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Cuisine: Desserts, Pizza, Bakery & Pastries.


Breading $4.95
Challah $11.95
Cinnamon Raisin Bread $12.95
Croutons $6.95
Hamburger Buns $10.95
High Performance Bread $8.99
Mini Sub Rolls $10.95


Dippin Donuts $15.95
Whipped Up Waffles $8.95


Assorted $16.95
Chocolate $15.95
Creamsicle $15.95
Strawberry $15.95
Vanilla $15.95

Chips $8.59

Crispy Banana
Crunchy Apple
Munchy Sweet Potato
Sweet Pear
Yummy Beet


Almond Macaroon $12.95
Assorted Cookies $15.95
Black And White Cookie $3.59
Carrot Cake Cookies $12.95
Chocolate Almond Macaroon $13.95
Chocolate Chip Biscotti $12.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies $12.95
Chocolate Coconut Macaroon $13.95
Chocolate Raspberry Lady Fingers $13.95
Coconut Macaroon $12.95
Decorative Sugar Cookies $4.50
Jellybelly Button Cookies $12.95
Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti $13.95
Yum Yum Cookies $12.95

Mini Cakes And Pies

Assorted Mini Pound Cakes $16.95
Banana Nut Bread $15.95
Chocolate Brownie $15.95
Lemon Pound Cake $15.95
Pumpkin Bread $15.95
Pumpkin Pie $17.95
Vegan Apple Pie $17.95

Special Occassion Cakes

Shapes round or square
Cake Flavors chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, creamsicle, carrot, lemon, marble (chocolate & vanilla swirl).
Fillings vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange.
Frosting Options artistic design fondant, creamy frostings, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange.


Apple Cinnamon $12.95
Assorted $13.95
Banana $12.95
Chocolate Chip $12.95


Gluten & Dairy Free Pizza $20.00 – $18.95 bellyhugs thin crust pizza is kosher, gluten, and dairy free making it truly one of a kind. after partially baking or pizza we immediately wrap and freeze them, making it simple for you to have fresh
Gluten & Dairy Free Pizza $10.00 crust only

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