Broadway Kosher Cafe & Health Bar

Up to date Broadway Kosher Cafe & Health Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Deli Food, Pizza, Kosher.

Nature’s Bounty

1. The Tasty Avocado $7.85 Chunks of avocado served with a fresh salad including cherry tomatoes, green pepper, red cabbage, beets, cucumbers and mushrooms
2. The Musclum Mix Salad with Tuna $7.85 Chunks of tuna on a bed of sprinkled with nuts, cherry tomatoes, red onions and mushrooms
3. Fresh Fruit Salad $7.85 All fresh mixed fruit salad including all the seasonally available fruits
4. The Garden Chef $7.85 Sliced hard boiled eggs, assorted cheeses, walnuts, tomatoes and mushrooms on a bed of fresh seasonal vegetables and greens
5. The Greek Salad $7.85 Feta cheese, olives, red onions, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms on a bed of fresh seasonal vegetables and greens
6. Caesar Salad $7.85 Crisp romaine mushrooms, chopped eggs, crispy croutons and parmesan cheese with our special caesar dressing

Healthy Sandwiches

Served with our house salad
1. The Tuna Melt $6.45 The whitest tuna fish salad on toasted health bread, pita or rye with golden cheese and tomato
2. Avocado Sandwich $7.85 Fresh slices of avocados, tomatoes and muenster cheese with a dash of herbs and spices served in a pita
3. Falafel $6.45 Ground chick peas, herbs and spices lightly fried, served in pita with lsraeli salad and tahina
4. Nova Lox and Cream Cheese $8.30 On health bread or bagel with sliced tomatoes and red sweet onion
5. Primavera Tofu $7.45 Grilled mixed vegetables and tofu with herbs and spices served in a pita
6. The Garden Patch $8.30 A mouth watering combination of avocado, tomatoes, mixed light cheese, tina, red sweet onions and mayo with a dash of herbs and spices on pita
7. Veggie Burger $7.35 Our unique burger made with different vegetables and beans, topped with our delicious cheese and tomato, served on roll
8. Curried Egg Salad $6.45 With lettuce and tomato on health bread or in pita bread
9. Salmon Fish $7.45 Our delicious salmon fish salad served on health bread rye or pita
9. White Fish $7.45 Our delicious white fish salad served on health bread rye or pita
10. Salmon Burger $7.35
11. Tuna Club Sandwich $9.25 Whole wheat bread with tuna, slices of avocado and tomato with house salad
12. Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich $9.25 Cheese grilled with slices of tomato on baguette or any bread with house salad
13. Feta Cheese Sandwich $9.25 Feta cheese, walnuts, slices of tomato and onions with house salad

Custom Wraps

Served with our house salad
1. Portabello Mushroom Wrap $7.85 With swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato
2. Parmesan Wrap $7.85 Steamed eggplant with cheese and marinara sauce
3. Roasted Veggies Wrap $7.85 With muenster cheese
4. Tuna Fajita Wrap $7.85 Tuna and roasted vegetables with lettuce. No Mayo.
5. Fish Wrap $7.85 Breaded fish with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce
6. Sundried Tomato $7.85 With cheese and roasted veggies

Platters and Entrees

Served with our house salad
1. Eggplant Parmesan $8.30 Lightly sauteed jumbo eggplant, low fat muenster, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with our own tomato sauce
2. Lasagna of the Day $8.30 With low fat ricotta, mozzarella. fresh vegetables and homemade sauce
3. Steamed Mixed Vegetables $8.30 Steamed fresh mixed vegetables served on a bed of brown rice blanketed with a delicious cheese sauce
4. Tuna Casserole $8.30 Elbow macaroni, chunks of white tuna, parsley and our light cheese sauce
5. Cold Primavera Pasta $8.30 A beautiful mixture of different pastas mixed with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices in a creamy dressing
6. Penne Marinara $8.30 Penne pasta served with veggie marinara tomato sauce, fresh vegetables and parmesan cheese
7. Baked Ziti $8.30 Ziti pasta with zesty tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, ricotta, topped with our delicious muenster cheese
8. Combination Platter $9.25 A nice assortment of hummus, babaganouch and four falafel balls served with lsraeli salad, tahini sauce and pita
10. 3 Scoup of Combination $9.25 Tuna, whitefish and salmon salads

Pizza Pies

Whole pizza pie
Cheese Pie $22.00
Sicilian Pie $29.00
Chicage Pie $28.00
Whole Wheat Pie $24.00

Pizza Slice

Cheese Slice $2.75
Sicilian Slice $3.25
Chicago Slice $3.50
Stuffed Slice $5.00
Whole Wheat Slice $3.00

Special Pasta

Nature’s way soups. Our homemade soups prepared daily
Pasta with Our Health Bread $3.60
Pasta with Brown Rice and Health Bread $7.35
Pasta with Tossed Salad and Health Bread $7.35
Pasta with Baked Potato, House Salad $7.85

Personal Deep Dish Pizza

Served with tossed salad. Made wiith only the freshest vegetables and cheese.
1. Margharita Pizza $7.85 Freshly seasoned tomatoes and mozzarella with garlic sauce
2. Piccante Pizza $7.85 Sweet mixed peppers and tomatoes with mozzarella cheese
3. Marinara Pizza $7.85 No cheese. Crushed tomatoes and ltalian herbs with roasted garlic and spices
4. Clentino Pizza $7.85 Black olives with feta and mozzarella cheese
5. Americana Pizza $7.85 Steamed mushrooms and onions with roasted garlic sauce and cheese
6. Eggplant Margherita Pizza $7.85 Baby eggplant with chopped gadic and cheese

Create your Own Salad

Create your Own Salad $6.25

Stuffed Baked Potato

Served with our house salad and bread
Stuffed Baked Potato with Tuna Salad $7.45
Stuffed Baked Potato with White Fish Salad $7.45
Stuffed Baked Potato with Salmon Salad $7.45
Stuffed Baked Potato with Egg Salad $7.45
Stuffed Baked Potato w/ Steamed Fresh Veggies $7.85 Choice of cheese sauce or sour cream

Side Orders

Side Pasta Primavera $3.70
Babaganouch $3.70
4 Falafel Balls & Tahini $3.70
Israeli Salad & Tahini $3.70
Our Own Light French Fries $2.25
Bermuda Onion Rings $2.77
Tossed Salad $3.75 – $5.95
Hummus $3.70
Baked Potato $2.30
Brown Rice $3.70
Spicy French Fries $2.77

Breakfast Menu

Fresh every day
1. Two Eggs $5.00 Any style served with toast, butter, jam and our delicious home fries.
2. French Toast $4.00 Served with butter and maple syrup.
3. Pancakes $4.00 Homemade served with butter and maple syrup.
4. Hot Oatmeal Cereal $4.50 Homemade served with butter and maple syrup.
5. Assorted Cerel $4.50 Served with milk & honey
5. Toasted Granola $4.50 Served with milk & honey
7. Mixed Fresh Fruit $3.50
Bagel with Butter & Jam $1.50
Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.00
Bagel with Nova Lox Spread $5.00
Eggs on a Roll $3.50
Eggs on a Bagel $3.50
American Cheese Melt $4.00 Served with lettuce & tomato
Muenster Cheese Melt $4.00 Served with lettuce & tomato
Home Fries & Egg Sandwich on a Roll $4.00
Home Fries & Egg Sandwich on a Roll w/ Cheese $4.50

Frozen Yogurts

Select from a variety of toppings
Frozen Yogurt $3.50 – $4.50


Canned Soda $1.40
Espresso $1.75 – $1.45
Spring Water $1.40
Macchiato $1.80 – $1.50
lced Tea $2.40
Con Panna $1.50 – $1.80
Snapple $1.60
Cortado $1.90 – $1.60
Squeezer $1.60
Traditional Cappuccino $2.25 – $1.95
Iced Coffee $2.40
Milk (Sm) $2.40
Coffee $1.25 – $2.00
Tea $1.25 – $2.00
Flavored Coffee $1.50 – $2.75

Espresso Bar

Espresso $3.00
Latte $3.50 – $2.65
Cafe Au Lait $3.00
Cappuccino $2.65 – $3.20
Mocha $4.00
Latte Macchiato $3.20 – $3.50
lced Espresso $4.50
Mocha $2.85 – $3.40
Cafe Latte $4.00
Americano $2.75 – $2.25 americanos have an additional shot of espresso
Cappuccino $4.00
Additional Shot of Espresso $0.50
lced Cafe Latte $4.50
Add Syrup $0.50
lced Cappuccino $4.00

Liquid Health

Juices lovingly squeezed from the freshest whole fruits and vegetables
Carrot Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Panini a La Carte* $4.95
Tomato Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Panini Special* $5.95 includes chips, pickle & cold drink
Spinach Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Salads* $4.99 – $5.49
Celery Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Apple Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Orange Juice $4.50 – $5.50
Combination Juice $5.50 – $6.50

Slim Shakes (Smoothies)

The Great Way $6.00 Banana, milk and yogurt
Coffee of The Day $1.40 – $1.80
The Health Bar Special $6.00 Fresh fruit, milk and yogurt
Cafe Au Lait $2.45 – $2.20
Cappuccino Shake $6.00 With coffee, yogurt and a dash of cinnamon
Tea $2.00
The Spring Time $6.00 Avocado, yogurt, milk & honey
Chai $3.80 – $3.35
The Rose Garden $6.00 Strawberries, milk and yogurt
Cider ( Seasonal) $2.45 – $2.95
The Happy Shake $6.00 Milk and chocolate yogurt
Steamed Milk $2.35 – $2.65
Tropical Shake w/ Carrot $6.00 Carrot juice and yogurt
Hot Cocoa $2.25 – $2.75
Tropical Shake w/ Orange Juice $6.00 Orange juice and yogurt

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