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Cuisine: Korean, Southwestern.


Chicken Tenders Snack Big plate of deep-fried breaded chicken breast tenderloins served with honey mustard and fries.
Egg Rolls (2) Hand rolled to order with cabbage & carrots filling in a crisply fried served with hot mustard and duck sauce.
French Fried Potatoes Wedge-cut with skin on.
Kim Bob Hand rolled appetizer with rice, spinach, carrot and pickled radish rolled in seaweed paper, served with wasabi.
Kim-chi Plate Large serving of traditional side dishes
Korean Dumplings (6) Cabbage, beef, clear noodles and green onions in a deep fried wonton skin served with soy dipping sauce.
Krab Puffs (6) Krab meat, cream cheese and green onion in a deep fried wonton skin served with hot mustard and duck sauce.
Tofu Sticks Deep fried, served with soy dipping sauce.


Chicken Tender Salad lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, mushroom and diced fried chicken tenders with choice of dressing.
House Salad Smaller portion of garden salad served with choice of dressing.

Stir Frys

Bul Go Gee Pan fried, thinly sliced beef marinated in a lightly sweetened soy sauce, onions and garlic. A korean classic.
Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry Chicken bul go gee (see above) cooked with cabbage, carrots and squash.
Spicy Pork Thin slices of lean pork marinated in a spicy red pepper sauce with garlic and sliced onions. Starts at medium spicy level.
Kim Chi Fried Rice Rice fried in olive oil with chopped kim chee. (no steamed rice) starts at medium heat level.
Bee Bim Bob Bowl of steamed rice with brown sesame oil and 5 korean vegetables with choice of tofu, beef, chicken or spicy pork with optional sunny-side fried egg on top and ko chu jung sauce (spicy bean paste)
San Choo Bak Ban Beef bul go gee served with lettuce leaves and spicy dipping sauce.
Veggie Stir Fry Cabbage, carrots, squash and mushrooms stir-fried in a sweet soy sauce
Stir Fried Squid Stir fried squid (can substitute tofu or chicken tenderloins) with squash, carrot and onion in a sweet spicy sauce.
Stir Fried Sea Food Squid, scallops, shrimp and krab stir-fried with squash, carrot and onion in a sweet spicy sauce.
Pork and Kim Chee Thin slices of pork loin stewed with kim chee, onions, and brown sesame oil, a very powerful dish . available with chicken or tofu.
Clear Noodle Stir Fry Chop chay) clear noodles (made with sweet potato starch), cabbage, onions, squash, mushrooms and carrots in a lightly sweetened soy sauce with choice tofu, beef, chicken, spicy pork or veggies only.
Ma Po Szechwan-style tofu dish in a very thick beef-bone sauce with tofu, mushrooms, onions and choice of beef, chicken or spicy pork.
Blue Cactus Napa cabbage, shitake mushrooms, squash, carrots and onions with choice of soy, peanut, curry or oyster sauce. a very large stir-fry.
Curry Chicken 7 ounces of chicken breast tenderloin (can substitute tofu) stir-fried with squash, onions, and carrots in a sweet and powerful curry sauce.


Korean Tofu Stew Too-boo chi gae) tofu, squash, radish, onion, mushrooms and garlic in a beef-bone broth with seafood seasoning.
Korean Soft Tofu Stew Soon too-boo chi gae) shrimp, scallops and krab meat with squash, onions, and lots of soft tofu in beef-bone broth.
Korean Tang Jung Stew Tang jung chi gae) rich korean miso made of fermented soybeans with tofu, squash, radish, mushrooms and onions.
Korean Shredded Beef Stew U kay jung) lean long-grain shredded beef, bean sprouts, mushrooms, green onions and egg drop in a beef-bone broth.
Kim Chi Stew Kim chee chi gae) spicy kim chee slow cooked with tofu and onions in a spicy beef-bone broth. Starts at medium plus spicy level.
Korean Seafood Stew Ham-il chi gae) squid, flounder, shrimp, scallops, krab and tofu with squash, radish and onion in a rich seafood broth.
Mondu Stew Mondu gook) beef, cabbage and onion dumplings in a beef-bone broth with seaweed paper garnish. no rice.
Rice Cake Stew Thuck gook) thin sliced dense korean rice cakes in a beef-bone broth with seaweed paper garnish. no rice.
Rice Cake and Mondu Stew Thuck mondu gook) combination of above two stews. no rice.
Korean Beef And Tripe Stew So long tong) thin sliced lean beef and cow stomach (optional) with diced green onions in a thick beef-bone broth.

Sandwiches & Such

Chicken Fried Chicken Sub Deep fried chicken tenderloins with mayo and mustard with lettuce and tomato on french bread
Veggie Sub Sauteed zucchini or fried tofu served with lettuce and tomato with mayo and mustard on french bread.
Chicken Tenders Big plate of deep-fried breaded chicken breast tenderloins served with honey mustard and fries.
Bowl of Rice

Beans & Rice

Veggie Beans Slow cooked red or black beans over rice.
Cajun Red Beans Slow cooked cajun style with sausage over rice.
Cuban Black Beans Slow cooked in chicken broth with ham, onions and bell pepper over rice.
Puerto Rican Red Beans Slow cooked with tomato over rice.

Burritos & Such

Burrito Filling of choice with white cheese and salsa in a flour tortilla.
Quesadillas Filling of choice with 12 pound white cheese in flour tortilla served with salsa. Fillings – sausage, chicken, spicy pork, ropa vieja beef, veggies, tofu or red/black beans.
Ropa Vieja Slow cooked lean shredded roast beef stewed with tomato, onion and bell pepper served with choice of rice or beans and rice.
Spanish Chicken 7 ounces chicken tenderloins (can substitute tofu), bell peppers, onions and carrots braised in a reduced orange juice and vinegar sauce served with choice of rice or beans and rice.

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