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Cuisine: Eastern European.

Supe $3

Teleca Corba traditional serbian soup with beef and vegetables
Jagnjeca Corba traditional serbian soup with lamb and vegetables
Pileca Corba traditional serbian soup with chicken and vegetables

Gotova Jela $7

Pasulj Sa Rebrima beans with smoked ribs
Pasulj Prebranac backed beans
Sarma rolled with cabbage leaves filled with veal, and beef, and rice, served in the own sauce
Punjena Paprika stuffed peppers
Gulas Veal Goulash hungarian gourmet delight of veal and beef cooked with vegetables, served in delicious sauce
Djuvec mixed vegetables with chicken
Skembici tripe in sauce
Podvarak sauerkraut

Snicle $14

Becka Snicla wiener schnitzel the imperial wiener schnitzel breaded veal elaborately garnished
Natur Snicla natur schnitzel prime veal cutlets sauteed in a natural sauce
Karadjordjeva Snicla pork tenderloin stuffed with smoked ham and cheese
Cordon Blue veal stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and special herbs


Bela Vesalica $12.00 grilled pork loin, served with raw onion, white and red cabbage
Dimljena Vesalica $14.00 smoked grilled pork loin
Raznjici $12.00 shish kebab
Muckalica $12.00 mild or spicy gourmet dish with pork tenderloin base, embellished with finely cut onion, tomato, and fresh green pepper slices
Pljeskavica $12.00 serbian ground round steak
Gurumanska Pljeskavica $14.00 serbian ground round steak with smoked ham and swiss cheese
Cevapcici $12.00 ground veal and beef, richly garnished, national specialty
Kombinacija $12.00 selection of cevapcici and raznjici with trimmings
Kremendale $12.00 pork chops with trimmings
Dimljene Kremenadle $14.00 smoked pork chops with trimmings
Leskovacki Ustipci $14.00 stuffed meatballs ground beef with smoked ham and swiss cheese
Kobasice $12.00 sausages with trimmings
Dzipsi Plejt Za 2 Osobe $27.00 mixed combination of meat: pork chops, pork shish kebab, serbian sausage cevapcici, small beef, patty, with trimmings service two

;Boem Specialty;

Punjena Vesalica $14.00 stuffed grill pork loin, pork loin stuffed with smoked ham, swiss cheese and bacon


Srpska Salata $4.00 serbian salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, with house dressing
Sopska Salata $5.00 cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, with house, dressing topped with serbian cheese
Kupus Salata $3.00 cabbage salad
Pecena Paprika $4.00 pepper salad, grilled peppers with vinegar and garlic

Boem Specialty

Pastrmka $18.00 trout with rice and vegetables
Salmon $18.00 white rice and vegetables
Girice $7.00 baby fish
Piletina U Sosu Sa Pecurkama $14.00 chicken in white sauce white mushroom
Caesar Salad $7.00
Chicken Caesar Salad $9.00
Prasece I Jagnjece Pecenje $14.00 roast pork and lamb
Dinstana Teletina I Jagnjetina $14.00 broiled veal and lamb with potatoes
Burek – Sir, Meso I Spanac $7.00 cheese, meat and spinach pie
Yogurt $2.00
Lignje Na Zaru $10.00 grilled calamari

Dessert $4

Vocna Salata fruit salad
Banana Split
Sladoled ice cream
Vocna Torta fruit cake

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