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Soupes Et Entrees

Gratinee Al’ Oignon $6.00 french onion soup with toast and swiss cheese
Soupe Du Jour $5.00 soup of the day
Soupe De Poulet $6.50 pulled chicken soup with cilantro
Planche De Charcuterie $13.50 pate, assorted french cold cuts, camenber, olives, cornichons, onion jam
Cassolette D Escargot Al’ Ail $7.00 traditional snails in strong garlic, butter sauce
Terrine De Foie, Gras, Gelee Au Sauterne $18.50 terrine of foie gras and sauterne jelly
Avocat Aux Crevettes $10.50 avocado and shrimp in a french cocktail sauce
Moules Ala Ciboulette Or Indian style $7.50 prince edward island mussels steamed in creamy white wine sauce and chives
Gate Au De Crabe Al’ Aioli $13.50 4 oz crab cake with saffron garlic sauce
Cuisses De Grenouille Enpersillade $8.50 crispy frog legs in a garlic butter sauce
Salade De Poulet Au Curry $8.00 curried chicken salad

Les Consistants

Steak Frites Bordelaisse $20.50 grilled ny striploin with shallot re wine sauce
Boeuf Bourguignon $15.50 french traditional beef stew in a red wine sauce
Moules Prince Edward A La Ciboulette Or Indian Style $10.50 prince edward island mussels in a creamy white and chive broth with french fries
Steak Tart Are $17.50 pure raw filet mignon in a tartare dressing served with or spicy with french fries and salad
Filet De Saumon Grille $16.50 grilled salmon filet with cappers and lemon vinaigrette
Coq Au Vin $15.50 braised chicken in red wine sauce with bacon and pearl onions
Fettuccini Au Homard $17.50 fettuccini in a lobster bisque with lobster meat
Poisson Du Jour fish of the day
Bisou Burger $9.50 8 oz of chopped beef french style with swiss add $0.50

Les salades

Salade D’ Endives $9.00 belgium endives, watercress, bleu d’ auvergne cheese, candied walnuts in a mustard vinaigrette
La Nicoise $9.50 with tomatoes, boiled egg, black olives, anchovies, green beans, roasted peppers and potatoes with grilled salmon add $5.00, with grilled chicken add $5.00, with shrimps add $6.00
La Maison $6.00 mixed greens with mustard vinaigrette, add $5.00 for either chicken or salmon
La Vegetarienne $9.00 mixed greens, roasted portobello, julienne of seasonal vegetables with warm black rice basil dressing, add $5.00 for chicken or salmon
La Fromage $12.00 mixed greens, roasted camembert, roasted pear, pine nuts in a mustard vinaigrette
La Calamar $9.50 sauteed squid in pesto on mixed greens with roasted tomato dressing, olives and roasted red peppers
La Crabe $14.50 a crispy crab cake on mixed greens served with tomato dressing
Salade Caesar Maison $7.00 house caesar salad. with grilled salmon add $5.00, with grilled chicken add $4.00, with shrimps add $7.00
Salade Homard $15.50 rock lobster and vegetables salad

Les Sandwiches

all sandwiches served with french fries and salad
Le Chevre Chaud $9.00 warm coat cheese, tomato confit, portobello, basil
Le Club $9.00 grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, tomato, swiss cheese
Le Jambon Fromage $9.00 ham and cheese
L’ It Auen $9.00 grilled chicken, tomato, mozzarella, olive, basil
Le Crabe Mayonnaise $14.00 crab salad in homemade mayonnaise in crispy bread
Le Croque Monsieur $9.50 the french version of cuban sandwich on white bread, add $2.00 a croque madame
Le Homard $15.50 rock lobster and vegetables
Le Poulet Curry $9.00 curried chicken salad

L’ Executive

executive menu and le bisou non available on saturday and sunday
L’ Executive $14.50 soup of the day or, house salad, or chicken soup, fish of the day , or mussels, or coqaulivin, or boeuf bourguignon

Le Bisou

executive menu and le bisou non available on saturday and sunday
Le Bisou $9.00 half sandwich & soup of the day, add $2.00 for onion soup

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