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Juices and Beverages
Sugar Cane Juice Thirst quenching fresh sugarcane juice.
Orange Juice $4.99 Orange juice prepared fresh on the spot.
Carrot Juice Pure carrot juice with no extracts.
Lemon Juice $3.99 The most popular thirst quencher.
Grapefruit Juice Fresh grapefruit juice.
Apple Juice $4.99 An iron packed glass of pure apple juice.
Banana Milk Shake
Banana Smoothie $4.99
Mango Milk Shake Irresistible milkshake prepared from the king of fruits.
Mango Smoothie $4.99
Strawberry Milkshake An all time favorite, blended with sweetened milk and fresh strawberries.
Strawberry Smoothie $4.99
Chickoo Milkshake An exotic fruit with an exceptionally sweet, malty flavor blended with milk and ice.
Lassi $2.99 – $3.99 A refreshing sweet or salty yogurt drink.
Doodh Patti $2.00 Chai made only with milk.
Iced Tea Fresh cool tea.
Soft Drink $1.49


Halwa Puri Breakfast $4.99 Four puris, aalo salan, cholay and halwa. Veggie.
Anda Paratha Breakfast Garden fresh egg omelet along with paratha.
Qeema and Paratha Breakfast $5.99 Ground beef with paratha.
Cheesy Omelet Breakfast Egg omelet with cheese.
Egg and Hunter Beef Breakfast $6.99 Your choice of egg with a side serving of homemade hunter beef.
Eggs Breakfast Two eggs the way you like it.
Bread Breakfast $0.75 Single serving.


Soup of the Day Chef recommended soup of the day. Please call the restaurant for today’s selection.
Chicken Tandoori Salad $5.99 A fine mix of protein with fresh veggies.
Chinese Salad Crisp noodles and veggies topped with a delicious homemade dressing.
Greek Salad $4.99 Fresh bed of veggies along with feta cheese and a serving of dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Wings Spicy and flavorful chicken wings. Spicy.
Pani Puri $3.99 Pieces of round, hard, puffy puri shells partially filled with chickpeas and dipped with a touch of our tamarind chutney. Exotic spicy water makes it stand apart. Spicy. Veggie.
Chicken Strips Tender chicken strips.
Dahi Puri $3.99 Pieces of round, hard, puffy puri shells partially filled with mashed potatoes and chickpeas. Dipped generously with our tamarind chutney, spicy green chutney and sweetened beaten yogurt. Veggie.
Mix Chaat A mixture of potato pieces and chickpeas mixed with our tamarind chutney, green chutney and a coat of thick sweetened yogurt. Topped with chopped onions, hot spices and papri. Spicy. Veggie.
Sev Puri $3.99 Pieces of flat puris piled with mash potatoes, diced tomatoes, a lavish coat of sev and a dash of our tamarind chutney. Veggie.
Dahi Bara Fried vadas submerged in thick beaten sweetened yogurt. Topped with coriander leaves, chat masala and crisp flat puris. Veggie.
Chicken Pakora $4.99 Boneless white meat chicken breast deep fried in chickpea batter.
Vegetable Pakora Assorted vegetables dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried. Veggie.
Punjabi Samosa $1.49 A stuffed fried pastry with a savory mashed potato filling. Its unique flavor, size and shape makes it a treat. Veggie.
Samosa A stuffed, fried pastry with savory minced chicken, beef or mashed potato filling. Served with our all special chutney.


Fried Paratha Crisp leavened white bread deep fried to perfection.
Garlic Naan $1.50 Naan finished with hints of butter and garlic.
Chapatti Stoned whole wheat bread cooked over a low flame.
Wheat Paratha $1.50 Buttered whole wheat bread.
Naan Traditional leavened white bread cooked in a clay oven and served with a dash of hot butter.
Puri $0.75 Unleavened deep fried wheat bread.

Sandwiches and Burgers

Sandwiches and Burgers
Double Decker Cheeseburger Loaded with meat and cheese.
Chicken Panini Sandwich $6.99 Prepared with a mouthwatering mixture of home blend cheeses with chicken chunks and spice-treated onions spread over fine herb and garlic focaccia bread.
Club Sandwich A delightful three layered sandwich with eggs and veggies along with chicken chunks and our special sauces.
Chicken Burger $4.99 The all time favorite burger wrapped in a luscious chicken patty with a slice of cheese and condiments.
Beef Burger A juicy beef patty over a soft bun with a slice of cheddar cheese and condiments.
Bun Kebab $2.99 Special patty made from specially cured beef and lentils.
Kebab Roll Skewered chicken or beef kebabs wrapped in your choice of bread.
Beef Bihari Roll $6.99 Sliced pieces of beef wrapped in your choice of bread.
Chicken Malai Boti Roll Boneless chicken malai chunks wrapped in your choice of bread.
Chicken Boti Roll $5.99 Boneless chicken chunks wrapped in your choice of bread.
French Fries It just goes with everything.


Goat Chomps Entree $14.99 Choice cuts of goat chops soaked in special spices and grilled to perfection.
Sizzling Tilapia Fish Entree A full tilapia fish ,your choice of fried or grilled.
BBQ Rice Entree $8.99 A bed of steamed basmati rice with sauteed vegetables and your choice of meat coated with homemade BBQ sauce.
Karahi Entree Exotic curry cooked in a karahi.
Nehari Entree $6.99 Exotic thick curry with tender morsels of sirloin beef.
Karahi Qeema Entree Minced meat marinated with ginger, garlic and our traditional spices cooked with onions, red chilies and green chilies.
Haleem Entree $6.99 A mixture of finely ground wheat, beef, lentils and spices slow cooked for hours to gives it exotic flavors.
Butter Chicken Entree The luscious butter and tomato sauce is poured over the specially treated chicken and cooked with fresh cream.
Fish Fillet with Rice Entree $11.99 Tilapia fillet served over a bed of steamed basmati rice.
Prawn Masala Entree Shrimp cooked in light gravy sauce with fresh ground spices.
Fried Prawns Entree $13.99 Spiced up with delicious herbs, ginger, garlic and lemon then fried to golden brown.
Biryani Entree Steamed basmati rice layered with thick meat curry.
Fried Rice Entree $6.99 Steamed rice stir-fried with eggs, vegetables and meat.
Steamed Rice Our plain steamed white basmati rice.
Okra Masala Entree $6.99 Okra sauteed with onions, tomatoes and our traditional signature spices.
Mixed Vegetables Entree Assorted seasonal vegetables cooked in our select spices and herbs. Veggie.
Ghobi Aalo Entree $6.99 Fresh cauliflower and potatoes with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions and spices.
Daal Fry Entree Yellow lentils simmered in tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger.
Palak Paneer Entree $6.99 Spinach cured with special spices and chunks of cottage cheese.
Paneer Tikka Masala Entree A thick tomato gravy prepared in the south Asian way with chunks of cottage cheese.
Lahori Cholay Entree $4.99 A wonderfully flavored, thick chickpea curry.

From the Grill

From the Grill
Filet Mignon Steak $14.99 Tender filet mignon perfected with select spices and grilled over charcoal.
Beef Fajitas Select rib eye perfected with homemade spices.
Chicken Bihari Strips $7.99 Two full skewers of sliced pieces of lean chicken, marinated in select spices and oils and slow grilled for its unique taste and aroma.
Chicken Fajitas A flavorful spicy chicken.
Beef Bihari Strips $8.99 Two full skewers of delicately sliced pieces of beef, cured with just the right amount of ground spices and oils, slow grilled to give it the mouth watering taste and aroma.
Beef Kebab Finely minced rolls of char-coaled beef getting their distinct taste from the spices native to the subcontinent.
Gola Kebab $7.49 Extremely delicate, smooth and mouth watering balls of lean ground beef, cured with select spices and oils, grilled on a very high flame to maintain the texture.
Chicken Tikka Leg Quarter Tender bone in chicken marinated in cultured yogurt and seven finely selected spices. Grilled to perfection over charcoal to give it its fine taste.
Chicken Boneless Boti $5.99 Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in handpicked aromatic spices and yogurt, flame broiled on skewers over charcoal.
Chicken Boneless Malai Boti Skewered cubes of creamy boneless chicken treated generously with clotted cream, aromatic spices and yogurt, flame broiled over charcoal.
Chicken Kebab $5.99 Tender rolls of minced chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and handpicked spices, grilled over charcoal to give them the smoky taste and aroma.
Grilled Prawns Carefully peeled and marinated in our special spices then tenderly charbroiled to perfection.


BBQ Double Platter Special $21.99 Serves two. Includes chicken tikka leg quarter, chicken boneless boti, chicken malai boti, chicken sheesh kebab, beef sheesh kebab, beef bihari strip and four naans.
BBQ Chicken Mania Special A feast of grilled chicken items including chicken tikka, chicken boti, chicken malai boti and chicken kebab served with two naans.
BBQ Beef Mania Special $10.99 Includes beef bihari, beef kebab and beef gola kebab, served with two naans.
BBQ Platter Special Includes chicken tikka leg quarter, chicken boti, chicken kebab, chicken bihari, beef kebab and beef bihari, served with two naans.


2 oz. A1 Sauce $0.75
2 oz. Ranch Sauce
2 oz. Mango Pickle $0.50


Kulfi A delicious thick custard-like ice cream.
Falooda $4.99 A cold and sweet beverage by mixing select syrups with rice noodles, fruit chunks and jelly pieces.
Gulab Jamun Dumplings made of thickened milk, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup. Served warm.
Ras Malai $4.49 Delicious patties of curdled milk submerged in creamy sauce.
Suji Halwa A delicious dessert made from semolina.
Ice Cream $1.99
Gola Ganda 12 oz. shaved ice cone.

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