Blind Pig

Up to date Blind Pig prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Blind Pig is available in 3 states.

Snacks and Small Plates

Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts $5.00 Bacon onion
Mozzarella Sticks $7.00
Hummus $8.00 Toasted pita, carrots, celery
Soft Pretzels $7.00 Nacho cheese, honey dijon, sriracha mayo
Trio of Deviled Eggs $5.00 Bacon and cheddar, truffle and hot as hell
Hand Cut Parmesan Truffle Fries $7.00 Sriracha mayo, spicy ketchup, jalapeno mayo

Share Plates

Spinach and Artichoke Dip $10.00 Garlic, parmesan, tortilla chips
Nachos $10.00 Cheddar cheese, nacho cheese, jalapeno, sour cream, salsa
Chicken Nachos $13.00 Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, nacho cheese, jalapeno, sour cream, salsa
BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos $13.00 Cheddar cheese, nachos cheese, jalapeno, sour cream, salsa
Buffalo Chicken Nachos $13.00 Grilled chicken, franks red hot, gorgonzola sauce, carrots, celery
Buffalo Tots $10.00 Blind pig hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles
Loaded Tots $10.00 Nachos cheese, ranch, bacon
Macaroni and Cheese $10.00 Four cheese, ritz crackers
Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon $2.00 Four cheese, ritz crackers


Buffalo Chicken $12.00 Grilled chicken, celery blind pig hot sauce, bleu cheese sauce
Caprese $11.00 Tomato, mozzarella, pesto
Pulled Pork $13.00 Guava barbecue, pickled red onion
Garden Style $12.00 Spinach and artichoke puree, feta, artichoke hearts, portobello, greek olives


Dressings homemade bleu cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, caesar, roasted beet. Add chicken to your salad for $3.00
House Salad $7.00 Mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, red onion, garlic croutons
Goat Cheese and Cranberry Salad $12.00 Spinach, crumbled goat cheese, crispy bacon, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, roasted beet dressing
Mediterranean Chopped Salad $12.00 Spinach, romaine, artichoke, chickpeas, feta cheese, greek olives, portobello, cucumber, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette

Blind Pings Famous

Wings and Boneless Wings $8.00 – $22.00 Blind pig hot sauce, blind pig mild buffalo, guava barbecue, garlic butter, old bay, hot asian


3 mini sandwiches served with old bay fries, Sub sweet potato fries or tots $1.00
Cheeseburger $11.00
Buffalo Chicken $11.00
Pulled Pork $11.00
Slider Smapler $18.00 Two of each with fries


Choice of old bay fries or salad. Sub sweet potato fries or tots $1.00
The Pig Burger $14.00 Ground sirloin and spicy sausage blend, bacon, cheddar
Classic Burger $11.00 Ground sirloin, lettuce, tomato, red onion
Black and Blue $13.00 Ground Sirloin, blackening spice, gorgonzola
Pretzel Burger $13.00 American cheese, honey mustard, pretzel roll
The Cure $14.00 Ground sirloin, sausage, american, cheese, sunnyside up egg
Lamb Burger $13.00 Ground lamb, feta cheese, pickled red onion, mint yogurt
Veggir Burger $12.00 Our secret recipe
Turkey Burger $12.00 Mozzarella, turkey bacon, guava barbeque


Choice of old bay fries or salad, sub sweet potato fries or tots $1.00
Buffalo Chicken $12.00 Grilled chicken breast, blind pig hot sauce, bleu cheese romaine
Chicken BLT Club $12.00 Bacon wrapped chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, garlic, aioli, toast
Grilled Portobello $12.00 Portobello, spinach, mozzarella, pesto
Fried Chicken Sandwich $12.00 Spicy batter, swiss, lettuce, sriracha, mayo, pickled red onion

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