Atotonilco Tortilleria

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Cuisine: Mexican.


Make ite a dinner $1.50, rice and beans, extra for tacos $0.35, extra meat $1.00
Marinated Steak & Pork $2.50 With red sauce
Steak $2.50 With lettuce and tomato
Fish $2.50 With lettuce, tomato and sauce
Chicken $2.50 With lettuce and tomato
Mexican Sausage $2.50 With lettuce and tomato
Steak Taco $2.50 With sour cream & tomato
Boiled Beef $2.50 With onions & cilantro
Beef Tongue $2.50 With onions & cilantro
Goat $2.50 With red sauce & cilantro


Menudo $6.50 – $8.50
Menudo To Go $10.00 – $18.00


Make it a dinner $1.50. Arroz frijoles, rice and beans. Cualquier extra, para tortas, extra for tortas $0.60. Extra carne, extra meat $2.00. Las tortas se con lechuga, tomate, creamy y aguacate. Tortas garnished with lettuce, tomato, sour cream & avoc
Milanesa $4.50 Breaded steak
Al Pastor $4.50 Marinated steak & pork
Carne Asada $4.50 Steak
Chorizo $4.50 Mexican sausage
Barbacoa $4.50 Boiled beef
Lengua $4.50 Beef tongue
Birria $4.50 Goat
Jamon $4.50 Ham
Pollo $4.50 Chicken


Burritos se sirven con arroz, frijoles, lechuga, tomate, queso y crema. Burritos are garnished with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese & sour cream. Cualquier extra para burritos or extra for burritos $0.60. Extra carne or extra meat $2.00
Asada $7.99
Al Pastor o Pollo $7.99
Steak $7.99
Marinated Pork $7.99
Steak or Chicken $7.99


Carne Asada $11.99 Steak dinner
Birria $11.99
Fajitas de Res $11.99 Steak fajitas
Fajitas de Pollo $10.99 Chicken fajitas

Breakfast Menu

Estos platillos van acompanados con arroz y frijoles. These dishes are served with rice and beans
Chilaquiles $5.99
Huevos Rancheros $5.99 Ranchero style eggs
Huevos a la Mexicana $5.99 Mexican style eggs
Huevos con Chorizo $5.99 Eggs with sausage
Desayuno Atotonilco $8.99 Atotonilco style breakfast

Everyday Specials

Especial valido con la compra de una bebida grande. Special valid with purchase of a large beverage
Burritos Jr. Dinner $5.99 Asada, al pastor o pollo steak, marinated pork or chicken. Monday lunes
Fajitas $5.99 Asada o pollo, steak or chicken. Tuesday martes
Taquitos $1.30 Asada, al pastor o pollo, baby tacos. Wednesday miercoles
Gringas $5.99 3 Quesadillas al pastor, 3 marinated pork. Thursday jueves
Cantaritos $7.99 Friday viernes
Breakfast $4.99 Desayuno breakfast. Sunday domingo

Side Orders

Cebollitas $1.50 Grilled onions
Chiles Toreados $1.50 Grilled peppers
Queso $1.50 Cheese
Aguacate $4.00 Avocado
Guacamole & Chips $4.99
Chips y Salsa $4.99 Chips & sauce
Frijoles $4.99 Beans
Arroz $4.99 Rice
Crema $4.99 Sour cream

Postres – Desserts

Fried Ice Cream $3.00

Bebidas Calientes

Cafe con Leche $2.79 Coffee with milk
Cafe Expresso $2.79
Cappuccino $2.79
Cappuccino de Vainilla $2.79 Vanilla cappuccino

Bebidas or Beverages

Licuados or Shakes $2.75 – $4.75 Strawberry, pineapple, melon, papaya, banana, chocolate
Juqos or Juices $3.25 – $6.75 Orange juice, carrot
Aqua or Water $1.75 – $3.00 Rice, water, lemonade, jamaica, tamarindo, guava
Sodas $1.25
Cafe or Coffee $1.50 With refill
Jarritos $2.50
Sangria $2.50
Sidral $2.50

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