Boner’s BBQ

Up to date Boner’s BBQ prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Barbecue, Soul Food, Ribs.


Bottled Water $1.00
Coke $1.50
Diet Coke $1.50
Sprite $1.50
Iced Tea $1.00 – $3.00
Lemonade $1.00 – $4.00
Watermelon Soda $1.50
Mexi-Coke $2.50
Fanta $1.50

Affairs on the Side

O-Rings $4.00 Tempura fried onion rings. Served with spicy ketchup.
S’Mac ‘N Cheese $4.00 Smoked Gouda, provolone and cheddar cheese over sea shell pasta.
Buford Hwy Brunswick Stew $4.00 Stewed Roma tomatoes in lime-chicken broth, chicken, pork and brisket with corn, hominy and spices.
Asian Jalapeno Slaw $3.00 Slightly dressed green and purple cabbage, Asian sesame mayo, minced jalapeno and cilantro.
Mexi-Corn $3.00 Whole corn on the cobb, butter, salt and pepper and Mexican Parmesan.
420 Baked Beans $3.00 Menage a trois of Boston, black and pinto beans cooked with SweetWater 420 beer.
Fried Collards $3.00 Deep fried collard green chips with rosemary salt.
Studs $3.00 Crispy french fried potato wedges sprinkled with salt and pepper.
Screwed Collards $3.00 Collard in potlikker with caramelized onions in vinegar-pork broth.
Tater Salad $3.00 Creamy potato salad with a hint of rosemary.
Purple Haze Special Sauce $0.50 – $6.00 Grape, balsamic and tomato.
Hot Coque $0.50 – $6.00 Spicy Asian vinegar.
Georgia Peach $0.50 – $6.00 Mustard, peaches and ginger.

Main Dishes

Meats $6.00 – $10.00 Dry rubbed and smoked to perfection.
Poo Poo Platter $28.00 1/4 lb of brisket, chicken and pulled pork and any three sides and four rolls.
On the Bone 1/4 Rack $7.00 Choose either baby back or spare ribs dry-rubbed and smoked ’til falling off the bone. Served with two slices of thick cut white bread.
Sliders $5.00 Two Hawaiian rolls stuffed with pork, chicken or brisket and topped with Asian jalapeno slaw.
BBQ Banh Mi $7.00 Vietnamese style po boy, your choice of chicken or pork, cucumber, cilantro sprigs and jalapeno marinated carrots and onions.
BBQ Sundae $8.00 French fried potato wedges topped with melted cheeses, chicken, pork or brisket, topped with BBQ sauce of a dollop of sour cream.
Juis Nasty Dip $9.00 6; Hoagie baguette filled with smoked skillet seared brisket side of au juis.
Naked Cowboy $12.00 Two slices garlic Texas Toast piled with choice of 1/2 lb. chicken, brisket or pork.
Wings $6.00 – $18.00 Dry rubbed and smoked up or Cheech and Chong deep fried with choice of sauce.
Rib Tips $5.00 Dry-rubbed and smoked to perfection pork rib tips.
Italian Stallion $8.00 6; hoagie filled with chopped brisket and pork, caramelized onions, melted cheese, pickles and yellow mustard.
Sloppy Hoe $6.00 Choice of pulled pork or chicken, jalapeno relish and dill pickles sandwiched between two hoe cakes (yellow cornmeal pancake made with whole corn and jalapeno).
Chick Salad $6.00 Springfield lettuce, julienne cut carrots, cold sliced smoked chicken breast and choice of hot, honey mustard or ranch.
P.B.L.T. $6.00 Pork belly smoked and candied with our love rub, Springfield lettuce, jalapeno tomatoes, Asian mayo, hot bacon and honey mustard in between two thick cut slices of white bread.

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