Asian Fusion on Stone

Up to date Asian Fusion on Stone prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Thai.

Lunch Box

11:30am-3pm. Served With Shumai, Salad, Or Miso Soup.
Vegetable Box $10.00 vegetable teriyaki and vegetable roll.
Tuna Box $10.00 1 spicy tuna roll, 2 pieces of tuna sushi.
Sushi Box $10.00 5 pieces of sushi
One Special Sushi Roll & One Sushi Roll $13.00
Teriyaki Box $10.00 chicken teriyaki and rice.
Salmon Box $10.00 1 spicy salmon roll, 2 pieces of salmon sushi.
Any Three Sushi Rolls $13.00


Gyoza $4.00
Thai Vegetable Roll $4.00
Satay Chicken Or Beef Skewer $5.00
Peking Duck Roll $5.00
Spicy Tuna Or Salmon Tar Tar $9.00
Shumai $4.00
Edamame $4.00
Tao Hour Todd $5.00
Beef Negimaki $7.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura $10.00

Soups & Salads

Miso Soup $2.00
Tom Yum Kong Soup $4.00
Thai Vegetable Salad $4.00
Fried Calamari Salad $5.00
Seaweed Salad $5.00
Spicy Kani Salad $6.00
Yam Pad Yam $9.00
Seafood Miso Soup $4.00
Tom Kha Gai Soup $4.00
Green Salad $4.00
Avocado Salad $5.00
Kani Salad $5.00
Prawn & Pineapple Salad $8.00

Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte $3

Saba mackerel
White Tuna
Tamago egg
Unagi eel
Ebi shrimp
Sake salmon
Tako salmon
Kani crab stick
White Tuna

A La Carte Rolls & Hand Rolls

Vegetable Roll $4.00
Alaskan Roll $5.00 smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber.
Boston Roll $5.00
Philadelphia Roll $5.00
Salmon Roll $5.00
Tuna Roll $5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.00
Unagi Maki Roll $5.00
Avocado Roll $5.00
California Roll $5.00
Hamachi Maki Roll $5.00
Salmon Skin Roll $5.00
Futo Maki Roll $6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll $5.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.00

Special Rolls

Shrimp Tempura Roll $10.00 2 shrimp tempura with avocado and cucumber inside with masago.
C.E.O. Roll $10.00 spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail inside top with spicy sauce.
Dragon Roll $10.00 eel cucumber topped with avocado and masago.
Spicy Crunchy Roll $10.00 spicy tuna, crunchy wrap white seaweed and masago with avocado.
Stone Roll $12.00 shrimp tempura, crab, eel, masago and avocado with wasabi mayo.
Sweet Heart Roll $10.00 eel, shrimp, salmon skin, avocado and cucumber.
Spider Roll $10.00 soft shell crab tempura, romaine lettuce, cucumber, masago and avocado.
Spicy Dynamite Roll $10.00 spicy tuna, salmon and yellowtail topped with eel, spicy kani and tempura flakes.
Black Forest Roll $10.00 shrimp, tempura, spicy tuna with avocado and black caviar outside.
Pink Panther Roll $12.00 spicy tuna with crunchy and eel tempura, avocado and wasabi caviar wrapped in pink seaweed.

Chef`s Specials

Grilled Pork Chop $13.00 marinated with lemongrass and honey sauce.
Softshell Crab * $14.00 pan-fried filet top with peppers with chef`s special sauce.
Squid In Love $17.00 sauteed squid, shrimp and chicken with peppers and mushrooms
Gang Pad Yang * $17.00 roast duck in red curry and coconut milk with peppers.
Bo Loc Lac $18.00 teriyaki marinated cube steak, served spring mix with tomato.
Pla Lad Prik * $14.00 deep-fried filet topped with bell peppers, with chef`s special sauce.
Grand Mariner Shrimp $16.00 sizzling prawn, vegetables, with grand mariner.
Pad Chiangmai $17.00 roast duck sauteed with bell peppers, cashew nuts, onions and pineapple.
Seafood Combination * $18.00 shrimp, squid, scallop, peppers, mushrooms, with mixed vegetables.

Vegetarian Dishes

Veggie Rama $10.00 steamed mixed vegetables, tofu and special house sauce.
Garden Delight $11.00 sauteed mix vegetable with tofu and shitake mushrooms.
Gang Vegetarian * $11.00 mixed vegetables in our red or green curry sauce.
Farmer Delight $11.00 sauteed eggplant, tofu and mushrooms with garlic sauce.

Tempura & Sizzling Teriyaki

Vegetable Tempura Or Sizzling Teriyaki $10.00
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Or Sizzling Teriyaki $14.00
Salmon Teriyaki $14.00
Chicken And Vegetable Tempura Or Sizzling Teriyaki $13.00
Steak Teriyaki $14.00

Entrees From The Kitchen

Gang Karee * $12.00 yellow curry
Gong Kiew Wan * $12.00 green curry
Gai Yang $12.00 grilled chicken
Thai Style Mango Flavored $12.00
Thai Style Ginger * $12.00
Thai Style Cashew $12.00
General Tso`s Chicken $12.00
Pad Thai $10.00
Pad Kee Moa * $10.00
Pineapple Fried Rice $10.00
Gang Deng * $12.00 red curry
Pad Kra Pao (Basil) * $12.00 sauteed with basil
Thai Style Broccoli $12.00
Thai Style Sweet & Sour * $12.00
Thai Style Eggplant * $12.00
Pepper Steak $12.00
Sesame Chicken $12.00
Pad See Eue $10.00
Basil Fried Rice $10.00
Vegetable Fried Rice $10.00

Sushi & Sashimi Entrees

Unagi Don $13.00
Sushi Deluxe $16.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $20.00
Vegetable Sushi Entree $13.00
Sashimi Deluxe $16.00
Love Bat $50.00

Sides $1

Side Of White Rice
Side Of Brown Rice


Ice Cream $2.00 vanilla or mango
Fried Ice Cream $4.00 vanilla or mango
Fried Banana $4.00


Soda $1.50 coke, diet coke, sprite, gingerale
Lemon Honey Drink $3.00
Thai Iced Tea $3.00
Green Tea $1.50
Ginger Iced Tea $3.00
Pellegrino Sparkling Water $3.00

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