $32.50 Poached eggs over artichoke bottoms and creamed baby spinach with Hollandaise Sauce
Eggs Hussarde $32.50 Poached eggs, Canadian bacon and tomato on French Bread crostini with Hollandaise and Marchand de Vin Sauces
Savory Crabmeat Cheesecake $35.00 Fresh Louisiana lump crabmeat, Brie and cream cheese, eggs, cream, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. Served with a sherry-infused Cream Sauce
Shrimp Clemenceau $35.00 Gulf Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter with peas, crisp Brabant potatoes and fresh mushrooms
Pork Tenderloin Robichaux $35.00 Sauteed hickory-smoked pork tenderloin served with truffled mashed potatoes and Pepper Jelly Mustard Sauce
Eggs Adrienne $32.50 Poached eggs, grilled Louisiana country sausage on English muffins with Creole Sauce
Eggs Arnaud $33.00 Select any two poached eggs
Omelette au Fromage $33.00 Savory Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mozzarella and Chevre cheeses, Pancetta, vine-ripened tomatoes and a soupcon of truffle oil. Served with crunchy potato shoestrings
Oysters en Brochette $36.00 Crisply fried fresh Louisiana oysters, smoked bacon, Marchand de Vin Sauce and grilled eggplant rounds
Arnaud’s Gulf Fish Meuniere $39.95 Deep-fried fillet of the freshest fish available with Arnaud’s famous Meuniere Sauce, Brabant potatoes and haricots certs
Chicken Pontalba $37.00 Sauteed chicken breast with Marchand de Vin and Bearnaise sauces and crunchy potatoes


Strawberries Arnaud Fresh strawberries marinaded in Port Wine Sauce. Served over Brocato’s French vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream
Chocolate Toffee Torte Cookie crisp topped with English toffee-chocolate mousse and ganache
Bananas Foster for Two A local favorite. Bananas sauteed in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, flamed tableside with banana liqueur and dark rum and served over Brocato’s French vanilla ice cream (Additional $3.50 per perso
Caramel Custard A local favorite
Bread Pudding Fitzmorris Arnaud’s famous cap bread, rum-soaked raisins and custard topped with warm Bourbon Sauce
Ice Cream French vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, praline, peppermint and lemon ice
Crepes Suzette for Two Crepes sauteed in butter, orange and lemon juice with orange and lemon zest. Flamed tableside with orange liqueur and brandy. (Additional $3.50 per person)
Creme Brulee A rich custard topped with a browned sugar crust
Cafe Brulot For 2 or more. Coffee, lemon and orange rinds, cloves, cinnamon sticks and Orange Curacao. Flamed with Brandy
Glaces $8.00 French vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, peppermint, pistachio, praline and lemon ice
Frozen Praline Souffle $9.00 Sponge cake with praline cream and caramel ganache
Creme Brulee $7.95 A rich custard topped with a brown sugar crust
Bread Pudding Fitzmorris $7.00 Served with Whiskey Sauce
Caramel Custard $7.00 A local favorite
Old Fashioned Pecan Pie $7.00
Chocolate Toffee Bombe $9.00 Cookie crisp topped with English toffee-chocolate mousse and ganache
Strawberries Arnaud $9.00 Strawberries in a marinaded in a Port Wine Sauce. Served over French vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream
Bananas Foster (for 2) $9.50 Bananas sauteed in butter with cinnamon and brown sugar. Flamed rum and served over French vanilla ice cream
Cafe Brulot (for 2 or more) $9.00 Coffee, lemon and orange rinds, cloves, cinnamon sticks and Orange Curacao. Flamed with brandy


Flamed Tableside For 2 or more. ($9 Per Person)
Arnaud’s Coffee $3.00
Cafe au Lait $3.50
Espresso $3.50
Cappuccino $4.00
Bushmills Irish Coffee $9.50
Cafe Brulot $9.00
Coffee $3.00
Espresso $3.50
Cappuccino $4.00
Cafe Brulot $9.00 For 2 or more


Oysters Bienville $14.50 An Arnaud’s original. Shrimp, mushrooms, green onions, herbs and seasonings in a White Wine Sauce
Oysters Kathryn $14.50 Artichoke hearts, garlic, fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano and extra-virgin olive oil
Oysters Suzette $14.50 Bacon, pimento, green onion and bell pepper
Oysters Ohan $14.50 The essence of Creole. Eggplant and andouille sausage
Oysters Rockefeller $14.50 Our version of the classic. Fresh spinach and bacon with a touch of Pernod
Oysters Arnaud $14.50 One each of our baked oysters
Oysters on the Half Shell $10.95 Chilled, select fresh Louisiana oysters with Mignonette or Cocktail Sauce


Turtle Soup $8.75
Seafood Gumbo $8.75
Shrimp Bisque $8.75
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo $8.75
Soup du Jour $8.75


Shrimp Creole $26.95 Gulf shrimp simmered in a spicy Tomato Sauce with Creole vegetables. Served with rice Pilaf
Arnaud’s Crab Cakes $31.95 Made with Jumbo Lump Louisiana crabmeat. Served with a White Remoulade Sauce and a warm seasonal squash salad
Crawfish O’Connor $26.95 Baked in a Brandy-infused classic Creole tomato based sauce. Served with Jasmine rice
Crabmeat Karen $29.95 Delectable Louisiana crabmeat and mushrooms baked in puff pastry. Served with White Wine Sauce
Frog Legs Provencale $27.95 Crisply fried and topped with Pernod-infused garlic-herb butter


Speckled Trout Meuniere $29.95 Crisply fried fillet served with Arnaud’s famous Creole Meuniere Sauce
Speckled Trout Amandine $29.95 Crisply fried almond-crusted fillet. Topped with sliced almonds and Lemon Butter Sauce
From the Gulf $ The freshest other species of fish available in the marketplace today
Pontchartrain $36.95 Sauteed fillet topped with fresh Louisiana crabmeat
Mitchell $33.95 Pan seared fillet served with a Bouillabaisse Reduction and Mirliton-Pickled Okra Slaw
Pompano Duarte $34.95 Sauteed fillet topped with Gulf shrimp and tomatoes, seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs and crushed chili peppers
Pompano David $32.95 Grilled skin-on fillet brushed with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs
Potato Encrusted Gulf Fish $33.95 Pan seared fillet served on a bed of sauteed fennel and Herbsaint Butter


Breast of Chicken Pontalba $27.95 Sauteed chicken breast with Marchand de Vin and Bearnaise Sauces. Served with Brabant potatoes
Rock Cornish Game Hen Whitecloud $27.95 Oven-roasted with a classic Veronique Sauce. Served with wild rice and water chestnut dressing
Breast of Duck Ellen $37.95 Served medium rare with a blueberry-infused Port Wine Sauce and marinated blueberries
Roast Louisiana Quail Elzey $38.95 Partially deboned and roasted. Served with Seasonal Gastrique and Seafood Boudin


Veal Tournedos Chantal $39.95 Sauteed and served in a Wild Mushroom Sauce. Accompanied by savory risotto
Filet Mignon au Poivre $41.95 Seared pepper-studded center-cut filet with classic French Brandy Cream Sauce
Petit Filet Lafitte $37.95 Sauteed and stuffed with fried plump Louisiana oysters. Served with Creole Sauce Robert
Sweetbreads Sins $32.95 Paneed Sweetbread medallions served with a classic Meuniere Sauce and capers
Veal Wohl $36.95 A sampler of our specialties. Veal Chantal, Arnaud’s Crab Cake and Crawfish O’Connor
Filet Mignon Charlemond $41.95 Grilled center-cut filet in a rich Mushroom Sauce, topped with Bearnaise Sauce


Souffle Potatoes $8.95 Legend has it that Collinet, French King Louis Phillipe’s (reign 1830-1848) chef unintentionally created souffle potatoes by plunging already fried potatoes into extremely hot oil to reheat them when
Stuffed Mirliton $26.95 Stuffed with squash and eggplant tapenade. Served with seasonal vegetables, field peas and Roasted Red Pepper Coulis
Brabant Potatoes $6.50 A local favorite. Fried and seasoned cubed potatoes
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms $6.95 Portobello, Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms, cream, seasoned breadcrumbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
Smothered Okra $6.50 Stewed with tomatoes, ham and Creole seasonings
Asparagus Hollandaise $7.95
Sauteed Baby Vegetables $7.95
Creamed Spinach $6.50


Arnaud Salad $7.95 Romaine lettuce, celeriac and pistachios served with Arnaud’s House Dressing
Caesar $8.75 Romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing
Belgian Endive $8.50 With roasted walnuts, Blue cheese and Lemon Vinaigrette dressing
Assorted Greens $7.75 Arugula, Radicchio and Butter lettuces with hearts of palm, and duck cracklings. Served with our Creole Mustard Vinaigrette

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