Aussie’s Volleybar and Grill

Up to date Aussie’s Volleybar and Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Appetizers & Snacks

Fried Mushrooms $5.99 tender battered mushrooms served with ranch dressing.
Cheddar Fries $6.99 our homestyle fries topped with a pile of melted cheddar cheese & special spices. served with ranch dressing. add bacon bits & chives $1.00.
Sloppy Nachos $6.99 tostado chips smothered with our sausage queso & homestyle chili, topped with diced tomatoes, jalapenos & chives.
Basket ?O Crawfish Tails $7.99 fried crawfish tails served with aussie?s cajun remoulade.
Southwest Eggrolls $7.99 chicken breast, black beans, red peppers, corn, spinach & cabbage wrapped in flour tortillas. served with avocado ranch.
Homemade Chips & Salsa $2.69 crispy tortilla chips made fresh with aussie?s homemade salsa.
Aussie?s Queso & Chips $4.99 our homemade chips served with fresh salsa & our famous queso. sausage or veggie style.
Corn Dog Bites $7.49 mini, bite sized corn dogs served with your choice of yellow or honey mustard.
Brisbane Bits $6.99 10 ounces of spicy, hand breaded bite-sized chicken breast served with your choice of gravy, bbq, ranch or honey mustard. buffalo style add $0.25.
Cold Boiled Shrimp $12.99 – $6.99 dozen & 1/2 dozen. served with your choice of our homemade cajun remoulade or cocktail sauce.
Kangaroo Wings (10) $7.99 – $19.99 wings & drums coated in our special sauce. served with celery & blue cheese.

Soups & Salads

Substitute blackened or fried catfish upon request, dressings: ranch, jalapeno & avocado ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, 1000 island, caesar, lite italian, oil & vinegar, roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette.
Aussie?s House Salad $8.29 large portions of sliced ham & turkey, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mushrooms & diced egg piled atop mixed greens.
Chicken Caesar Salad $7.99 our traditional caesar topped with broiled chicken.
Chook Salad $7.99 mixed greens and diced tomatoes topped off with broiled chicken, diced egg & almonds.
Dinner Salad $2.99 house or caesar, with any entree $1.49.
Soup & Chili $3.99 – $2.49
Soup & Salad $5.99 hot bowl of our soup of the day served with a dinner salad.
Caesar Salad $5.99 crisp, chopped romaine coated in caesar dressing & topped with tomatoes, croutons & parmesan cheese.
Brisbane Salad $8.29 our famous brisbane bits tossed in our wing sauce w/ bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles & tomatoes piled atop mixed greens.
Crispy Chook Salad $8.29 mixed greens, diced tomatoes, almonds, cheddar cheese & egg topped with crispy chunks of fried chicken.


Add any of the following items to your sandwich. $1.00, guacamole, grilled pineapple, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, jalapenos.
Chook Sand $7.99 broiled chicken lightly seasoned with lemon and served with lettuce, tomato, mayo & bacon on whole wheat, add swiss, american, cheddar, pepper jack $0.50.
Turkey & Guacamole Sand $8.99 sliced turkey, lettuce & tomato topped with fresh guacamole. served on wheat.
B.L.T. $5.99 crispy applewood smoked bacon piled high upon leaf lettuce & sliced tomato. served with mayo on texas toast.
Tuna Steak Sandwich $8.99 yellow fin tuna filet grilled & served with mayo, lettuce & tomato on wheat.
Chicken Fry Sand $8.99 choice of chicken or steak. served on texas toast with mayo, lettuce, sliced tomato & a side of cream gravy.
Crawfish Po? Boy $8.79 fried crawfish tails served with our special remoulade sauce with lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll.
Hot Ham & Cheese $8.99 grilled ham smothered with a blend of cheeses. served with mayo, leaf lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll.
Black Cat Sand $8.29 tender catfish fillet, blackened and served with mayo, lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll.
Peanut Butter Sandwiches – The Classic $5.99 two kinds to choose from: creamy peanut butter & grape jelly on texas toast. served with one side item.
Peanut Butter Sandwiches – The Deluxe $5.99 creamy peanut butter, honey & cinnamon on a lightly toasted whole wheat bun. served with one side item.
Triple Cheese Sandwich $5.29 our version of the grilled cheese featuring swiss, american & cheddar cheeses on texas toast.
Aussie?s Cheesesteak $8.29 our version of the philly! shaved rib-eye steak grilled up with onions, peppers & mushrooms topped with swiss cheese & served on a hoagie roll.
Chook & Mushroom $7.99 broiled chicken smothered with swiss & grilled mushrooms. served with mayo, lettuce & tomatoes on whole wheat.
Aussie?s Club $8.99 the biggest & best in austin! sliced ham & turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, swiss and american cheese served on a hoagie roll with mayo.

Burgers & Dogs

Pineapple Burger $7.99 our 1/2 pounder dipped in teriyaki sauce, smothered in swiss cheese & topped with grilled pineapple. served on a sesame seed or whole wheat with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Guacamole Burger $7.99 our 1/2 pound burger topped with swiss cheese & a pile of guacamole. served on your choice of sesame seed or whole wheat with mayo, lettuce & tomato.
Patty Melt $7.59 our 1/2 pound burger smothered with swiss cheese & grilled onions. served on grilled rye.
Turkey Burger $7.99 all white turkey patty, grilled & served with lettuce, tomato, mayo & pepper jack on a whole wheat bun.
Garden Burger $6.99 a black bean garden patty served on whole wheat with dijon mustard, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato & swiss cheese. served on a whole wheat bun with your choice of one side item.
Bacon Cheeseburger $7.99 the famous roo burger topped with applewood smoked bacon & cheddar cheese.
Blue Cheeseburger $7.99 served with mayo, lettuce, tomato & topped with fresh blue cheese crumbles.
Joey Burger $4.99 the smaller (1/4 pound) version of our famous roo burger.
Mushroom Burger $7.99 our 1/2 pounder smothered in grilled mushrooms & swiss cheese. served with lettuce, tomato and mayo on sesame seed or whole wheat.
Mad Max $7.69 our roo burger topped with american cheese & our homemade hickory sauce. this is one serious burger!
Dingo Dog $4.99 broiled brat served with spicy mustard & sauerkraut on the side.
Joey Dog $4.79 broiled 1/4 pound dog served with mustard & onions.
Roo Burger $6.99 what we?re famous for!! served with all the fixin?s – lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions & mustard on your choice of a sesame seed or whole-wheat bun, add swiss, american, cheddar, pepper jack $0.50.

Specialty Entrees

Aussie?s Chop $9.99 8 oz. pork chop, seasoned & broiled. served with your choice of 2 sides.
Aussie?s Chicken $8.29 boneless chicken breast broiled or blackened & served with your choice of two side items.
Lemon Chicken & Rice $8.29 boneless breast, seasoned with lemon & broiled. served over spicy white rice with the side item of your choice.
Hamburger Steak $7.99 a fresh ground chuck patty, flame broiled and smothered in swiss cheese, grilled onions & mushrooms. served with your choice of two sides.
Aussie?s Chicken Fry $8.99 choice of steak or chicken – a texas favorite! served with a dinner salad, peppered gravy, your choice of one additional side item and texas toast.
Cajun Catfish $8.69 juicy blackened catfish filet served over a bed of our spicy white rice. served with one additional side item.
Tuna Steak $9.99 yellow fin tuna filet seasoned, grilled & served with your choice of two sides.
Fried Catfish $8.69 tender filet battered in our secret meal & served with tartar sauce, homestyle fries & a dinner salad.
Fish & Chips $8.79 beer battered cod lightly fried & served with homestyle fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce.
Aussie?s Tacos $7.99 choice of: chicken or black bean. soft flour tortillas stuffed with lettuce, mushrooms, cheese & tomatoes. served with a side of homemade salsa.
Fish Tacos $8.69 fried cod stuffed inside flour tortillas with cabbage, tomatoes, cheese, black beans & served with chipotle mayo sauce.
The Melbourne $14.99 rib-eye seasoned lightly with lemon & served with your choice of 2 side items.

Side Items

Side Items mashed taters, fried okra, italian green beans, dinner salad, fresh steamed veggies, spicy white rice, black beans, pinto beans, black-eye peas, steamed broccoli, mac ?n pepperjack, homestyle french


Vanilla Ice Cream $2.79
Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Syrup $3.79
Vanilla Ice Cream With Aussie Apples $3.99
Vanilla Ice Cream With Strawberries $3.79
Aussie?s Brownie $3.29
Brownie`N Cream $4.99
Cheesecake $3.79 new york style, add strawberries. $1.00.
Milkshakes $3.79 chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana.
Floats $3.79 root beer, cola.


Beverages pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, mountain dew, dr. pepper, diet dr. pepper, lemonade, root beer, tea, coffee, milk, orange juice, cranberry juice, hot cocoa, red bull.

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