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Cuisine: Desserts, Bakery & Pastries.

Asian-Inspired Flavors

Black Sesame Kuromitsu black sesame shells, black sugar buttercream, & ginger-honey center (only shades of grey or black.)
Berry Kinako (Japanese PB!) kinako (japanese roasted soybean flour) shells, peanut butter buttercream, & homemade berry jam (only shades of tan/brown.)
Coconut Guava guava buttercream & coconut vanilla center (usually coral pink.)
Coconut Thai Tea coconut shells, thai tea buttercream & thai tea center (usually ivory/cream.)
Grapefruit Wasabi wasabi citrus buttercream & candied grapefruit peel (usually bright peachy pink.)
Green Tea Passion Fruit green tea shells, passion fruit buttercream, & passion fruit curd (usually light kelly green.)
Lavender Sesame Caramel black sesame shells, lavender buttercream, & caramel center (only shades of grey or black.)
Lime Sriracha lime buttercream & sriracha center (usually tomato red.)
Mango Jasmine jasmine tea infused buttercream & mango puree (usually orange.)
Masala Chai masala chai infused buttercream & carrot halwa (usually burnt orange.)
Matcha Red Bean green tea shells, red bean buttercream, & red bean center (usually olive green.)
Miso Caramel Popcorn buttered popcorn shells, miso buttercream, & caramel center (usually ivory/cream with popcorn embellishments.)
Strawberry Daifuku sweet adzuki bean buttercream & homemade strawberry jam (usually light baby pink.)
Taro Milk Tea taro shells, taro milk tea buttercream, & sweet taro center (usually lavender or light purple.)

All-American Flavors

Apple Pie A La Mode spiced buttercream & homemade granny smith apple sauce (usually speckled tan.)
Bananas Foster banana rum buttercream & bananas foster center (usually yellow with cinnamon ;dirt smudges;.)
Berry Banana Biscoff biscoff banana buttercream & berry jam (usually yellow and purple — yes, two colors!)
Blackberry Goat Cheese honey chevre (goat cheese) buttercream & blackberry jam (usually ivory/cream or purple.)
Bourbon Bacon Pecan sweet pecan shells, bourbon buttercream, & bacon caramel center (usually speckled tan.)
Chestnut Pear smooth chestnut buttercream & homemade d’anjou pear jelly (usually light lime green.)
Chocolate Avocado chocolate shells, dark chocolate buttercream & avocado cream (only shades of brown.)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry milk chocolate buttercream & homemade strawberry jam (only shades of brown or dark red velvet.)
Chocolate Cherry Banana Toffee chocolate shells, banoffee (banana toffee) buttercream & tart cherry jam (only shades of brown or dark red velvet.)
Drunken Chocolate Peppercorn chocolate shells, pink peppercorn buttercream, & raspberry red wine center (only shades of brown or dark red velvet.)
Earl Grey Lemon earl grey infused buttercream & lemon curd (usually grey-blue.)
French Opera (Coffee) espresso shells, coffee buttercream & coffee pudding (usually shades of tan.)
German Chocolate Cake sweet pecan shells, chocolate buttercream & caramel center (usually speckled tan.)
Honey Bourbon Pecan honey pecan shells, bourbon-spiked buttercream, & toblerone center (usually speckled tan.)
Lemon Cheesecake cheesecake buttercream & lemon curd (usually pale yellow.)
Lemon Cream tangy lemon buttercream & lemon curd (usually bright yellow.)
Papaya Cassis papaya buttercream & black currant jam (usually purple.)
Peach Melba vanilla bean buttercream, homemade peach jam & chambord-spiked raspberry jam (usually golden yellow.)
Pineapple Rum Cake spiced rum buttercream & pineapple jam (usually bright yellow.)
Pumpkin Peach Pie spiced shells, pumpkin buttercream, & homemade peach jam (usually orange.)
Raspberry Eggnog spiced eggnog buttercream & homemade raspberry jam (usually magenta.)
Salted Caramel vanilla buttercream, sea salt & our famous salted caramel puddin’ (usually turquoise/teal.)
Sherry Berry Almond sherry almond buttercream & homemade raspberry jam (usually burgundy.)
Strawberry Lemonade lemon buttercream & homemade strawberry jam (usually bright peachy pink.)
Sweet Potato Marshmallow marshmallow buttercream, & sweet potato center (usually speckled tan or ivory/cream.)

Gourmet Flavors $2.50 Each

Champagne & Strawberries gold-leaf adorned shells, champagne buttercream, & homemade strawberry jam (usually blush pink.)
French Opera X Cafe Patron gold-leaf adorned espresso shells, dark chocolate ganache, & patron-spiked coffee buttercream (usually rich dark purple.)
Passion Fruit Cheesecake salted cashew shells, cheesecake buttercream & passion fruit curd (usually speckled ivory/cream.)
Pumpkin Chocolate Cranberry (Nut Free) pumpkin seed shells, dark chocolate buttercream & homemade cranberry jam (usually speckled burgundy.)
Spumoni salted pistachio shells, fresh strawberry buttercream & caramel center (usually speckled light green.)
Sunny Black Forest (Nut Free) chocolate sunflower seed shells, vanilla buttercream & homemade cherry jam (only shades of brown.)
Yuzu Champagne gold-leaf adorned shells, champagne buttercream & yuzu curd (usually yellow.)
White Truffle Pistachio gold-leaf adorned pistachio shells, white truffle buttercream, & caramel center (usually pale mint green.)

Substitutions $2.50 Each

Nut Substitutions cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, or pistachios
Nut-Free Substitutions pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

Gourmet Puddings $5 Each

Salted Caramel Pudding the pudding that started it all!
Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding due to popular demand, we’re finally putting this baby on the menu! generous layers of fluffy creme patissiere (pastry cream), golden oreos (much better than your standard nilla wafer), and thinly sl
Buttermilk Panna Cotta another bestseller, for people who aren’t so keen on having some extra suga’ suga’ in their life. quite simply, we wanted to let the flavor of buttermilk really shine in this tangy rendition of a cla
Black Sesame Custard this was a pretty simple concept for us — take the sweet nuttiness of black sesame and turn it into something we could eat all day long! we debuted this pudding along with the opening of the shop an

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