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Cuisine: Indian.


All Appetizers Accompanied With Hot Sauce And Mint Chutney
Masala Vadai $5.00 lentil patties with sri lankan spices
Fish Cutlets $5.00 medium spicy mixture of minced tuna and potato
Vegetable Cutlets $5.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls $6.00
Vegetable Roti $6.00
Fish Spring Rolls $6.50
Fish Roti $6.00
Appetizers Combination $13.00 3 spring rolls, 3 vadai and 3 cutlets
Masala Vadai $1.50 fritters made with ground yellow spilt peas (lentil) and sri lankan spices, similar to a spicy falafel
Fish Cutlets $1.50 croquettes made from tuna fish, potatoes, and sri lankan spices, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to perfection
Fish Egg Roll $1.50
Fish Roti $2.00
Vegetable Roti $2.00
Fish Spring Roll $1.00
Fish Patties $1.50
Appetizers Combination $13.00 3 spring rolls, 3 vadai and 3 cutlets

Soups $4

Vegetable Soup
Lentil Soup

Kotthu Roti Specials (Roti Or String Hoppers)

Chopped Roti Sauteed With Vegetables And Eggs Served With Curry Sauce
Chicken Kotthu $13.98
Beef Kotthu $13.98
Fish Kotthu $13.98
Lamb Kotthu $14.98
Seafood $14.98
Vegetables $12.95

Sri Lankan Specials With A Curry

Pittu combination of grated coconut and rice flour steamed in bamboo and accompanied with fresh coconut milk and chilli onion sambol
String Hoppers a famous sri lankan dish made with spaghetti like strings steamed on small cane trays accompanied with kiri hodi (coconut and onion gravy) and coconut sambol. (12 string hoppers)
Coconut Roti a combination of grated coconut and wheat flour pan grilled served with katta sambol(4 roti per portion)
Hoppers wafer thin bowl-shaped pancakes made with rice flour and coconut milk. served with katta sambol .(3 plain and 1 with egg)
Godamba Roti handkercheef type grilled pan cakes made out of wheat flour 3 plain and 1 egg)

Choice Of Curry

Chicken Curry $12.95
Fish Curry $13.95
Beef Curry $13.95
Squid Or Shrimp Curry $14.95
Lamb Curry $14.95
Pork Curry $13.95
Vegi Curry $11.95

Devilled Dishes

Sauteed Meat And Vegetables With Onions, Peppers & Tomato. Served With White Rice.
Vegi Devilled $12.95
Chicken, Beef, Or Pork $14.95
Shrimp, Squid, Or Fish $15.95
Seafood $16.95


String Hopper Kottu $11.95
Soya Meat Curry With 3 Godamba Roti $12.95

Side Orders

Rice $2.00
Mallum $4.00 mixed green salad
Coconut Sambol $4.00
Seeni Sambol $4.00 onion sautee – spicy
Egg Plant Moju $6.00

Banana Leaf Special

A Special Dish Created By Dutch Who Lived In Sri Lanka 600 Years Ago And It Has Been Remaining Since Now And Became A Very Special Festival Meal. Specially Cooked Saffron Rice Mixed With Ghee Lamb Or Beef Or Chicken Or Seafood. Accompanied With Cashew Cu
Lampri?s $13.95 vege
Lampri?s $14.95 chicken / beef / pork
Lampri?s $15.50 lamb / fish
Lampri?s $15.95 seafood
Black Pork Curry $14.50 pork cooked with roasted sri lankan curry powder accompanied with eggplant moju, cashew curry and pappadam.
Fish Ambul Thial $14.50 tuna fish cooked in slow fire with goraka (garcinia cambogia) garlic & black pepper. accompanied with rice and two vegetable currys
Mixed Grilled $20.00 combination of grilled beef, chicken, pork chops and sausage. accompanied with fried egg, pineapple and rice

Healthy Corner

With Boiled Vegetables And Brown Bread
Steamed King Fish $15.95
Steamed Chicken Breast $14.95


Basmati Rice Cooked With Saffron Yogurt And South Indian Spices Accompanied With Raita, Mint Sambol, Boiled Egg And Pineapple.
Chicken Biriyani $12.95
Beef Biriyani $13.95
Lamb Biriyani $14.95
Fish Biriyani $13.95
Seafood Biriyani $15.95
Vegetable Biriyani $11.95

Rice And Curry

3 Vegetable Curries With White Or Saffron Rice
Pork Or Beef Or Chicken $12.95
Shrimp Or Calamary $13.95
Lamb Rice & Curry $14.95
Vegi Rice & Curry $11.95

Fried Rice

Vegetable $10.95
Chicken Or Beef Or Pork $12.95
Seafood $14.95
Mixed Fried Rice $15.95 chicken, pork, shrimp, squid


Kiri Pani – Curd & Treacle $4.00 traditional sri lankan yogurt served with kitul treacle.
Watalappam $5.00 a rich pudding of malay origin made with coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs and various spices.
Watalappam $5.00 a rich pudding of malay origin made


Soda $2.00
Sri Lankan Soda $3.00 ginger beer / cream soda
Sri Lankan Coffee $3.00
Sri Lankan Tea (Hot) Plain / Fresh Ginger $3.00

Sri Lankan Fruit Cordials

Passion $4.00
Mango $4.00
Woodapple $4.00
Nelli $4.00
Lassi – Mango / Sweet / Salt $4.00
Faluda $5.00


Lentil Soup
3-Piece Appetizer Combo 1-lentil fritter, 1-tuna croquette, 1-spring roll

Main Course

Served With Cashew Curry, Sauteed Eggplant, Caramelized Onion Relish, Fried Plantain Bananas, A Hard Boiled
Lamprais your choice of vegetables, chicken, beef or pork wrapped with saffron rice in a banana leaf and baked

Dessert And Tea

Kiri Pani plain yogurt topped with sugar palm syrup
Watalappam coconut milk pudding with cashews and spices

Sri Lankan Specials

Rice And Curry Combination $8.00 chicken / beef / fish
Rice And Curry Combination $12.00 shrimp / lamb
Rice And Curry Combination $7.00 vegetable
Fried Rice $10.00 chicken / pork / beef
Fried Rice $12.00 shrimp or sea food / mixed
Fried Rice $8.00 vegetable
Hoppers $12.00 served with kafta sambol (3 plain and 1 with egg) chicken / lamb / beef / fish
Hoppers $10.00 vegetable
String Hoppers served with coconut sambol and watery coconut milk curry. (15 string hoppers)
String Hoppers $10.00 chicken / beef / fish / vegetable
String Hoppers $12.00 lamb
Pittu a combination of grated coconut and rice flour steamed in bamboo and accompanied with fresh coconut milk and chili onion sambol.
Pittu $12.00 chicken / beef / fish / lamb
Pittu $10.00 vegetable
Kotthu Roti chopped roti sauteed with vegetables and eggs served with curry sauce
Kotthu Roti $9.00 chicken / beef / fish
Kotthu Roti $11.00 lamb
Kotthu Roti $8.00 vegetable
String Hopper Kothtu shredded steamed rice noodles sauteed with vegetables and egg served with curry sauce
String Hopper Kothtu $9.00 chicken / beef / fish
String Hopper Kothtu $11.00 lamb
String Hopper Kothtu $8.00 vegetable
Biriyani basmati rice cooked with yogurt and south indian spices accompanied with raita, mint sambol, boiled egg and pineapple
Biriyani $10.00 chicken
Biriyani $12.00 lamb
Biriyani $11.00 beef
Biriyani $9.00 vegetable
Lamprais $10.00 chicken
Lamprais $12.00 fish/mutton
Lamprais $13.00 sea food
Lamprais $9.00 vegetable
Devilled Dish pan-seared meat with peppers, tomatoes and onion served with steamed rice
Devilled Dish $10.00 chicken / pork / beef
Devilled Dish $12.00 fish
Devilled Dish $13.00 sea food
Coconut Roti a combination of grated coconut and wheat flour pan grilled served with katta sambol (3 roti per portion)
Coconut Roti $10.00 chicken / beef / fish / pork
Coconut Roti $12.00 lamb
Coconut Roti $13.00 sea food

Side Order

Egg Godamba Roti $2.50
Plain Godamba Roti $1.50
Mallum $4.00
Coconut Sambol $4.00
Seeni Sambol $4.00
Egg Pant Moju $5.00
Curry $5.00 chicken / beef / fish
Curry $6.00 lamb / shrimp / squad

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