Azul 17

Up to date Azul 17 prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Cayo De Hacha Al Pipian $11.00 Three seared scallops in pumpkin oil, pipian mole, orange slice, garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds
Flautas De Pollo $8.00 Served with a traditional mole poblano and pico de gallo
Flautas De Puerco $8.00 Served with chile guajillo sauce and pico de gallo
Queso Fundido Con Tequila $7.00 Melted chihuahua cheese flambeed with tequila. served with hand made corn tortillas
Queso Fundido Con Tequila with Chorizo $9.00
Queso Fundido Con Tequila with Poblano Peppers $8.00
Queso Fundido Con Tequila with Huitlacoche $9.00
Tres Reynas $9.00 Three delicious quesidillas with hand-made tortillas, oaxaca and chihuahua cheese, epasote, poblano & huitlacoche
Chile Relleno De Queso $9.00 Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with chihuahua-oaxaca cheese over a roasted tomato broth.
Chile Relleno De Queso with Vegetables And Huitlacoche $12.00
Nopalito Asado $8.00 Grilled fresh cactus served with a molcajete of grilled cebolla cambray, tomatoes, tomatillos, green chiles, hand-made corn tortillas on the side
Tamales Mestizos $7.00 Two handmade mexican corn tamales, shredded chicken, pasilla-tomatillo sauce, our tomato salsa, avocado, crema, queso fresco
Empanadas De Camaron $9.00 Two shrimp empanadas, served with mile verde
Taqueria $9.00 Three hand made tortillas, choice of eat, onion, cilantro, tomatillo-chile de arbol salsa. Choices of: tinga, barbacoa, chorizo & carnitas
Camarones Al Chipotle $12.00 Buttermilk corncakes topped with chipotle sauteed shrimp and served with pico de gallo
Open-faced Quesadilla $11.00 Flour tortilla topped with oaxaca cheese, creamy crab meat, shrimp, tomatillo-chile de arbol salsa on the side


White anchovies $4.00, shrimp $8.00, chicken $6.00, steak $7.00, seared tuna $6.00
Alex-cesar Cardini $9.00 The classic caesar salad romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and home made bolillo croubre
Ensalada De Pepita $9.00 Jicama salad with spring mix, carrots and orange slices with a refreshing pepita and orange dressing
Noplaes (Cactus) Salad $9.00 Tostada shell topped with nopales, corn, jicama, carrots, come and crumbled queso fresco


Sopa De Tortilla $7.00 Rich authentic mexican soup of tomato. pills & chicken served with crema, avocado & totopos
Sopa Tarasca $6.00 Black bean soup, crema, cotija cheese, hand made totopos. Add a poached egg $1.00


Perpared table side, served two, includes order of homemade corn chips
Traditional $10.00 Fresh & chunky with cilantro, onions, fresh lime & serrano chile
Rojo $11.00 With chipotle, cilantro, onion, fresh lime & queso fresco
Chesapeake $13.00 With cilantro, onion, fresh lime, old bay seasoning & lump crab meat


Prepared with the freshest ingredients
Jarocho $11.00 A very famous dish from the cast of veracruz, red snapper marinade to perfection and served with pico de gallo and avocado
Cocktail De Camaron $9.00 Shrimp ceviche cocktail
Ceviche De Temporada Seasonal ceviche

Las Fajitas

Served with mexican rice, black beans, lettuce, crema, avocado-serrano salsa, flour tortillas
Veggie $14.00
Grilled Chicken $16.00
Grilled Steak $17.00
Shrimp $18.00
Trio $20.00 Chicken, steak, shrimp

Los Tacos

Served with mexican rice and black beans
Tacos De Pescado $14.00 Negra modelo beer battered cod fillets, escabeche, pico de gallo, cucumber-jalapeno yogurt, flour tortillas
Tacos De Alambre $14.00 Marinated grilled steak, onions, serrano chiles, chihuahua cheese, corn tortillas
Tacos Baja California $14.00 Chipotle marinated tilapia fillets, escabeche, salsa verde, corn tortillas
Tacos Al-pastor $14.00 Marinated grilled pork, onion, cilantro, roasted pineapple-salsa, corn tortillas


Pollo En Mole Poblano $21.00 Half game hen, mole poblano, sesame seeds, cilantro rice, maduros, onion, cilantro
Carnitas Tepatitlan $22.00 24 Hour marinated pork slow cooked and served with handmade tortillas, refried pinto beans, chiles toreados
Chuleta De Puerco En Mole Verde $22.00 A 14oz grilled pork chop finished with mole verde, poblano-corn mash, sauteed red chard
Mahi A La Veracruzana $21.00 Mahi mahi fillet served with cilantro rice, black beans, tomato veracruz sauce
Cayo De Hacha En Mole Chatino $23.00 Pan seared scallops wrapped in bacon and served with sauteed red chard, chayote, mole chatino
Chilpachole $20.00 A traditional veracruz seafood casserole of red snapper, scallops, shrimp & clams, tomato chipotle broth, side of agave rice
Pepita Salmon $20.00 Pumpkin seed encrusted salmon finished with mole verde, agave rice, sauteed red chard
Tarahumara Steak $21.00 Grilled marinated skirt steak over mole chatino, poblano-corn mash, grilled nopilito with mojo, chorizo, handmade tortillas, chile morita salsa
Pollo A La Crema Con Gambas $20.00 Sliced chicken breast and shrimp, white wine cream sauce, poblano peppers, onion, cilantro rice, avocado, balsamic reduction
Pescado De Temporada A seasonal selection of fish fillet, encrusted in plantains, sauteed red chard, agave-pesto rice, mango-habanero sauce
Carne De Temporada Choice cut of angus beef grilled to perfection with tomasilla salsa, chipotle-corn mashed potatoes, sauteed red chard

Nuestras Enchaladas

Enchiladas De Pollo $15.00 Three corn tortillas cooked with oaxaca red chile sauce, seasoned chicken, our tomato salsa, lettuce, queso fresco, crema
Enchiladas De Mole Colorado $15.00 Three corn tortillas cooked with oaxaca red chile sauce, beef barbacoa, mole colorado, lettuce, queso fresco, crema
Enfrijoladas Nortenas $15.00 Three corn tortillas cooked with oaxaca red chile sauce, seasoned chicken, black bean salsa, aged cotija cheese, crema
Enchiladas De Camarones Y Jaiba Azul $17.00 Three flour tortillas, crab and shrimp sauteed with chipotle adobo sofrito, our tomato salsa, creamy brandy sauce
Enchiladas De Huitlacoche $16.00 Three corn tortillas, sauteed mushrooms, corn & huitlacoche, queso fresco, crema
Enmoladas $16.00 A unique dish that made mexico’s kitchen famous three corn tortillas rolled with shredded chicken cooked with a mole of 7 different chiles. Nuts, dried fruits & and a hint of raw mexican chocolate


Arroz A La Mexicana Con Verduras $3.00 Mexican rice with vegetables
Maduros $3.00 Fried ripe plantains
Vegetables Salteados $3.00 Sauced vegetables
Chipotle Mash $3.00 Corn-chipotle mashed potatoes
Frijoles Negros $3.00 Black beans
Arroz Con Cilantro $3.00 Cilantro rice

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