Banaras Indian Veg Cuisine

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Cuisine: Indian, Thai.


Asian Veg Spring Rolls $5.50 spiced tomato kalonji chutney
Veg Triangles ;Samosa; $4.95 crushed veg wrapped in a crisp savoury puttee, date and mint chutneys
Kashi Tikki $5.50 green apples nuts and rasins stuffed mashed potatoes patties, mango chutney
Mixed Veg Fritters $5.50 mized veg tossed in a spiced gram flour two chutneys
Samosa Chaat $5.95 samosa topped with chickpea flour crispies tamarind yogurt drizzle
Sabudana Wadi $5.50 mustard seed tempered tapioca cutlets yogurt chutney
Sambhar Wada $4.95 savoury bean donut sambhar tempered coconut chutney
Banarasi Kebab $5.50 mashed bananas cauliflower carrots and ginger kebabs mango chutney
Sambhar Idly $4.95 steamed rice cakes sambhar and coconut chutney
Dahi Bhalle $4.95 lentil donuts topped with cumin scented sweet yogurt
Twice Spiced Tomato Basil $3.99 basil oil drip

Classic South Indian Crepes

Uttappum $7.50
Rava Masala Dosa $8.95
Mysore Masala Dosa $8.50
Original Masala Dosa $7.95
Spinach Dosa $8.95
Plain Dosa $7.50


Daal Makhani $6.95 mustard curry leaves and garlic temered red lentils
Chole $6.95 garbanzo bean stew
Dhabe Di Daal $6.50 ginger and asefodita scented split lentils
Bombay Missal $6.25 assorted pea stew with red onions and flour crispes
Bisi Bele Hulianna $6.50 south indian kichree
Plain Rice $3.00
Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice $3.50
Lemony Coconut Rice $3.50
Tamarind Rice $3.50
Green Chutney Rice $3.50


Naan Peshawari $3.75 dried fruits and nuts stuffed
Spinach Cheese Naan $3.50
Bhatura $1.75
Puri $1.75
Roti $1.75
Naan $1.75
Cracked Peppercorn & Cheese Naan $2.95
Banarasi Aloo Paratha $3.25
Garlic Basil Naan $2.50
Pav $2.00 (indian bread)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Jal Zeera $1.75
Kaala Khatta $1.75
Falooda $3.95
Cold Coffee $3.50
Chaas $2.25
Strawberry, Mango Or Chocolate Milkshake $3.00
Sweet / Salted Lassi $2.75
Mango Lassi $3.50
Soda’s $1.35
Chai $1.75
Coffee $1.75

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