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Up to date Avenue East prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Edamame $4.25 Steamed japanese young soy bean, sprinkled with mediterranean sea salt
Spring Roll $4.95 Cabbage, carrots, and celery
Summer Roll $4.95 Spring mixed, mango, cucumber, basil and rice vermicelli
Steamed or Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings $5.95 Ground chicken, cabbage, and scallion
Steamed or Pan-Fried Vegetable Dumplings $5.50 Cabbage, onion, tofu, carrot, potato, vermicelli and shitake mushroom
Satay Chicken or Beef $6.50 Grilled marinated chicken or beef, sweet cucumber and onion served with peanut sauce
Coconut Shrimp $7.50 Breaded shrimp with our special dipping sauce
Crispy Squid $6.95 Salt & pepper squid, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, scallion and onion
Chicken Lettuce Wrap $7.95 Jicama, scallion, bell pepper, onion, and chicken; served with lettuce and plum sauce
7 Spice Shrimp $7.95 Japanese panko breaded shrimp broiled to a golden brown with butter and seven different japanese spices
Crispy Soft Shell Crab $8.95 Golden brown shell crab served with two exotic chef special dippings
Shrimp Shumai $5.50 Shrimp, onion, egg white, and japanese bread crumb

Cold Starter and Salad

Green Papaya Salad $6.95 Jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, onions, basil, carrot and beets with lime vinaigrette
Asian-Style Chicken Salad $7.95 Grilled chicken, spring mixed, scallion, carrot, and onions, with chef?s homemade sauce
Spicy Salmon Skin Salad $6.95 Crispy salmon skin, spring mixed, radish, jalapeno pepper, beets, carrot and onion tossed with spicy ponzu sauce and katsuo flakes
Gado-Gado $5.95 Broiled tofu, green beans, carrot, cucumber, onions, lettuce and fish, shrimp crisp with peanut sauce
Wild Salmon Salad $7.95 Seared salmon, spring mixed, green beans, onion, tomatoes and garlic crunch with spicy mayo and mustard ponzu sauce
Japanese Seaweed Salad $5.25 With pickle radish, tomato and spicy sauce
Fusion Mango Kani Salad $5.95 Crab stick, cucumber, mango, onion, scallion and masago in spicy mayo
Asian Seafood Ceviche $8.95 Assorted shellfish, spring mixed, onion, carrot, beets, celery and tomato in spicy ponzu sauce
Trinity Delight $11.95 Tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi served with its own savory sauce


Wonton Soup $2.50 Chicken filled wontons with spinach
Hot & Sour Soup $2.50 Chicken, tofu, mushroom, carrot and egg white
Miso Soup $2.50 Seaweed and tofu, sprinkled with scallion
Tom Yum $4.50 Shrimp, mushroom, tomato, in spicy lemongrass shrimp broth
Asam Soup $4.50 Chicken, mushroom, onion, in sour and creamy coconut broth
Clear Vegetable Soup $4.95 Mushroom, spinach, tofu, carrot and tomato in clear broth


Vegetable Maki Combo $9.95 Avocado, cucumber & asparagus rolls
Maki Combo $13.50 Tuna avocado, salmon cucumber & california rolls
Spicy Maki Combo $15.50 Spicy tuna, spicy salmon & spicy california rolls
Sushi Nigiri $15.50 7 Pcs sushi and 1 california roll
Sashimi Deluxe $18.50 15 Pcs chef?s assortment
Sushi Nigiri & Sashimi Combo $21.50 5 Pcs sushi & 9 pcs sashimi with 1 california roll
Ultimate Love $31.50 6 pcs sushi & 12pcs sashimi with 1 special roll of chef?s choice


Sha Cha Chicken $10.95 Mushroom and baby spinach sauteed in our oriental satay sauce
Broccoli with Chicken $10.50 Stir fried in our special brown sauce
Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.50 Battered deep fried chicken strips, bell pepper, onion, carrot, and pineapple in our special sweet and sour sauce
Moo Shu Chicken $10.50 Chicken, cabbage, carrot, scallion, and egg white
Garlic Flavor Chicken $10.50 Mushroom, jicama, carrot and bell pepper in a chili garlic sauce
Asparagus with Chicken $10.95 Stir fried in our special white sauce
Kung Pao Chicken $10.95 Chicken, jicama, peanut and chili pepper sauce
Spicy Basil Chicken $10.95 Bell pepper, onion, green beans, asian basil with garlic and chili paste
Teriyaki Chicken $12.95 Breast chicken, broccoli, carrot, onion, sprout, and sesame seeds
Chicken Vegetable Feast $10.95 White meat chicken, mushroom, zucchini, carrot, onion, and broccoli with brown sauce


Garlic Shrimp $12.95 Mushrooms, jicama, carrot and bell pepper in a chili garlic sauce
Asparagus Shrimp $13.95 Sauteed in a white sauce
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $12.95 Shrimp, peas, carrot served in an egg white gravy
Thai Pineapple Shrimp $14.95 Shrimp, green beans, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, and pineapple in a special thai spicy sweet and sour sauce
Cantonese Style Fish Fillet $14.95 Lightly battered flounder sauteed with asparagus, carrot, mushroom and snow pea in our chef?s special sauce
Vietnamese Steamed Fish $14.95 Flounder fillet fish with tomato, tofu, lemon, ginger and scallion in special soy sauce


Beef with Tomato $11.95 Red onion, tomato, & sliced beef with brown sauce
Malaysian Curry Satay $13.95 Chuck flank beef, bell pepper, onion, and zucchini with peanut curry sauce
Crispy Beef with Tamarind Sauce $13.95 Lightly battered chuck flank beef with onion, carrot and bell pepper
Broccoli with Beef $11.50 Tender sliced beef with broccoli sauteed in a brown sauce
Garlic Flavor Beef $11.50 Mushroom, jicama, carrot, and bell pepper in hot garlic sauce
Spicy Basil Beef $11.95 Bell pepper, onion, green bean, basil with garlic and chili paste
Mongu Beef $12.95 Sliced flank steak sauteed with scallion and red onion


Buddha?s Feast $8.95 Sauteed broccoli, asparagus, snow peas, mushrooms, and carrots
Sauteed Spicy String Beans $9.95 Fresh string beans with garlic in a brown sauce
Garlic Spinach Tofu $9.50 Sauteed in our delicious garlic sauce
Bear?s Paw $10.95 Fried japanese tofu, carrots, snowpeas, and scallion, sauteed with spicy garlic bean sauce
Triple Delight $9.95 Broccoli, snow peas and asparagus in brown sauce
Eggplant Basil $9.95 Asian eggplant, bell pepper, onion, and thai basil stir-fried with garlic and chili sauce

Noodles & Rice

Malaysian Mee Goreng $9.95 Chicken or shrimp. Ho fun noodles with vegetables, egg, and japanese tofu in dark spicy sauce
Tikka Masala Curry Udon $11.95 Chicken, shrimp, onions, broccoli, snow peas, and carrots
Pad Thai $9.95 Chicken or shrimp. Thai noodle with vegetable and eggs, garnished with bean sprouts, dried tofu, lime and crushed peanuts
Mei-Fun Singapore Noodles $9.95 Mei-fun, sprouts, bell peppers, chicken, shrimp, onions, scallion, and eggs in curry flavor
Japanese Noodles $9.95 Chicken or beef. Udon noodles, broccoli, bell peppers, sprouts, and mushrooms, sprinkled with sesame seeds
Seafood Pan Fried Crispy Noodles $13.95 Shrimp, squid, and scallops mixed with vegetables in a special brown gravy sauce

Lo Mein

Stir-fried soft noodles with cabbage, scallion, and carrots
Chicken $7.95
Beef $8.95
Shrimp $8.95
House Special $9.50
Vegetable $7.95 Broccoli, cabbage, scallion, mushrooms, carrots, and snow peas
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice $9.50 Cashews, raisins, pineapple, onions, and egg

Traditional Fried Rice

Onions, scallion, eggs, peas and carrots
Chicken $7.95
Beef $8.95
Shrimp $8.95
House Special $8.95
Vegetable $7.95

Sushi Nigiri & Sashimi

Tuna $2.50
Yellowtail $2.50
Salmon $2.50
White Tuna $2.50
Striped Bass $2.50
Fluke $2.50
Smoked Salmon $2.50
Spanish Mackerel $2.50
Eel $2.50
Red Clam $2.25
Scallop $2.50
Octopus $2.50
Squid $2.25
Egg Custard $2.00
Crab Stick $2.00
Capelin Roe (Masago) $2.50
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) $3.00
Shrimp $2.25

Sushi Bar

Served with miso soup or side salad with ginger dressing
Sushi Lunch $9.50 5 Pcs with one califiornia roll
Sashimi Lunch $10.95 9 Pcs with white or brown rice
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $12.95 4 Pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi with one california roll
Roll Combo $9.50

Sushi Maki

California Roll $4.50
Tuna Cucumber or Avocado Roll $5.50
Salmon Cucumber or Avocado Roll $5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll $5.50
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $5.50
Yellowtail Scallion Roll $5.00
Tuna Scallion Roll $5.00
Eel Cucumber or Avocado Roll $5.50
Shrimp Cucumber or Avocado Roll $4.50
Sweet Potato Roll $5.00
Vegetable Roll $4.00 Choice of asparagus, cucumber, avocado, oshinko or spinach
Mixed Vegetable Roll $5.50 Carrot, baby greens, asparagus, cucumber & avocado
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.00
Philly Roll $6.00 Smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
Alaska Roll $5.50 Salmon, baby greens, cucumber & avocado
Boston Roll $5.50 Shrimp, crab stick, cucumber, lettuce & japanese mayo
Spider Roll $8.50 Soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber & avocado

Special Maki

The Amazing Roll $13.95 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado & cucumber topped with spicy crab stick and sprinkled with our special flavored parsley crunch
Orange Blossom $12.95 Black pepper tuna, mango, cucumber topped w/ spicy tuna and special flavored crunch. Served with spicy mango sauce
Hurricane Roll $12.95 Sweet potato & cucumber topped half with spicy tuna and half with an avocado guacamole served with spicy mayo & sweet sauce
Four Season $11.95 Shrimp tempura, mango, cucumber, topped with spicy salmon served with spicy & sweet sauce
Tornado Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura, asparagus & cucumber topped with spicy white tuna; sprinkled with house made crunchy flakes and almond miso puree
Volcano Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura, onion, and sereno pepper topped with our seven spice pepper tuna served with special asian spicy sauce and shallot crunch
Nirvana Roll $12.95 Black pepper tuna, avocado & cucumber topped with spicy yellowtail & jalapeno served with a citrus miso sauce and flavored sesame
Hot Lava Roll $13.95 Crab stick, avocado,cucumber topped with cooked scallop, shrimp, squid and octopus served with hot spicy mayosauce. Garnish with masago & scallion
Tsunami Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura, avocado & mango topped with spicy scallop & caviar, served with chef?s special spicy sauce
Lobster Salad Roll $12.95 Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, and mango, topped with lobster salad. Served with baby greens and mango puree
Double Delight Roll $12.95 Spicy tuna & spicy salmon with avocado ,topped with japanese special crunch served with a spicy wasabi mayo sauce
Earthquake Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura, smoked salmon & cucumber, topped with spicy white tuna and flavored tempura flakes, served with spicy & sweet sauce

Wild Curry Special

Green Curry with Vegetable & Tofu $10.95 Basil, tofu, bell pepper, green bean, eggplant, snow peas & onion
Green Curry with Chicken $10.95 Basil, tofu, bell pepper, green bean, eggplant, snow peas & onions
Green Curry with Beef or Shrimp $13.95 Basil, tofu, bell pepper, green bean, eggplant, snow peas & onions
Red Curry with Vegetable & Tofu $10.95 Basil, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, red onion & zucchini
Red Curry with Chicken $10.95 Basil, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, red onion & zucchini
Red Curry with Beef or Shrimp $13.95 Basil, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, red onion & zucchini

House Specialties

Fusion Tso?s Chicken $11.95 Avenue east version of general tso?s white meat chicken, lightly battered served with baby bok choy and bell pepper
Mai Thai Special $14.95 Chicken, shrimp, broccoli, asparagus, snow peas and string beans. Sauteed with thai chili and bean curd oil, garnished with tomatoes
Orange Flavor Chicken $11.95 White meat chicken lightly breaded with orange flavor sauce
Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp $15.95 Lightly battered shrimp, coated with special creamy citrus sauce, topped with glazed walnuts
Land & Sea $16.95 Shrimp, scallop, beef, chicken, peanut and jicama in chili pepper kung pao sauce
Mango Tango $15.95 Shrimp & chicken, mango, onion and bell pepper
Spicy Thai Shrimp & Chicken with Cashews $15.95 Green beans, onion, sprouts, pineapple and carrot
Spicy Bangkok Crispy Fish $15.95 Crispy flounder fillet with tamarind sauce
Fusion Style Teriyaki Salmon $15.95 Salmon fillet , asparagus, onions, and carrot with teriyaki sauce topped with mango salsa
Sea of Siam $17.95 Shrimp, squid, fish filet, scallop, and vegetables in special green curry sauce
Lemongrass Chicken $11.95 White meat chicken, mushroom, zucchini, carrot, onion and broccoli
Black Pepper Steak Asian Style $15.95 Broccoli, tomato, and carrots, in house black pepper sauce, topped with mango salsa
Malaysian BBQ Beef $13.95 Lightly battered beef with onion, carrots, lettuce, and tomato in a blackened BBQ
Singapore Sling $14.95 Shrimp, chicken, broccoli and mango sauteed in a very special sweet and spicy sauce

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