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Cuisine: Barbecue, Indian, Vegetarian.


1. Potato Cutlet $2.50 mashed potatoes mixed with spices and herbs.
2. Fish Cutlet $4.00 mashed salmon mixed with mild spices.
3. Chicken Chapli Kabab $2.00 grounded chicken blended with spices.
4. Vegetable Samosas $2.00 triangular patties stuffed with mild seasoned potato and peas. served with tamarind and mint chutney.
5. Vegetable Pakora $4.00 seasoned vegetable fritters.
6. Samosa Chana Chat $5.99 samosa spiced turnover stuffed with potato peas in mixed with our signature chana masala and herbs.
7. Vegetable Spring Rolls $4.00
8. Chicken Samosa $2.50
9. Fried Chicken Wings $5.99 served with fries.
10. Fried Chicken Wings $5.99 served with fries.
11. Chicken Nuggets $3.00
12. French Fries $2.50
13. Chicken Gyro $6.00
14. Lamb Gyro $6.00
15. Chicken Kabab Roll $6.00 seekh kabab with naan bread.
16. Chicken Tikka Roll $6.00 boneless chicken roll with naan bread.

Salad & Accompaniments

Raita $2.00
Mixed Achar $2.00
Mango Chutney $2.50
Garden Salad $3.50
Extra White Rice $2.00
Extra Brown Rice $3.00
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.50
Cheese Salad $4.99
Plum Chutney $3.00


42. Aloo Palak $6.00 spinach and potatoes cooked with mild spices and herbs.
43. Aloo Gobi Matter $7.00 fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with mild spices and herbs.
44. Mixed Vegetables $7.00 freshly cooked vegetables mixed with spices and herbs.
45. Bhindi Fry (Okra) $7.00
46. Chana Masala $6.00 chick peas cooked in fresh onions, tomatoes and garlic sauce.
47A. Chana Dal $6.00 split lentils cooked with ginger turmeric, tomatoes, onions and garlic.
47B. Massor Dal $6.00
48. Paneer Palak $7.00 fresh spinach and cheese cubes cooked with herbs and spices.
49. Dal Palak $7.00 lentils cooked with spinach and herbs.
50. Novratan Korma $7.99 seasoned fresh vegetables cooked with nuts and raisins.
51. Eggplant Potato $7.00 eggplant (baigan) cooked with potato spices and herbs.

Chicken Selection

30. Chicken Tikka Masala $9.00 boneless chicken cooked in creamy nuts sauce.
31. Chicken Makhni $9.00 boneless chicken cooked in butter and creamy sauce.
32. Curry Chicken $7.00 pieces of chicken gently cooked in curry sauce.
33. Palak Chicken $7.00 pieces of chicken cooked in spinach.
34. Chana Chicken $7.00 pieces of chicken cooked in chickpeas (chana).
35. Vindaloo Chicken $8.00 chicken cooked with potato and spicy sauce.
36. Karahi Chicken $7.99 chicken pieces cooked with fresh tomato, green chilies, ginger and other spices and herbs.
37. Jelfrazy Chicken $8.99 chicken gently cooked with tomato, bell peppers and onions.
38. Kofta Chicken $7.00 chicken meat balls cooked in curry spices.
39. Korma Chicken $7.00 chicken cooked in mild nut sauce.
40. Chicken Aloo Keema $8.00 ground chicken cooked with potatoes and peas.
41. Sweet & Sour Chicken $9.00 chicken pieces with green peppers and onion in sweet and sour sauce.

Lamb, Goat & Beef

17. Curry $9.99 cooked in curry sauce.
18. Vindaloo $9.95 cooked with potato and spicy sauce.
19. Spinach (Palak) $9.95
20. Karahi $10.99 pieces of meat cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
21. Korma $9.95 cooked in mild nut sauce.
22. Beef Nehari $10.99 tender beef chunks slowly cooked in a thick gravy.
23. Beef Paya $10.99
24. Haleem $9.99 chicken or beef mixed with lentils and spices, slowly cooked for a delicate taste.

Seafood Selection

25. Fried Fish $7.99 tilapia. served with rice and salad.
26. Fish Masala Curry $12.00 fish with bone cooked with garlic, ginger, tomato and curry spice.
27. Tandoori Fish $10.99 tilapia. whole seasoned and cooked in grill.
28. Fish Tikka $10.95 salmon. pieces of fish cooked in a tandoor.
29. Shrimp Curry $12.99 shrimp cooked in curry sauce.

Rice Selection

52. Chicken Biryani $7.00
53. Goat Biryani $9.99
54. Lamb Biryani $9.99
55. Beef Biryani $8.99
56. Vegetable Biryani $6.99
57. Prawn Biryani $10.99
58. Vegetable Fried Rice Biryani $6.99
59. Chicken Fried Rice Biryani $7.99

BBQ Selection

60. Tandoori BBQ Seekh Kabab $2.00
61. Chicken Reshmi Kabab $3.00
62. Chicken Tikka With Bone $6.99 marinated chicken slowly grilled to perfection.
63. Chicken Tikka Boneless $6.99 boneless chicken marinated in yogurt spices and lemon juice.
64. Beef Behari Kabab $3.00 fine beef mince cooked with special mix of spices and herbs.
65. Chicken Behari Kabab $3.00 fine chicken mince cooked with special mix of spices and herbs.
66. Chop Steak $12.00 lamb chops cooked in light spices.
67. Beef Tikka $7.99 marinated beef slowly grilled to perfection.
68. Grilled Shrimps $13.99
69. Lamb Tikka $7.99 marinated lamb slowly grilled to perfection.
70. BBQ Beef Steak $12.00 cooked on charcoal grill with light spices.
71. BBQ Mixed Grill $18.99 mixed all bbq items served with rice.
72. Chicken Tandoori Leg $6.00 2 pieces.

Bread Selection

73. Tandoori Naan $1.00 soft white flour bread.
74. Tandoori Roti $1.00 whole wheat bread.
75. Poori $1.00
76. Sesame Naan $1.50 soft white flour bread with sesame seeds.
77. Garlic Naan $2.00 soft white flour bread filled with garlic.
78. Onion Kulcha $3.50 soft white flour bread filled with onions and spices.
79. Meat Naan $4.00 soft white flour bread filled with chicken meat.
80. Rosemary Naan $3.00 soft white flour with rosemary seeds.
81. Keema Paratha (Chicken) $4.00


Gulab Jaman $3.00
Rasgulla $3.00
Kheer Badami $4.00
Ice Cream $3.00
Ras Mali $4.00


Regular Tea $1.00
Masala Tea $1.25
Lemon Tea $1.25
Mango Lassi $4.00
Sweet & Salty Lassi $2.00
Bottle Of Water $1.00
Soda $1.00 – $3.00 soda choice: coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale, fanta orange.

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