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Mexican Supreme

Appetizer Platter $21.99 Carnitas Quesadillas, cheese & chile Quesasillas, steak Nachos, Chicken, Chicken Nachos, chicken flautas and Bonelegs Buffalo Bites. Comes w/ guacarnloe, sour cream and fresh pica.
Buffalo Sampler $20.99 Wild Buffalo wings, buffalo shrimp and boneless buffalo bites w/ celery, carrots, wild buffalo sauce & ranch dressing,
Cabo Taco Platter $20.99 12 goft tacos served w/ guacamole, gour cream and pico, ;Mix a Match; chicken steak, fish shrimp or carnitas,
Big Burrito Platter $39.99 12 burritos served w/ roja picante salsa. ;Mix n Match; chicken steak, fish shrimp ro carnitas.


Fresh Guacamole $6.49 made fresh to order w/ chipsl
Twice Grilled Quesadilla $5.49 w/ mesquite chicken add $1.49 w/ tri tip steak add $ 1.99
Lobster Quesadilla $12.49 w/ guacamole, sour cream & pico.
Crisp Chicken Skewers $7.25 Herb crusted chicken tightly fried
3 Cheese Mucho Nachos $6.25 w/ mesquite chicken add $2.75 w/ tri tip steak add $2.75
Coconut Shrimp Skewers $6.75 6 Shrimp w/ caconut served lightly crisp
Three Cheese Queso $4.49 Creamy three cheese dip w/ chips
Buffalo Wings $7.49 w/ celery, carrots & Ranch,
Buffalo Shrimp $7.49 plump shrimp cooked crispy
Boneless Buffalo Bites $6.99 Chicken breast breaded lightly crisp
Buffalo Sampler Platter $11.99 combo of buffalo wings, buffalo bites & buffalo shrimp
Baja Lobster Tails $13.25 5 slipper tails w/ ialapeno Garlic Butter
Appetizer Combo $13.49 Individual steak Nachos, Flautas, Buffalo Bites & Cheese Quesadillad with guacamole, sour cream & fresh pico


Freshlty simmered hand meshed black or nnch beans or cilamtro rice add $.75 sour cream add 5.99 guacamale add $ 1.25
Baja Taco $5.99 Gilled soft coin tortillas w/ a double portion of marinated meat, Habanera salsa, shredded cheese & fresh pica. served w/ black beans . (with your choice of ) Chicken or steak (broiled) mahi fish (l
Maui Chicken tacos $6.25 Two floru tortillas w/ chicken mannated in tropical teriyaki glaze topped w/ lettuce, chopped pinespple, cheese, tomatoes and chives,
Lusciou Lobster tacos $9.99 Two flour tortillas stuffed with tender grilled slipper lobster, Baja slaw, lalapeno Tartar sauce, avocado pico and sprinkled with cambled cotija cheese,
Cabo Tacos $6.49 Two soft flour tortillas stuffed w/ seasoned meats, shiredded lettuce pico, cheese & tangy tomatillo salsa. (with your choice of) chicken of steak (mesquite) mahi fish (broiled or blackened) gulf shr
Fajias Grilled Tacos $5.99 Two flour tortillas w/ steak fajitas, mesquite chicken or camitas mixed w/ grilled onions, peppers, chiles & pico. with sour cream on the side.


Served with cilantro Rice. Oreder it weli w/ red chile sauce, roasted tomateills sauce or 3 cheese queso sauce ass $ 1.25
Mazatlan Burrito supreme $7.25 mesquite chicekn , mahi fish or shrimp w/ jack, & cheddar, Habanera salsa, guacamole & fresh pico in a flour tortilla w/ sauteed shrimp add $ .25 w/ tri tip steak add $ .99
3 Cheese $7.25
3 Cheese Queso Burrito $5.25 Black or Ranch beans, cilantro rice, three cheese queso, roasted corn and Habanero salsa. w/ chicken ar carnitas add $ 1.99 w/ tri tip steak add $ 2.99
Baja Grilled Fajitas Burtito $7.25 lack & cheddar in a grilled flour tortilla w/ mesquite chicken or carnitas grilled w/ roasted peppers, onion, chiles, sour cream, warth Habanero salsa on a bed of cilantro Rice W/ tri tip steak add $
San Lucas Fish Burrito $7.75 Mesquite grilled mahi fish filet (blachened or fried on request), lack & cheddar, Baja sauce, lettuce, cilantr rice, Baja slaw and avocado pico in a flour tortilla.
Los cabos Lobster Burrito $0.25 slipper lobster, jalapeno Tartar Sauce, cilantro Rice, cheese, Baja slaw, guacamole, pico & sour cream wrapped in flour tortilla,
Twice Grilled Burrito $5.49 A large flour tortilla grilled w/ cheese, black beans, warm Habanero salsa, more cheese then grilled again for a double crisp taste . w/ chicken or carmitas add $1.75 w/ tri tip steak add $2.75


FAJITAS BUFFET $12.99 (for parties of or more) please order 24 hours in advance, available oine in, carry out or delivery ($1pp for delivery & set up) Includes: Flame Grilled Fajitas tir-tip mesquite chicken or shrimp A
Crazy chicken salad $17.99 chicken breast, diced bacon, mixed cheese, ranch beans, com salsa, pico and tortilla strips w / mixed greens and french hacienda dressing


cooked over roaring wood fire in spetial blend of herbs & spices. cames with hand-mashed black or rinch beans, cilantro Rice, guacomole,sour cream, fresh pico flour torfillas and sweet com cale.
3 Pepper Chicken or Steak Fajitas $8.25 – $10.49 fiambeed with grilled onions, fresh pasilla and red and green bell peppers. mesquite
Chile Seared Shrimp Fajitas $9.99 Plump shrimp sauteed and grilled in sizzling peppers chilies and garllc butter
Fajitas Triple Combo $10.75 smoked chicken, tri tip steak and sauteed shrimp flambeed w/ grilled onions, fresh pasilla chiles and sizzling peppers.


All served with hand-meshed black or ranch beans, cilantro Rice, sweet corn cake and grilled com tortillas.
Char-Roasted Sirloin Tri Tip $7.49 – $10.99 Tri tip steak marinated in rubbed chilies, garlic & seasoned spices charred over a roaring wood fire. Served w/ chipotie BBQ sauce & whipped horseradish sauce.
Smoked BBQ Mesquite Chicken $5.99 – $7.75 Slow roasted chicken marinated in our citrus chipotle spice then grilled over hot mesquite coals. w/ chipotle BBQ sauce.
Puerto Nuevo Lobster Tails $21.99 Nine whole slipper lobster tails split, seasaned, lightly crisp and sauteed in rustic Mexican spices then finished on the grill. served w/ fresh drawn jaiapeno garlic butter
Spicy Flame Grilled Mahi Mahi $9.49 1/2 pound mahi fish filet marinated in citrus juice, garlic & seasoned spices broiled or blackened. Topped w / Roasted Com Tomato relish


Crazy Chicken Salad $7.49 Grilled chicken breast on a bed of greens w/ cabbage, tortilla strips, cilantro, bacon, whole pinto beans, jack & cheddar, cbrn salsa & sliced Haas avocado. tossed w/ french Hacienda dressing & serve
Caesar Sombrero Salad $6.25 Romaine hearts, pico tortilla strips and roasted pepitas tossed in our cilantro pepita caesar dressing. Topped w/ tomatoes & cotija cheese on a large, cheese tortilla crisp w/ Mesquite chicken add $1
BBQ Chicken Tostada $8.25 Romsine, black beans, tomatoes, roasted com salsa, cilantro, jack & cheddar and tartilla strips tossed w/ red ranch oressing chipotle BBQ sauce. w/ crispy onion strings on a crisp flour tortilla.
Warm Fajitas salad $7.99 – $10.49 crisp greens with roasted peppers, onions, jack, cheddar & cotija cheeses, avocada, roasted pepitas, pinto beans, pico and tortilla strips tossed in senano wine vinaigrtte on a crisp flour tortilla.
Islander Cabo Salad $6.25 Mixed greens and crunchy cabbage on a bed cilantro rice w/tomatoes, jack & cheddar, w/ whole pint, beans, tortilla strips and avocado tossed in our serrano wine vinaigrette.w/ Mahi fish (broiled or b


Served w/ hand-mashed black beans or ranch beans, and cilantra rice.
Grilled Taco & Enchilada $6.75 Carne asada in a flour tortilla, paired w/ our authentic enchilada filled w/lack cheese, onions,and topped w/Red chile sauce.
Two Enchilandas & Grilled Taco $7.75 A pair of enchilades filled w/ jack & cheddar cheese and onions served w/ a soft steak taco.
Habanero Chicken Enchiladas $7.25 Hand-shredded chicken habanero, New Mexico chilies and lack & cheddar. Topped w/ a blend of Habanero Sauce w/ sour cream and cilantro.
Veracruz Shrimp Enchiladas $8.75 Two flour tortillas filled w/ shrimp, corn salsa and blended cheese baked in Roasted Tornatilla sauce w/ com salsa, sour cream & cilantro.
Crispy Flautas Rancheras $8.25 fire-braised chicken w/ roasted peppers, grilled com & trio of cheeses. Rolled in a flour tortilla, lightly crisp. served w/ cilantro Avocado sauce sour cream, pico & 3 cheese oueso.
Macho Combo Grande $10.49 Chicken flautas, steak taco, chicken enchilada w/ Habaneto cream sauce & a cheese and onion enchilada w/ Red chile sauce .served W/ a side of 3 cheese Quesa.
Mushroom & Spinach Enchiladas $6.49 Two corn tomtillas filled w/ sauteed spinsch, mushrooms, roasted peppers, sauteed onions, pico & melted cheese topped W/ our Roasted Tomatillo sauc & sour cream.
Shrimp Taco & Enchilada $8.75 sauteed shrimp taco w/ a shrimp enchilads baked in Roasted Tomatillo sauce, sour cream and corn salsa.


Cooked over a roaring wood fue, 12lb. fresh ground chuch on a toasted btm with ronch neans, add seasonad fries, crispy onion strings or side caesar salad add $ 1.25
Big Chubby Char burger $5.99 Half pound fresh ground chuck grilled and topped with tomatoes, tettuce, onion, pickle wedges, ketchup & mustard. w/ cheese add .75 w/ Becon or chili w/ Guacamole add $1.49
Swiss Mushroom Charburger $6.75 sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, swiss and mayo .
BBQ Bacon Char burger $7.49 Roasted with chipotle BBQ sauce, aged swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion strings with lettuce, tomato, pickle wedges & Red Ranch sauce
Maui Cheese Charburger $6.99 Grilled pineapple, tropicla teriyaki sauce,lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss and mayo,


On a hand made toasty french roll with ranch beans, seasoned feies, crispy onion strings or side caesar salad add $ 1.25
Gilled Mahi BLT $6.99 Mahi fish filet broiled or black ened w/ romaine, bacon, tomatoes and jalapeno tartar sauce.
Charbroiled Tri Tip $6.99 Thinly sliced, sirlion tri tip piled high w/ sauteed onions, comes w/ choice of chipotle BBQ sauce or whipped horserasish sauce,
Swiss Chickenshroom Melt $6.99 Mesquite chicken topped w/ swiss sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, o tomatoes & Red Ranch sauce .
Bacon Cheddar Tri tip $6.99 Thinly sliced, tri tip steak w/ bacon, cheddar cheese & Red ranch sauce,
Char brioled chicken $5.49 Grilled chicken breast w/ crispy lettuce, tomato & Red Ranch Sauce .
BBQ Chicken Club $5.99 Grilled chicken breast basted w/ our chiptle BBQ sauce,bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and guacamole.
Bleu cheese Tri Tip $6.99 Thick sliced tri tip sirloin with onion strings & bleu cheese dressing topped w/ bleu cheese crumbles .

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