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Cuisine: Italian.

Antipasti – Fredi

Peperoni Arrostiti con Acciughe $10.95 Fresh roasted peppers with anchovies.
Prosciutto e Melone $11.95 Prosciutte and melon.
Carpaccio $13.95 Sliced raw beef with arugula and parmigiano.
Antipasto Fredo $12.95 Lettuce, roasted peppers, prosciutto, egg, shrimp and olives.
Gamberi Cocktail $15.95 Jumbo shrimp cocktail.

Antipasti – Caldi

Cozze Posillipo $11.95 Mussels in light tomato sauce and garlic.
Vongole Posillipo $13.95 Clams in light tomato sauce and garlic.
Vongole Oreganate $12.95 Baked clams.
Gamberu alla Griglia $15.95 Jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce.
Calamari Friti $13.95 Fried squid.
Zucchini Fritti $9.95 Fried zucchini


Pomodori e Cipolle $8.95 Sliced tomatoes and onions.
Insalate Verde $8.95 Mixed green salad.
Insalata Tricolore $9.95 Arugula, endive and radicchio.
Insalata Cesare $9.95 Caesar salad.


Stracciatella Fiorentina $7.95
Minestrone $7.95


Linguini Pomodoro e Basilico $18.95 Linguini with tomato sauce and basil.
Rigatoni Matriciana $19.95 Rigatoni with bacon, onions & fresh tomatoes.
Spaghetti Bolonesa $19.95 Spaghetti with meat sauce.
Whole Wheat Penne $19.95 Tomato sauce and garlic.
Gluten Free Linguini $20.95 Sauteed spinach, garlic and oil.
Cappellini Primavera $19.95 Angel hair pasta with fresh vegetables.
Fettuccini Alfredo $19.95 Fettuccini with cheese, cream and butter.
Linguini alle Vongole $20.95 Linguini with red or white clam sauce.
Pasta Special

Crostaci e Pesce

Calamari fra Diavolo con Linguini $23.95 Squid with red spicy sauce over linguini.
Cozze Posillipo $23.95 Mussels in light tomato sauce.
Filletti di Sogliola al Limone $28.95 Filet of sole with lemon and white wine.
Zuppa di Pesce con Linguini $31.95 Combination of fish & shellfish over liguini.
Gamberi fra Diavolo con Linguini $33.95 Jumbo shrimp with red spicy sauce over linguini.


Pollo Scarpariello $21.95 Small pieces of boneless chicken with garlic and white wine.
Pollo Paillarde con Insalata $21.95 Grilled breast of chicken with special chopped salad.
Pollo alla Parmigiana con Linguini $23.95 Breaded breast of chicken with tomato sauce & mozarella.
Pollo alla Moda $22.95 Breast of chicken with mushrooms, artichokes and hot cheery peppers.


Scaloppine Piccata $22.95 Veal with lemon & wine sauce.
Scaloppine Marsala $23.95 Veal with mushrooms & marsala sauce.
Scaloppine saltimboca $24.95 Sliced veal sauteed with fresh spinach, sliced prosciutto, wine sauce.
costolleta Paillarde $35.95 Grilled pounded veal chopped.
Costoletta Capricciosa $35.95 Breaded veal chop with special chopped salad.
Costoletta alla griglia $36.95 Double cut boiled veal chop.
Bistecca ai Ferri con Portobello $34.95 Prime sirloin steak with portobello mushrooms.
Mignonette alla Griglia $34.95 Grilled fillet mignon.

Specials – Appetizers

Burrata Mozzarella $13.95
Artichoke Salad $13.95
Avocado Salad $13.95
Portobello Mushroom Soup $13.95
Boquerones (Fresh Anchovies) $13.95

Specials – Entrees

Ravioli with Tomato and Basil Sauce $26.95
Swordfish $32.95
Salmon Dillon Mustard $30.95
Branzino Marechiara $32.95
Veal Chop Valdostana $38.95


Spumoni $8.95
Chocolate Mousse Cake $8.95
Tartufo $9.95
Carmel Custurd $8.95
N.Y.Cheesecake $8.95
Frutta Fresca $9.95
Tiramisu $9.95
Fragale con Zabaione o Crema $9.95


Americano $2.75
Tea $2.75
Brewed Decaffeinated $2.75
Espresso $3.95
Cappucino $4.50
Caffe Bello $11.95

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