Bookmakers Cocktail Club

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Popcorn Fennel pollen, brown butter, parmesan cheese
Housemade Ricotta Cheese Angostura poached peach marmalade, smoked honey, toasted peanuts, grilled baguette
Roasted Oysters Spinach herb marmalade, brown butter hollandaise, buttered bread crumbs, absinthe
Fried Pig Pieces Ranch powder
Smoked Bone Marrow Toast points, candied lemon, pickles

From the Fields

Heirloom Tomato Salad Romage blanc, toasted hazelnuts, compressed watermelon, kalamata olive powder
Salt Roasted Beets Sumac cloud, pine nut butter, lemon vinaigrette, beet yogurt, mache, black trumpet
Roasted Baby Summer Squash Herb goat cheese, confit garlic, green chartreuse herb broth, cherry tomatoes

From the Sea

Pan Roasted Diver Scallops Tarragon aioli, sweet corn, roasted mushrooms, bacon lardons
Grilled Prawns Roasted pork belly, tomato, shellfish, absinthe, mirepoix, fennel
Roasted Maryland Rockfish Sumac, summer squash, cherry tomato, sweet onion puree, strega beurre blanc

From the Barnyard

Fried Chicken Braised greens, buttermilk biscuits, housemade jam, herb buttermilk dressing
Roasted Pork Leg Smoked creamed corn, confit bacon, cherry tomatoes, popcorn powder, pork jus
Pan Roasted Strip Steak Carrot ginger beer puree, glazed carrots, bone marrow, bordelaise


Housemade Donut Holes Cinnamon and sugar, housemade seasonal jam
Peach Cobbler Angostura poached peaches, sweet vermouth biscuits, bourbon ice cream, brown butter powder
Chocolate Brownie Sundae Vanilla ice cream, toasted peanuts, bacon caramel corn, plum shrub sauce
Assortment of Seasonal Ice Creams

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