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Cuisine: Barbecue, Korean.

Lunch Specials

Bento Box Lunch Special $12.00 lunchbox with choice of korean bbq. served with salad, pickled vegetables and choice of rice.
Mixed Rice Bowl Lunch Special $10.00 rice topped with marinated zucchini, shiitake, bean sprouts, daikon, spinach and crisp greens.
Spinach Miso Soup $5.00 red miso soup with tofu, spinach and scallion.
Korean Tacos $12.00 taco platter with choice of korean bbq. served with corn tortillas, asian pico, guacamole, chips and rice.
Sliders $12.00 two mini burgers with choice of korean bbq. served with salad and tortilla chips.
Fried Rice Lunch Special $12.00 wok fried rice with egg, beansprouts and scallion.
Sesame Noodles Lunch Special $12.00 stir fried glass noodles with assorted vegetables, soy and sesame.
Chicken Wings Lunch Special $17.00 – $23.00 crispy double fried chicken wings. served with pickled daikon cubes, salad and jalapeno biscuit.
Spare Ribs Lunch Special $12.00 – $17.00 slow roasted pork ribs basted in a soy chili bbq glaze. served with salad, pickled vegetables and rice.


Cham Chi Hwe $15.00 ahi tuna sashimi dressed with a citrus, soy & chili sauce over sliced asian pear
Yook Hwe $16.00 steak tartare marinated in sesame, soy & garlic served with crisp asian pear
Bo Ssam Bun $13.00 roast pork belly, spicy daikon & sweet soy reduction on steamed flour buns
Bul Go Gi Bun $13.00 marinated thinly sliced beef rib eye & spicy daikon on steamed flour buns
Mandu $12.00 fried dumplings served with tofu chili dipping sauce & steamed asian broccoli (shrimp or beef)
Pa Jun $16.00 traditional sizzling pancake with scallion & mixed peppers (vegetarian, kimchi or seafood)
Dak Nal Ke $13.00 spicy honey chili glazed crispy chicken wings with pickled daikon & tofu sauce
Bann Ga Ri Bi $14.00 minced sea scallop & korean pine mushroom baked in a light shrimp mousse
Jap Chae $14.00 glass noodles stir fried with assorted vegetables, soy & sesame (vegetarian or beef)
Jang Aw Gui $13.00 eel broiled in a sweet soy marinade served over sizzling stones
Dae Ji Jim $13.00 baby pork ribs slow roasted with a sweet soy & chili barbecue sauce
Bin Dae Duk $12.00 mini griddled pancakes made with ground mungbean, beansprouts & kimchi
O Jing Aw Tikim $14.00 calamari, eggplant & chayote tempura with a sweet & spicy chili glaze
Duk Bokki $12.00 rice cake sauteed in a spicy red chili pepper sauce (vegetarian or beef)

Kimbap Sushi Rolls

Sea Bass Tempura $13.00
Soft Shell Crab $13.00
Beef Rib Eye $13.00
Kimchi $11.00
Vegetable $11.00

Soups & Stews $18

Yook Ke Jang spicy red chili soup with shredded beef, glass noodles, shiitake, egg & scallion
Duk Guk rice cake, beef, egg & scallion in beef broth
Duk Guk $3.00 add shrimp or beef dumplings
Gooksu Jang Guk hotpot soup with somen noodles, beef, shiitake, cabbage & zucchini
Hae Mul Gooksu mixed seafood, egg noodles & assorted vegetables in a light broth
Kimchi Chige spicy kimchi hotpot stew with tofu, pork belly, onion & scallion
Den Jang Chige miso hotpot stew with tofu, pork, zucchini, mushroom, onion & green chili
Soon Doo Boo spicy silky tofu hotpot stew (plain, seafood, beef or kimchi)

Rice & Noodle Dishes

Bokkum Bap $17.00 wok fried rice with beansprouts, egg & scallion (vegetarian, beef, chicken, shrimp)
Bi Bim Bap $18.00 mixed rice with assorted marinated & fresh vegetables (vegetarian, beef, chicken)
Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap $20.00 bi bim bap cooked in a sizzling stone bowl (vegetarian, beef, chicken)
Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bap $22.00 sesame marinated steak tartare over bi bim bap (with raw egg yolk)
Bibim Neng Myun $19.00 cold buckwheat noodles, beef, cucumber & egg with spicy red pepper sauce
Bann Gooksu $24.00 soy & sesame stir fried noodles with assorted vegetables (vegetarian, beef, chicken)

Traditional Entrees

Bo Ssam $25.00 roast pork belly with sweet soy reduction, spicy daikon, miso sauce & butter lettuce wraps
Nakji Bokkum $24.00 spicy stir fried baby octopus & mixed vegetables over egg noodles
Jae Yook Kimchi $25.00 lean pork belly sauteed with kimchi & peppers in a spicy korean chili sauce
Dak Dori Tang $25.00 casserole with chicken, potato & carrot stewed in a spicy red pepper sauce
Bann Tofu $23.00 lightly breaded tofu over assorted vegetables sauteed in a mild kimchi sauce
Dae Ji Kalbi $25.00 slowly roasted pork spare ribs in a soy & chili barbecue sauce
Kalbi Jim $30.00 tender beef short rib (off the bone) with kabocha braised in a sake ginger soy glaze
Un Dae Gu Jo Rim $36.00 black cod & daikon simmered in a spicy, sweet garlic soy reduction

Korean Barbeque

Bul Go Gi $30.00 thinly sliced beef rib eye
Kal Bi $32.00 boneless beef short ribs
An Shim $34.00 filet mignon
Dae Ji $25.00 spicy pork tenderloin
Sae Woo $26.00 shrimp
Yun Aw $26.00 atlantic salmon
Cham Chi $28.00 yellow fin tuna
Hyaw Mit $26.00 sliced beef tongue
Dak $26.00 chicken breast
O Ree $27.00 long island duck breast
Ya Chae $20.00 assorted vegetables
Bo Sot $20.00 shiitake mushrooms
Barbecue Platter $90.00 beef short rib, beef rib eye, shrimp, salmon
Barbecue Platter $125.00 beef short rib, beef rib eye, filet mignon, duck breast, shrimp, salmon


Extra Side Of Rice $2.00
5 Grain Jasmine Rice $3.00
Extra Kimchi $3.00


Soda $2.50 coke, diet coke, sprite, club soda, ginger ale
Pellegrino Water $8.00 – $5.00
Voss Water $8.00 – $5.00

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