Botan Japanese Cusine

Up to date Botan Japanese Cusine prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese.

Soup and Salad

Miso Soup $1.50
Botan Seafood Soup $6.95
Green Salad $1.95
Kani Salad $4.95
Seaweed Salad $3.95
Salmon Skin Salad $4.95
Cucumber Salad $2.00
Avocado Salad $4.95
Soft Shell Crab Salad $7.95


Age Dashi Tofu $3.95
Batte Yaki $5.95 shrimp or scallop
Calamari Tempura $5.50
Calamari Yaki $5.50
Edamame $3.00
Gyoza $4.50
Green Mussel $5.95
Shumai $3.95
Spring Roll $4.50
Salmon Kama $6.50
Shrimp Tempura $5.50
Teriyaki Chicken $5.50
Teriyaki Beef $6.50
Tempura Mix $6.50
Vegetable Tempura $4.50
Yasai Gyoza $4.50
Yakitori $3.95

Sushi Bar Appetizer

Boton Sushi Rice $6.50
Dynamite Special $7.95
Jalapeno Sauce Sashimi $12.95
Jalapeno Pepper $7.95
Seafood Sunomono $5.95
Screaming Orgasm $12.95
Spicy Garlic Sashimi $12.95 tuna, Salmon or albacore
Sushi Appetizer $7.95
Sashimi Appetizer $7.95
Tako Sunomono $4.95
Tataki Salad $11.95 tuna albacore or Salmon
Uni Shooter $6.50

From the Sushi Bar

Boton Sushi $16.95 2 tuna, 2 yellowtail, 2 Salmon 1 eel roll
Sushi $16.95 a combination of 8 pcs of shushi and 1 tuna roll
Sashimi $19.95 our chef’s special assortment 18 pcs
Small Sashimi Mix $11.95 our chef’s special assortment 8 pcs
Tuna -Ju $12.95
Tri Color Sushi $16.95 3 tuna, 3 yellowtail and 3 Salmon
Tri-Color Sashimi $16.95 4 tuna, 4 yellowtail, 4 Salmon
Sushi and Sashimi For One $19.95
Sushi For 2 $39.95
Sashimi Mix $30.70 chef’s choice

Sushi or Sashimi A La Carte

2 pcs. per order
Albacore – White Tuna $4.00
Ama Ebi – Sweet Shrimp $6.00
Conch – Horagal $4.00
Ebi – Shrimp $3.50
Garlic Salmon $4.00
Garlic Tuna $4.50
Hamachi – Yellowtail $4.50
Hirame – Fluke $3.50
Hokkigai – Red Clam $3.50
Ika – Squid $3.50
Ikura – Salmon Roe $4.00
Inari – Tofu Skin $3.00
Kaibashira $4.00
Kani – Crabstick $3.00
Maguro – Tuna $4.00
Masago – Smelt Roe $3.50
Mirugai – Surf Clam $6.00
Pepper Salmon $4.50
Real Crab $4.00
Saba – Mackerel $3.50
Sake – Salmon $3.50
San Diego Salmon $4.00
Smoked Salmon $4.50
Super White Tuna $4.00
Taco – Octopus $3.50
Tamago – Egg $3.00
Tobiko – Flying Fish Roe $4.00
Toro – Fatty Tuna
Unagi – Eel $4.50
Uni Sea – Urchin $6.00

Classic Entree

served with sour or salad
Vegetable Teriyaki $9.95 sauteed assorted veggies with teriyaki sauce
Tofu Teriyaki $9.95 lightly fried bean curd over sauteed veggies with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki $10.95
Tuna or Shrimp or Salmon Teriyaki $14.95
Beef Teriyaki $15.95
Filet Mignon Teriyaki $19.95
Teriyaki Duo $17.95 choice of one combination: chicken and shrimp beef and shrimp or chicken and beef
Lobster Teriyaki $22.95 broiled lobster tail and veggies with teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Tempura $13.95 batter fried shrimp and veggies served with tempura sauce
Chicken Tempura $11.95 batter fried chicken and veggies served with tempura sauce
Batan Tempura $19.95 batter-fried lobster tail, shrimp scallops, white fish and veggies served with tempura sauce
Chicken Negimaki $12.95 chicken rolled with fresh scallion broiled in teriyaki sauce
Beef Negimaki $14.95 beef rolled with fresh scallion broiled in teriyaki sauce
Chicken Katsu $11.95 chicken cutlets lightly breaded and fried until golden brown served with katsu sauce
Pork Katsu $11.95 pork cutlets lightly breaded and fried until golden brown served with katsu sauce

Udon or Soba

Yaki Udon or Soba $8.50
Seafood Yaki Udon $12.95
Tempura Udon $10.95
Nabe Udon $10.95
Yashi Nabe $12.95


Japanese Ice Cream $2.50 green tea, vanilla or mango
Mochi Ice Cream $1.75 green tea, red bean strawberry or mango
Tempura Banana $4.00
Tempura Ice Cream $4.75


served with salad, miso soup, veg rice or noodle
Vegetarian $9.95
Chicken $12.95
Salmon $15.95
Steak $15.95
Scallop $15.95
Shrimp $15.95
Twin Lobster Tail $24.95
Filet Mignon $18.95
Chicken and Shrimp $18.95
Chicken and Steak $18.95
Chicken and Scallop $19.95
Chicken and Salmon $18.95
Chicken and Lobster $23.95
Shrimp and Steak $19.95
Shrimp and Scallop $19.95
Shrimp and Lobster Tail $24.95
Steak and Scallop $19.95
Steak and Salmon $18.95
Steak and Lobster Tail $24.95
Filet Mignon and Chicken $20.95
Filet Mignon and Shrimp $22.95
Filet Mignon and Scallop $22.95
Filet Mignon and Salmon $22.95
Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail $27.95

Roll and Hand Roll

California Roll $4.50 – $3.95
California Roll Red Crab $6.50 – $4.95
Cucumber Roll $3.00 – $3.00
Fried Rice $4.50 – $3.95
Hamachi Roll $4.00 – $4.00
Florida $6.50 – $5.50
Philadelphia $5.00 – $4.00
Salmon Skin $4.50 – $4.00
Scallop Roll $5.00 – $4.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.95 – $5.00
Spicy Albacore Roll $4.50 – $3.95
Spicy Salmon Roll $4.50 – $3.95
Spicy Tuna Roll $4.95 – $4.50
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $4.95 – $4.50
Unagi Roll $4.95 – $4.50
Yum Yum $4.95 – $4.50

Special Roll

911 $6.50 spicy crab, crunch outside
Alaska $7.50 crab cucumber and cheese topped with Salmon
Bonzai $7.95 Salmon crab and avocado deep fried and served with tangy cream sauce
California Crunch $6.50 fried shrimp, crab with assorted pickles and vegetables served with unagi sauce
Dragon Roll $7.50 unagi and cucumber topped with avocado served with unagi sauce
Caterpillar Roll $8.50 California roll topped with unagi and dried bonito, served with unagi sauce
Eel Tempura $6.95 eel avocado and cream cheese deep fried served with unagi sauce
Fire Starter $10.95 spicy tuna, avocado and cucumbers tuna on top with our spicy garlic sauce
Godzilla $6.50 creamy whitefish with 7 spices, fried with spicy unagi sauce and bonito powder
Grand Canyon $10.95 scallop sin cream sauce on top of California roll
Hawaii Roll $10.50 spicy tuna avocado and cucumber topped with tuna
Japanese Lasagna $7.50
Kamikaze Roll $8.50 eel and avocado topped with spicy tuna served with unagi sauce
Lisa Lisa $7.50 fried shrimp, cheese and avocado with crunch outside served with unagi sauce
Little Tokyo Special $7.95 crab avocado and shrimp topped with Salmon, served with ponzu sauce
Marilyn Mon-Roll $9.50 fried shrimp and crab topped with scallop sauce, served with unagi sauce
Poison Spider $7.95 soft shell crab and yamakobo roll baked with our fire cream sauce very spicy
Rainbow $7.95 California roll topped with 4 types of fish
Red Caterpillar $6.95 spicy Salmon topped with avocado and masago
Red Corner $7.50 California roll topped with spicy tuna, served with tangy cream sauce
Rock N Roll No 1 $7.95 tuna, yellowtail, Salmon and white fish rolled with in cucumber sheet ponzu sauce
Rock N Roll No 2 $7.95 Salmon cheese and crab rolled in cucumber sheet, served with ponzu sauce
Rock N Roll No 3 $7.95 fried shrimp and crab rolled in a sheet of cucumber served with unagi sauce
Salmon Salmon $9.50 spicy Salmon topped with Salmon and lemon juice
Shrimp Lover $8.50 fried shrimp, avocado and cucumber topped with ebi
Spider Roll $7.50 soft shell crab, avocado, cucumbers and kaiware topped with masago
Terry Roll $6.50 spicy tuna and avocado with crunch outside served with unagi sauce
Tiger Roll $7.95 fried shrimp and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, served with unagi sauce
Ultimate No 1 $9.50 fried shrimp and crab topped with eel served with unagi sauce
Volcano $8.50 crab, Salmon, shrimp and cheese topped with halibut served with cream sauce
Spicy Mexican Roll $8.50 spicy tuna on the inside shrimp and avocado on the outside topped with spicy
Dymaite Roll $6.50 Salmon crab deep fried eel sauce
Jimmy Smith $7.50 smoked Salmon crab, cream cheese deep fried spicy mayo
Jax Roll $7.50 tuna whitefish, Salmon avocado, fried then wrapped with nori and crab
Alaska King Crab Roll $12.95 Salmon on the outside king crab on the inside baked with garlic butter sauce

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